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Everything You'd want to know about Wigs, Toppers, Salons...

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by sessa555, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. BettyG

    BettyG Guest

    Wow, really great post. Thanks!
  2. rsummers11

    rsummers11 Guest

    OMG! Sessa! I think you've answered all my questions about wigs, toppers, etc. :punk: You've done such a thorough job; I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :bravo: I am slowly reaching the point where I'm going to have to seriously consider doing something like this. My hairloss is in a male pattern so I'm balding right smack in the front of my head...gaaaawd.....just like my dad.

    Is anyone from or around south/central Indiana??? Know of any good places around this area to go?
  3. can anyone recommend a good salon for a topper near crescent city, ca; eureka, ca; or medfor, or? thank you so much n advance :)
  4. SphynxGal

    SphynxGal Guest

    What great information thanks! Do you (or anyone) happen to know anything about adhesives. I just ordered my first full lace wig and I am looking for a gentle but strong glue that I can use for week long applications. I don't want to go through the trial and error of buying a bunch of different kinds. Thanks Lara
  5. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    Try to do a search of hairscared and hennared. I think they've given some very detailed answers regarding tape & glue. Once you pull up their posts you can narrow the search further by looking for those that include "tape" "glue" or "adhesive" (mostly tape I think).

    Also, have you ever checked out HairDirect's website? They have some how-to videos that members have posted.
  6. Karena57

    Karena57 Guest

    Hi Lara,

    When I wore full lace wigs, I was most successful using tape only. I found the liquid adhesives to be too messy, harder to remove and more damaging to the wig lace and hair. The tapes that worked best for me were "Walker No-Shine" and "Low Profile Supertape". I used the "A" contour sizes in both of the above tapes and the curved "Mini Tab Supertape" and cut them in half lengthwise and shortened them as needed.

    My Steps:
    1. Clean lace with 91% isopropyl alcohol (I used a microfiber soft cloth)
    2. Apply tape to lace following the curves of the wig’s hairline.
    3. Clean scalp with 91% alcohol
    4. Spray scalp generously with ProTouch No Sweat, let dry.
    5. Place wig on head and adjust
    6. Remove tape backing and press in place.

    -To help the tape adhere to the lace, press it down firmly with the back of a comb. If you have problems with it lifting, try dabbing a “high hold†(sticky) hairspray on the lace with a makeup sponge prior to applying the tape (I used Aussie Instant Freeze).

    -Place the tape right up to the edge of the lace or very slightly past the edge. I did it slightly past because it helped the baby hairs lay flat and I think made the hairline look more real.

    -Use the short mini tab tapes along the front hairline; it’s more tedious, but the longer pieces of tape tend to ripple if they are not pressed down just right.

    -To help with alignment, I used the tip of an eyebrow pencil and marked just outside the hairline with a little dot of color at the center of my forehead, temples and ear/sideburn areas.

    -Use the edge of your fingernails or the back of a comb when pressing the tape onto your skin and/or clean your fingertips with alcohol to avoid transferring any skin oils.

    -If I had any lifting between applications, I used a teeny tiny bit of ORWG (oil resistant white glue) and applied it with a toothpick, letting it dry clear (takes about 2-3 minutes) before pressing the lifted edges down.

    -Removal: spray or dab on 91% alcohol and wait a few minutes. Your wig should easily slide off; if it doesn’t, reapply the alcohol. The tape almost "falls off" the wig and doesn't leave a sticky mess behind. There are many adhesive solvents available (C22 Citrus Solvent for example); they work very well, but I don’t like them because most are oil based and I find the clean-up more difficult.

    I purchased the Supertape and No Sweat from hairdirect.com. No Sweat is an antiperspirant; I tried using a regular drugstore brand, but it didn’t work as well. I purchased the ORWG from FGLU (forgirlslikeus.com)

    This method is what worked best for me; everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it may not work the same for you. I think the most important thing is to make sure the lace and your skin are clean and free of any type of residue and oils. Supertape supposedly has a 4+ week hold time; I never tested it. I removed and reapplied my wig every 4-5 days. I have some hair and couldn’t resist the urge to scrub my scalp any longer than that. I once went 8 days (an out of town trip lasted as twice as long as it was supposed to) and the tape held strong everywhere except for a few small areas on the lace at the nape.

    I hope this info helps!
  7. Beliza

    Beliza Experienced Member

    Oct 9, 2009
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    @Karen, thanks for this post!! I'm going to try your suggestions on Ease, as I've never fully adhered the lace front, yet. Thanks so much!
  8. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.
  9. Nanp

    Nanp Guest

    What does "sticky" mean?
  10. pohangmom

    pohangmom Guest

    I would like to mention that Mirage Hair Systems, in Eugene, Oregon is a wonderful place to go for caring, committed and professional care. Owner Janna Strasheim has extensive knowledge of alopecia and lots of options for people who desire help with hair replacement systems. She also dedicates part of her time working with the Angel Hair Foundation, a non profit group who provide hair sysyems for children dealing with hair loss. My daughter lost her hair to Alopecia Universalis at age eleven and Janna's warmth and compassion and sense of humor has made this journey so much more bearable!
    Mirage Hair Systems is located in Oakway Center in Eugene, OR off of Coburg Road.
  11. Kathijm

    Kathijm Guest

    Thank you for your information. I have purchased two hair-peices to clip on in the last year spending about $2000. Today I sit here with a piece that I just purchased, it is the wrong color, it looks like I am wearing a helmut and I will not get my money back. Each day my own appearance gets worse and worse as my hair continues to fall out. I am ready to bond and yet have no idea who to trust and where to go. Both of my pieces were sold by people who were highly recommended. Each day I work harder and harder on my hair and on just waking up with a positive outlook. Loosing my hair has taken my life in so many ways and I want it back. I just can't seem to get the help I need. Please help me....
  12. Jenn32

    Jenn32 Guest

    Just wondering if you can have biohair under a FLW and if so, how much, and how do you handle that? (For example, does it mat, knot, tangle, pull & hurt, get gross, etc.?) Do you wash a FLW while it's on your head, or do you have to wait until you take it off? Is it difficult to keep your scalp/biohair clean underneath? I have a really oily scalp and have to shampoo every day. And doesn't it damage the hair to wear 24/7 and sleep in it? Sorry that I have a gazillion questions about this. Thanks.
  13. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    If you post this as a separate thread Jenn, I am sure you will get answers to your questions.
  14. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Hi Kathijm

    Welcome to the forum. :) I just wanted to reply and suggest that you either post what you have written as a new thread in the Wigs, Extrensions, Toppers & Hair Systems section or start a new thread in Tell Your Story, which you can find here:


    If you click on the button: New Topic (upper left hand corner of above the list of threads already started) you will be given the box to write all your information into.

    This way you will get more personal one on one attention and replies, as what you have written here is kinda hidden away in a thread.

    Hope this helps
  15. Kathijm

    Kathijm Guest

    Thank you Vlal. I will do that later today. I need all of the help and support I can get. :)
  16. leosachon1

    leosachon1 Guest

    honestly i havent read all 10 pages of this thread so unsure if it has been mentioned. but does anyone know about bloomsbury of london?
    i would love to compare experiences.
  17. KimCrane

    KimCrane Guest

    I'm so fed up with drugs and wigs. At least something like this will give me hope! :punk:
  18. leosachon1

    leosachon1 Guest

    What solution have you found?
  19. virginia

    virginia Member

    Dec 30, 2011
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    a silk top will give the part a realist look, i know i tend to go on about the silk top but it is the best thing ever, the hair looks like it's growing from the scalp, i hate the look of a wig/ hair system with the lace showing on the parting.
    the silk top does not make the top thicker as it is a fine piece of silk.
  20. leosachon1

    leosachon1 Guest

    Whats the difference between silk and monofilament?

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