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Employers Spoke: Your Hair Does Not Matter

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Positive Outlook' started by BGDL, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. BGDL

    BGDL Guest

    In less than 48 hours in June 2014, over 220 professional woman in the Connect: Women's Professional Network of LinkedIn/powered by Citigroup flooded the BGDL inbox in response to this question:

    If you're the boss, at what point do you want to learn that your new female hire has no hair?

    Some background was provided:

    Female employees with alopecia areata (autoimmune hair loss) have choices: wear a wig or go Alopecia Universalis naturale. Many choose depending on their industry, weather and personal choice to blend in.

    Telling the boss or interviewing is a dilemma because women in our culture are expected to have hair on their heads at all times.

    When would you advise these women reveal their situation especially if they anticipate showing up bald in hot weather or when required to wear industry-mandated protective head-gear?

    Do you think the "rules" for working bald should be the same for men and women alike?

    Compared to the paucity of funds that go to hair research every year without enduring benefit for anyone today, socially trans-formative discussions do have the power to lift women with alopecia.

    Hope you can view the discussion, the responses and most of all know that true professionals are not judging you by your hair.


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