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Dr. Bauman -- So. California recommendations

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants for Women' started by Janices, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Janices

    Janices Guest

    Dr. Bauman,

    I live in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County area). Can you give me the name of hair transplant doctors that you could recommend that are in my area?

  2. Janices

    Janices Guest

    I reviewed your website & submitted the info for a virtual consultation. I'll send photos in a few days.
  3. Janices

    Janices Guest

    I'm hoping to get some good photos this weekend without flash to send. I do have some general questions that others considering hair transplant may have also so here goes. I'm sure I'll have more as time goes on and I continue my search. If you would prefer to answer me directly via email, that is OK too.

    Do many of your female patients experience shock loss? Can you predict or have a suspicion of who will and won't experience it?

    Can you tell if there is enough donor hair from just the photos?

    What percentage of your patients look like good candidates from the photos but once you see them in person, they turn out to not be good candidates?

    Will the hair in the areas being transplanted into be noticeably thinner right after the procedure due to regular hairs being cut when putting the grafts in? (kind of a half step back before the full step forward)

    For patients travelling from out of town, how long is the stay in Florida?
    How do the stitches get removed for those coming in from out of town?

    Is a hair transplant still acceptable treatment if the patient is still shedding at a higher than normal rate? In my case, I starting shedding about 5 years ago just before I turned 40 and I'm still shedding more than normal amounts.

    I hope my questions aren't too much of a bother.


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