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Does Shakira wear a wig?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by sadie_2008, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    I like Shakira - she's stunning and a great singer, but since i was researching wigs, i came accross the shakira wig (along with the naomi campbell wig, beyonce one etc etc etc).

    But erm, i doubt she wears a wig - she seems to have loads of hair as many hispanics tend to.

    But this pic looks a bit extravagant, perhaps it's extensions:

    http://blog.nj.com/hudsoncountynow_impa ... hakira.jpg
  2. Hayley

    Hayley Guest

    I think i'd agree with you and say they're extensions. Does a celeb have to wear wigs for companies to name them after them or are they just inspired by their hair?
  3. alicat

    alicat Guest

    what's funny is that her hair looks dry (or at least, not very shiny).
  4. Hayley

    Hayley Guest

    Thats true, it really does. Maybe some split ends too?
  5. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    Yeah - you are probably right there Hayley...it's probably the style the wig is named after, as opposed to the celeb actually wearing one. Hmmmm.

    Probably a lot of hairspray or styling products Alicat.
  6. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    no its her hair, as a matter of fact this is what my hair looked like before its loss (only more curly) wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
  7. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    How is your hair now Michelle? I know the viviscal is helping, but has there been a great reduction in density?
  8. beachlover24

    beachlover24 Guest

    I dont think its a wig or extensions. My hair has a simlair look to it (dryness and all) when it is blown out , teased and a curling iron is used on it to give it more volume. However, she does have like twice as much hair than me...lol. (obvi)
    But, people have told me I have the shakira look before, and I think it is my hair...how I wish it were everything...

    Oh wait, and if her hair is really anything like mine, it can be made to look full, and then when it is wet is isnt really isnt as thick as it looks.
  9. vcmusic42

    vcmusic42 Guest

    Most of the Hollywood celebrities wear extensions of some kind. I'm sure Shakira has worn wigs for performing on stage, but I don't think this is a wig.

    The general public would be shocked to know that so many of the actresses, actors (yes, actors - hello John Travolta), Victoria's Secret models, musicians, etc., wear wigs, half-wigs, or some kind of supplemental hair.

    I realize her hair is different than Shakira's (I really do think that is mostly Shakira's hair, brushed out in a strange way in that pic), but here's a pic of Kelly Rowland looking fantastic in a very realistic lacefront wig.


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  10. hax12

    hax12 Guest

    Yes! I agree with you that she wears a wig I noticed and her hairs shines so much that is the main clue of wig because natural hair never shines so much/////!!
  11. markniklas

    markniklas Guest


    Hope you are all very fine..
    I agree with you that she have an extension on his head...

    Her hairs give extra ordinary shine on his face...
  12. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    Gennifer Goodwin was rocking short hair on a talk show not too long ago and when asked why she cut her hair said something like, "Oh, I always keep my own hair short. Whenever I'm in a film, I wear wigs, I have it put in my contracts." She said she got tired of growing out her character's hairstyles...
    I think she looks so beautiful with this cut...

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  13. Vlal

    Vlal Guest


    I can spot wigs in films quite well now. Of course they are made really finely with film grade lace fronts and the whole thing is usually hand tied, so the average joe or joanna would not notice.
  14. RugBug

    RugBug Guest

    I love the look Jennifer Aniston is wearing in her latest movie....Horrible Bosses.. It's adorable on her and YES, she has said it's a wig!

    and yes....Gennifer Goodwin is gorgeous!
  15. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    That is my kinda hair... *sigh* :woot:
  16. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    AHA! I knew it! In the trailers for "Something Borrowed," the movie she's in with Kate Hudson, I kept on thinking she was wearing wigs.

    Great cut!
  17. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

  18. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    Oh my goodness. I replied to this thread in the "everything you'd want to know about toppers, etc." thread by accident haha.



    But then this was her hair at the premiere ... that is so not a wig..?
  19. Greene

    Greene Guest

    I wonder if Ginnifer Goodwin's films list the wig maker / shop in the credits...could be a way to find new places to shop. (Albeit, likely very expensive ones.)
  20. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Lace wig... there are many companies who specialise in making lace wigs for film, tv and theatre, so actors and actresses would have access to these types of wig makers. They make extremely good wigs because they have to be capable of standing up to HD quality and being photographed etc.

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