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Do all good things cause a dreded shed???

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by pharaoh, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. pharaoh

    pharaoh Guest

    I know that rogaine does, propecia is said to etc....Ive been doing something new..drinking apple cider vinegar to get my lowlowlow potassium and sodium levels up. and to help get my stomach acids working again etc. its such a stupid long story but i dont know what else to go on (im pretty sure im having a chronic te...this is month 10) started after general surgery...

    anyway ive stopped all my vitamins and am taking apple cider vinegar twice a day..like two tablespoons...its supposed to help regulate stuff...my hair was falling like 50-70 a day...then i started the acv and my shed started going up...like 70-100 a day...today after not washing for two days ive lost 460!!! its insane....

    i dont know if its like a healing crisis, like rogaine and tricomin etc..i THINK i feel hair growing..i cant see it but think i feel it..or im insane and just wishing something would happen. i remember when i was going to use tricomin the girl that sold it said "you have to have the bad with the good" if your hair falls out lots when you first start it, thats a great thing because it means its kickstarting your growth" is this like the same thing...everything good starts out bad?????????

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