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extensions and damage? (and rogaine)

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by chicago2, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. chicago2

    chicago2 Guest

    Hi, this is my first post. I'm 30 and my hair has been thinning around my part and in the back for about 5 years (basically all over, but that's where it's noticeable). I've started going to my dermatologist, she recommended iron after some tests, and I've been on rogaine for about 2 years...

    My question has to do with extensions. Do you think they will cause any damage? My stylist says no, but I am still wary. I wanted synthetic but she recommended real hair based on my hair type, etc. (for the same price, about $350-$400). She said she would do 60 to give the back some more fullness, and maybe some underneath my bangs. I'm wondering if I should start with about 30 instead of 60 for my first time. I'm concerned about the gluing, whether it will cause further damage. And also the discomfort, and whether I'll be able to wear my hair in a ponytail. She said they last 4-6 months, but based on what I've read, I will probably have them taken out after 2 months.

    Also, I wonder if the rogaine will damage the glue, something I need to ask her about, but I did see another post here that said something to that effect.

    I'm not sure if my stylist has worked with a lot of people with thinning hair, but I just moved here to chicago, so I have yet to find someone who has.

    Any advice you have would be great, this is a very helpful site. Thanks!
  2. I don't know much about extenstions, but I would think that the pulling on the hair from the extenstions might do some damage. Also, how do they take the extenstions out? Will some of your own hair come out with the extenstion?

    I'm also curious as to what your iron test results were? And how much iron are you taking. My iron was a little low, borderline for normal, but my dermatologist said it wouldn't have caused all my hair loss because it wasn't severe enough.

  3. chicago2

    chicago2 Guest

    Hi Kelly, thanks, I'm not sure, I'll have to ask my hairdresser about the removal process. I agree with you about the iron. My dermatologist said for me as well that I'm still within the normal range, although since my levels are "low" (I don't have the exact numbers on hand), she recommended 325 mg./3 times a day.
  4. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    I have had my extensions for a year now. I have 30 (1/2 extensions) from ear to ear. I would not put any extensions in the bangs area. My stylists said that it looks funny when it grows out. I don't think my hair is being damaged, because my stylist makes sure to move the extensions around every time she does them over. Sometimes they are higher and sometimes they are lower. I have them done over every 3 months. Once, I was able to stretch it out to 4 months. You need to find a reputable salon and one that specializes in hair replacement. My salon works with a lot of Cancer patients and has a separate area for hair replacement. I totally recommend extensions. I can't imagine how much worse I would look without them.

    PS-I wear my hair in a ponytail every single day.
  5. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    PS-To remove the extensions, my stylist puts a solvent on the attachment and cracks it. If you take care of them properly, and don't let the extensions get tangled up, you shouldn't lose any of your own hair. I am always surprised at how easy the removal is.
  6. chicago2

    chicago2 Guest

    Thank you, this is very helpful. Do you have synthetic ones or real hair? Do they add any body or thickness at all to the top of your head, even though they are placed at your ears? Thanks.
  7. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    I have real hair. I paid $500 for my last batch of hair, but this also included the installation. (This amount of hair lets me redo my extensions about 3 times). The stylist trims my hair for me as often as I like. When I say ear to ear, I mean from the top of one ear around the back of my head to my other ear. My thinning is pretty much all over, but the extensions need to be lower so that my own hair covers up the attachments. I don't have any on the top of my head, but somehow it all blends together to look "normal." I hope this info helps. I really would be lost without my extensions.

    PS-Because I don't have time in the morning, I don't really blow dry my hair. When my stylist does my hair, it really looks so much better.
  8. chicago2

    chicago2 Guest

    Yes it does help, thanks!
  9. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    Before consider extensions take a good inventory of your pattern of thinning. Do you have enough hair to cover the extensions? Also, I would have the stylist put in one or two so that you can see how those do in your hair (including having them removed) before going with a full head of glued extensions. Another option is looking at some of the cold-bond extensions such as Hairlocs and/or Eurolocs that 'clamp' rather than glue onto your natural hair. My hair was too thin to add extensions where I needed them (on top) so I went with a bonded topper instead.

    I was told that if I had any type of glue-bonded anything on my head that using Rogaine would break down the bond. I've never actually used minoxidil so I cannot tell from experience, but that's what my stylist said.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
  10. hairhabit

    hairhabit Guest


    If you haven't already done your extensions, you might also want to look up Spyros Petros in Chicago. He used to work at a salon just off the Mag Mile, but they closed and I'm not sure where he's renting a chair these days. Anyway, you can google him and probably find a number.

    He does great work, is a good guy, and can at least serve as a second opinion on the number and type of extensions that would be best for you. He uses Great Lenghts extensions/methods, which I personally really liked. I've had extensions put in twice (have no patience to grow my hair long), and it was a lot of fun.

    As Sessa mentioned, extensions aren't necessarily a good idea for someone with thinnning hair -- you do need a certain volume of hair to cover the small bonds that attach the extensions to your own hair. Sessa's suggestion that you consult with someone and try a single extension or two first is a good one. Also, stylists will be able to show you samples of the extensions they use. Even without actually attaching the bond, you will probably get a good idea as to whether it's going to work.

    Good luck
    Hair Habit
  11. rosebuds

    rosebuds Established Member

    Jul 27, 2005
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    Chicago2 & Others:

    Before considering/reconsidering any type of extensions which are glued into one's scalp, here's another healthier, safer, and less expensive alternative.

    For the past 3 yrs I have been using the "clip-in" extensions which my hairdresser ordered for me. I was in her salon one day and mentioned my lack of "fullness" in my hair, and the inability to style it. She brought out some hair extensions she just ordered for the salon, when she put them in it made such an absolute complete difference, and I was in heaven. I only wish it was all mine of course. And by luck, the color she had matched my hair perfectly. They are made from real, human hair so I simply shampoo and curl them like my own hair. I only actually shampoo them every other week, to get the hairspray out. The package comes complte with many different widths. And at the end of the day, I just flip up my hair and unclip them and take them out. No gluing or salon visits involved.

    They are made by Racquel Welch. Actually, 3 yrs later, you can now order them at many places on line. They run around $160, and are worth every penny. I even use the wider one which I kept very long, and tie my hair back in an adorable pony tail, put on my sport-like cap and have the pony tail coming out of the back of the hat. It's reall cute.

    Again, this is just a thought. Everyone needs to do what works for them.

    Prior to the extensions I spent around $500 for these teeny-tiny hair extensions which get "tied" into the base of the hair. She put in around 1,500, and when I got home that day I cried. I couldn't help rubbing my fingers on my scalp and feeling the knots, which were very tiny, but drove me crazy. And worse yet because we are losing our hair, ton's fell out on a daily basis. I mentioned this to her prior to putting them in, but she said she pulled on my hair and it's fine -- NOT! One week later I went in and had them taken out. What a complete waste of money. But you know us girls, we will try everything and anything.
  12. marina

    marina Guest

    i actually use those extensions too, they are great cuz i can take them out at night or whenever i want my sculp and hair to have some rest from them but the only thing is that i cannot put them in a pony tail?
    rosebuds, how do u do that? if u clip them on they can only be styled in one direction if u try to pull them up in a pony tail wouldnt that pull your hair too much? (is my explanantion clear enough?)
  13. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    I ordered those extensions, but I returned them. I am all thumbs with those things.
  14. colline

    colline Guest


    how do you put them in? How much hair do you need re the clip mechanism and howlong can they stay in for ?

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