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Di's Story - I'm about two weeks in and worried.....

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Di, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Di

    Di Guest

    Let me just start by saying how relieved I am to have found this wonderful site - your stories are helping me through the dark times that we all must go through at this point. I'm not alone and it helps, truly.
    I'm new to this so bear with me - i'm learning as much as I can as fast as i can, a coping mechanism i presume.

    Im 36 and noticed a few weeks ago just how fine my hair was getting. I thought I was imagining it, but it really did seem thinner than normal - i've never been blessed with the thickest hair anyway, but any volume i did have was gone. Then about two weeks ago, whilst doing my hair I saw my scalp through my parting. I thought it was because I was standing directly under the light but when I looked at my hair from the back through the mirror I was horrified to find that there was SO much hair gone. No bald patches as such, but the hair on the crown and the top is so wispy that you can see my scalp showing. The feeling was indescribable - i thought I was going to be sick, my heart pounding in my chest. It really had happened over a couple of weeks. How had I not seen it? Had everyone else and not said anything to me? I tried to be brave, thinking of all explanations - the 'standing under the light' thing seemed to work for a week or so until i used another mirror. I realised I was right - my hair was coming out. I went into panic mode, looking for realistic wigs etc - that was when I came across this site.

    The more I read, the more i could identify - my constantly itchy scalp, that 'crawling' burning sensation, hairs on my pillow, the hair loss when I conditioned my hair. I was horrified. That night, three nights ago, my husband finally got it out of me what the problem was - bless him he was so lovely and understanding - and i went to the doctors the day before yesterday. I'd been a couple of weeks ago, i've been exhausted for no real reason - all my bloods were done and all were normal. Not my usual GP but she took a quick look and said it seemed like Seborrhoeic Dermatitis/hormonal imbalance - coupled with a trauma a few months ago. She prescribed me Nizoral 2% which I used yesterday for the first time - it may be me but I seem to itch more now?? I've also bought some Aveda Scalp Remedy shampoo and conditioner for inbetween washes - anyone used them? I really need conditioner - my hair is like a birds nest without it and there's no chance of getting a comb through.....

    I'm just worried sick - it's such a traumatic thing - I'm really trying to keep it in perspective - it's only hair. But it's my hair. And I want it, all of it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this - I know just how much calmer I feel sometimes reading all your experiences - I want to do the same for some else - but anyone who can help me out here, I'd appreciate it.

    Di :?
  2. Niki

    Niki Guest

    Big (((hugs))) for you Di
    Will you be going to an endochronologist to check out ur hormones? thyroid?
    I know exactly how you feel, that empty pit in ur stomach? well, I have one too. The anxiety is consuming sometimes, but this site is a life saver.
    Welcome to the board hon, its so nice to meet you. =)
  3. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Di did your doctor give you a copy of your blood work? If not, go get one... I hate to say it, but most of the women here know more about what you should have been tested for and where you should be, than any general practioner.

    I found out, recently, that my doctor didn't do ANY hormone testing. Add to this that she was undertreating my thyroid in spite of me complaing of symptoms.

    You are with friends... a shiny bunch we are too. :wink: :wink:
  4. Hi Di,

    We know how you feel- the panic and fear. Fine one minute and totally freaked the next.

    You are among friends here.

    Have you recently gone off of birth control pills?

    Are you perimenopausal?
  5. Di

    Di Guest

    Thanks girls....

    Thanks so much for your replies - I haven't got a copy of my bloods but i shall do that next week - you know, i've been wondering if I was about to go through the 'change' - i've had some night sweats, my periods have gone from every 28 days to maybe 25 now - i've not been on birth control for a number of years (my husband has been 'sorted'..... :D), we'll see when i go back next week.

    I've started to get a bit paranoid about people standing over me - they can see the top of my head - i think my work colleagues think i'm going a bit daft... - still haven't told anyone only my hubby. Makes it less real that way..... :?

    Thanks again - it's a blessing to have found people to share this with

    Di x x
  6. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    make sure there's serum estradiol on your blood work...if not, please get a number for this...

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