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DIM caused me shedding TWICE

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by tawnie, May 24, 2012.

  1. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    Hi ladies,
    i have androgenic alopecia and tried 2 dim tablets together and my shedding exploded by the end of the 1st week. Not sure if it was the dim but it was the only thing new i'd tried, i stopped to let the shedding subside and it did. So later I tried the dim 1 more time to make sure and yes my shedding exploded. So unfortunatley dim helps with fibroids an breast cancer but if you have dht sensnitive hair loss you will be bald.

    It's said to increase the free testerone and that increases the amount that turns into dht.

    in case someone wants to try dim now you know if you have androgenic alopecia.
  2. LadyGodiva

    LadyGodiva Guest

    I have heard of this happening. I've also heard the opposite.

    It's true that DIM releases free testosterone levels in the system, but how do we know if that's what causes hair loss, anyway...since none of our doctors and numerous blood work has really identified or found a treatment for our hair shedding.

    I am sensitive to birth control pills. I used to take them in my early 20s and aside from gaining 15lbs, my hair was fine. But 2 years ago, when my doctor put me on the same BCP (ortho tri) for irregular bleeding, within 2 months, I began having crazy hair shed. I stopped taking it at the end of my cycle and the hair shedding subsided within a week.

    With Synthroid, a whole other story. Granted, in hindsight I wonder if my hair loss would have subsided if I'd stopped taking that at the first sign of hair loss, but my GP reassurred me that if I "stuck it out", my body would adjust. Yea, right. After being on it for 6 months, I began having severe scalp itch/burning, red scalp, and had already lost 20% of my hair. I finally stopped taking it and now, 1.5 years later, it's never stopped and I now have 40% of the hair I used to have pre-Synthroid.

    I was thinking of trying DIM, tawnie, but of course I don't want to aggravate my shed..it's quite bad.

    It's a real shame that we have to keep trying things on our own, because our doctors are clueless.
  3. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    They say thats why the bodybuilders use it, dim. More free test. And that leaves more for dht to bind to.

    It caused me the worst supplement induced shed i've ever had.
  4. LadyGodiva

    LadyGodiva Guest

    I am finding conflicting info on DIM and hair loss.

    The treatment section of this site says to avoid DIM and explains why:

    Not recommended: DIM (di-indolmethane)/I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol) Aromatase inhibitors such as DIM, I3C, and Chrysin should be avoided, as they will enhance any preexisting androgen/estrogen dominance.

    Strange, as I though DIM is suppised to regulate and decrease estrogen dominance.?. :roll:

    Someone else had shedding with DIM and it was suggested it might be due to high prolactin:

    http://immortalhair.forumandco.com/t598 ... -hair-loss

    And another says it helped her hair loss:

    http://www.soulcysters.net/showthread.p ... -hair-loss

    Very conflicting info. That leaves me going, I :dunno:
  5. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    yes i was also confused but i saw where others said they to shed alot. So i tried it. And everytime i shed so badly. Wish I'd taken o thers advice.
  6. spiderwoman

    spiderwoman Guest

    What would you have taken in place of synthroid?

    - - - Updated - - -

    What would you have taken in place of synthroid?
  7. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    I've never taken synthroid, sorry darling.
  8. spiderwoman

    spiderwoman Guest

    Oh, I was refering to ladygodiva. I must have quoted the wrong post.
  9. nola

    nola Guest

    Spiderwoman/LadyGodiva - I am wondering if some of my hair loss is not due to synthroid too. I am thinking of asking my endo for armour instead. LadyGodiva - any idea why your hair loss wouldn't stop/reverse itself after stopping the synthroid? It doesn't make sense that it would continue. Then again, not much of this hair loss stuff makes sense (unfortunately!)
  10. spiderwoman

    spiderwoman Guest

    It probable got the ball rolling with a series of events that, once started, is hard to stop. BTW, I would go with the armour. It's natural right?
  11. talisma

    talisma Guest

    Thanks to you!!

    Well, I'm glad I found this board. I'm a 50 years old woman. I never had hairloss, only when I had hypothyroidism when I was 35 years old. My syntroid never caused me to lose my hair, on the contrary; it stopped it.

    Oct 2012, I had a UTI. Then, I spent 2 weeks in pain with pressure on the pelvic area, urges and vulvodynia. So my gyneco told me I had yeast infection...without an exam. I treated, and it burned me. A month later, I changed my gyneco and the new one, told me I had "menopause" and "vaginal dryness" was the problem. He prescribed Vagifem 10 mg twice a week. The pain never went away and got worse depending on my cycle. I stopped gradually the Vagifem because it wasn't doing any good. In March 2013, I see another gyneco that tells me, after an exam with the human eye, that I have nothing wrong and prescribed again, that medication that was unessary and dangerous. I can't sit without pain, but not a doctor is suggesting a MRI or even an ultrasound.

    Then this one, told me to go back on the Vagifem and prescribed it for another...12 months! Short story is: I spend 9 months on estrogen but the pain was caused by my 2 big fibroids (fibroids + HRT = No No!). My rhumatologist found the problem in June ordering a MRI with contrast because I had developped a bad posture while sitting and had tremendous pain in my butt :) The rhumato found the fibroids...and a cyst on the labia. Estrogen dominance worsened my fibroids and cysts, he suggested.

    Here I was with a new gyneco in August - I spent a month pain free in July - don't know why. She told me I needed and hysterectomy, first appointment (with only ultrasound images). I told her that she needed to learn about alternative ways to avoid hysterectomy. I guess, I need another obgyn...? They make so much more money with surgeries, poor them!

    I thought it was the good move to "rebalance my hormones" and was taking DIM hoping "rebalancing" my hormones since mid June 2013. In May I had a little hair loss but it was normal. But after June, they were falling out my head. Awful! Not on the top of my hair though. I stopped using the hairdryer...I thought it was estrogen dominance. I notice that my hair falls out when I'm at the 2nd day after washing them, like if my natural "sweat and oils" would make them fall...I may understand, because of your posts, that I transformed my hormones in dht or testo.

    I stop the DIM tonight. There are hairs everywhere in my car, in my house and on my clothes. I'm going to have a good haircut and try to clean my liver of that 3-indole.....whatever. Thanks to you! That's the only supplement that I take that can mess up my hormones.

    I traced when I started DIM the first time by Amazon, where I was purchasing it. A week after taking it, I noted in my journal "my hair is just falling out!". A short haircut will help I hope! I lost half of the thickness of my hair. I'm still struggling with fibroids, so DIM is not working even after 3 months and messing up my scalp...If someone had hairloss with DIM and then it stopped after taking it, please follow up! I trust more boards like this that medical studies published on the web.

    Thank you again and good luck! <3

    P.S. English is my second language, I'm sorry for the quality of my grammary.
  12. Blonde

    Blonde Guest

    I seem to also be having a lot of shedding due to DIM. I read that DIM can decrease the conversion of t4 to t3. I just had my free t3 checked and it was below normal. I had it above normal for a long time. I'm not completely sure if the DIM caused it but I'm having my t3 checked again in 3 months. My ferritin is also low again so my shedding may be due to that also. I have also heard of other women shedding hair after taking DIM.
  13. Jenk

    Jenk Established Member

    Sep 4, 2014
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    I started taking DIM Weds and this is Sunday. I had a HUGE shed today, and was completely thrown into a depression by it. Never saw so much hair come out.. it was about 300 hairs which is A LOT for me.. my bad sheds are usually only 200, which is bad enough. I thought this might help with the fact that my hair seemed to fall out every month with my period. Now I don't know what to do. Devastated.
  14. Jemsgirl

    Jemsgirl Established Member

    Oct 16, 2013
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    I've been following your posts as your hair loss seems very similar to mine.
    I wouldn't doubt you are estrogen dominant now. It tends to happen the older you get and coming off BC pills your ovaries had to start working again after so many years. I know you are hypothyroid too (same here) and thought I would post this link for you:
    I am due to give birth in two weeks and have a slew of things I'm changing/adding. I saw Dr Hotze back in 2010 and had amazing results then. I will discuss that later as it's lengthy. So anyhow, I should be getting my Rx of Hotze thyroid and progesterone cream in the mail soon. I'm on Armour but it has not done as near a good job as Hotze.
    Also, I am going gluten free, will be doing what I can to raise my stomach acid and take necessary supplements. I just bought all the supplements that hypothyroid Mom used to get her hair back. See link below:
    I know you were having a bad day yesterday and I'm so sorry (I know as I have them half the week) but once you are able to correct your body, it will get better!!! Message me if you want to contact me by phone. Would love to talk. I'm on my cell phone and I didn't see a way to private message you.
  15. lmarie

    lmarie Guest

    DIM shed

    Can anyone please share whether their hair grew back following a big shed triggered by the DIM Plus?

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