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Elevated prolactine while on HRT

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by dying curls, May 10, 2011.

  1. dying curls

    dying curls Guest


    I know I said I would not post here anymore but here I am...

    I got my lab results today. I have been on HRT for five years and got labs ever since but only the classic stuff were tested (cholesterol, glycemia...).

    In the last lab my prolactin was also tested and came back elevated (38,6 ng/ml, above 20 being too high).

    I see my doctor tomorrow, I guess he will order another blood test for that.
    I know thyroid can be the culprit and I will get the result for my thyroid hormones tomorrow, but so far I never had a problem with those...

    It's just that I fear my treatment will change, I feel perfectly good on it ('natural oestrogens and androcur).

    Do you guys have any idea what might cause an elevated prolactin ?
    Maybe my treatment is the cause and it is not that bad/or is "normal" because of it ?

    I know google is not reliable but i also read that the fact of being stressed out when you get tested is enough for your prolactin to rise? I hate blood test, and I sure was stressed (I fainted afterwards!).
  2. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    I never knew you said that dying curls :)

    An endo found high prolactin levels when I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I guess in my case that was the reason why?

    Sorry I can't help more.

  3. dying curls

    dying curls Guest


    high prolactine can be linked to many things apparently
    I knew it was linked to PCOS, to hypothyroidis, to stress alone...it can also be linked to begnin "tumors" in the pituitary gland (I hope i don't have that! Apparently it's ot serious but still)!!

    I don't have any symptoms, my breast are not inflated, I dont have milk coming out of it, or any headache or anything else....

    So i cross my fingers it's just stress, apparently the rate can change from one ay to another...

    I just hope i can stick to my current treatment. All my liver enzymes are doing fine and i guess that would suggest my body is doing well processing my HRT....???
  4. Chickadee

    Chickadee Guest

    Elevated prolactin can be caused by anti-depressants as well.
  5. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Apparently cyproterone acetate (an antiandrogenic progestative) can increase prolactin, so I guess that would be my best bet...

    It does not seem to be a significant rise so i hope my doctor will let me on it as i have no side effect.
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    nobody experienced high prolactin while on treatment?

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