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Emhead's Story- (38 / female pattern baldness/Alopecia Areata)

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by emhead, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. emhead

    emhead Guest

    hi everyone. just a quick introduction, my name is emily, i live in sf and have had androgenetic alopecia for about 15+ years. I do not specifically remember my hair falling out as a young teen, but i do remember each year, my school pictures looked more and more diffuse.

    around 11th grade i saw many dermetologists and found little comfort in my options. i tried rogain and the regimen just wasnt for me. i never considered wearing a hair piece until adulthood. i became inspired to wear one after years of working with clients who wore them and saw how comfortable they were in them. my fear was always the shock i might cause if i were to wear a wig and then be seen without it, but after years of walking around completely bald (i shave my head now b/c there is so little left), i am ready to exlpore wearing hair.

    i visited this site as well as alopecia world over the years and have found such amazing support and courage from others when i decided to shave my head. now i am back to look around and ask lots of questions about wearing hair pieces. i know i will find lots of answers here.

    on a side note, i am a hairdresser, and i know that this forum is for us as sisters with alopecia and not a place to discuss services and products for sale. i just wanted to identify myself as a hairstylist because i wouldnt have found the right job for me, one i love so much, without having had alopecia, so for that i am grateful.I am grateful to work with so many wonderful women, some who are struggling for acceptance and some that inspire me so much and show me there is light at the end of the tunnel. also, i will most likely be asking questions that have come up for me while working with other clients with alopecia....just wanted to let you know who i am!

    thanks for reading.

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    Re: emilyh-38 female pattern baldness/androgenetic alopecia

    Welcome Emily. I was born in SF and now have a daughter who lives in Oakland. Small world.

    I wish I looked good bald- that would be awesome. But I have such a freakishly high forehead and need fluff around my face. You will find lots of support and helpful suggestions on this site. I think it would be helpful to be a professional when dealing with supplemental hair since I inherited no talent at all for hair styling and everytime I wash my topper I get panicked until it is safely blown dry and looks OK.

    Good luck!

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