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fallfrost's Story - (looking for something besides a wig)

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by fallfrost, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. fallfrost

    fallfrost Guest

    I cannot believe I stumbled upon this forum.

    I'm thinning on the top and I have been for four years. My mind is constantly above it... Meaning I am obsessed with my hairline. I wear extensions and wear a colorful headband to cover my hairline. I'm okay with it... with funky red glasses, it is definitely a look. No one notices because of the thickness of the length.

    More than anything, I would like to find a solution. I wore a weave on top but it looked so wiggy -- so partless. I am hoping everyone forgot it.

    So, I am open to all and any tips.

    I'm glad to be here.
  2. BrokenWings

    BrokenWings Guest

    Have you thought about Rogaine? It did and does wonders for me.
    We are here for you. This site is full of ladies who have been there.

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