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Diffuse Alopecia Areata- more info?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by trishk75, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. trishk75

    trishk75 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I know something about diffuse Alopecia Areata was already posted, but I just was curious how many people were diagnosed with this on this site?

    What is your pattern of hair loss? How much do you typically lose per day?

    I am thinking this is what I have.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Trish - you can check the "Tell Your Story" section (you can see it on the main page of the forums) and in parenthesis you can see what type of hair loss each person has. Its not an exact set of stats for you but you can read about those with it, and see what they're experiencing.

  3. Merry

    Merry Guest

    Diffuse Alopecia Areata

    I was diagnosed with diffuse Alopecia Areata....through scalp biopsies.... about 5 years ago. I have talked with and seen many others with the same form of Alopecia Areata. It is a progressive disease which does not usually respond to any treatment. You may have scalp pain, burning, tingling at first. Depending on how agressive the Alopecia Areata is, you may lose 100 to 500 or more hairs per day. We will probably never go shiney bald, but our hair will thin and thin throughout the months and years. Some people don't get any regrowth, but many do have regrowth and fallout at the same time. I have been wearing custom, ehh toppers for several years and at some point will move into full wigs. The best way I could help myself is to try to look as normal as possible. Take care, Merry
  4. AmandaC

    AmandaC Guest

    Does your bloodwork show a positive ANA test? Autoimmune illnesses like Alopecia Areata usuallly do. It may help someone with undiagnosed alopecia to make sure thir antibodies testing comes back normal. If it shows positive , it can be an avenue to explore for some of us still searching for answers. Just a thought!
  5. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    I was diagnosed with diffuse alopeica areata. It started at 4 months post partum. I lose A LOT of hair...way over 200 I'd say in one day (have never counted them..hehe).

    I was diagnosed through a biopsy. I have hair loss all over, back, top, sides etc. It's the least on the bottom-back and the most on the very top (right behind the hair line). If I have my hair pulled back or all down with a head band you can't really tell (only in the front you can)..unless I "lift" my hair..then people pass out..LOL
  6. Sammy

    Sammy Guest

    Hi Merry - did your scalp biopsy come back positive for Alopecia Areata on all your tests? Do you also lose hair on other parts of your body, e.g. brows.

    I ask because I have had a biopsy and an ANA test - both came back negative. I've also been told ANA tests are not good indicators for Alopecia Areata - they are more likely to show positive for other autoimmune conditions such as lupus so I am not yet ruling out Alopecia Areata and am thinking of having a second biopsy.


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