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Eyelashes and Alopecia Areata

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Fizz786, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Fizz786

    Fizz786 Guest

    Is there any hope for people who have lost their eyelashes to grow back if they are suffering from alopecia areata? Is there anyone here who's eyelashes have grown back in this condition?
  2. Fizz786

    Fizz786 Guest

    any comments? :?
  3. Isa

    Isa Guest


    Mine had partially fallen out and have partially regrown. Try to apply som castor oil on your eyelids and eyebrows, it stimulates regrowth and does work.
  4. Banner

    Banner Guest

    I don't have Alopecia Areata but have had some success with Jan Marini Eyelash Intervention (hope I've spelled that correctly). I never had gorgeous lashes but with progressing Androgenetic Alopecia they thinned out even more. With this product my lashes are definitely longer, maybe a bit thicker. If you use the "search" function you will find other posts about it.
  5. Fizz786

    Fizz786 Guest

    Thanks for your replies. Im using "JMIE" currently and i have to say my eyelashes are actually growing i can see abt 6-7 hairs but they're really tiny and look weak. Dunno what to do :?
  6. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    hey mine came out over a year ago and that was after my alopecia areata...eyelashes and eyebrows...i left them and it grew all back again I am suffering from alopeica areata again now and they fallen out again so hope is it will grow back

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