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Flora Wig for Sale

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by bb138, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. bb138

    bb138 Guest

    Hi all,

    I purchased a wig from Flora in March. It is 17" long, #2 hair color (dark brown). I've only worn it a few times since purchasing it (less than ten times and usually only for a few hours at a time. Flora originally curled it for me before mailing it and the curls/waves have held well. I was told when buying the wig, that based on my head measurements, that the cap was a medium-large (although I don't think my head looks big, lol). It is also for olive skin tones (I guess a different scalp colors are used depending on your skin tone).

    I really like the wig and has been great in making me feel more secure when attending parties, weddings, etc.; but I feel that the length is a little too short for me and that the hair is way nicer/silkier than my actual hair- people comment about how great my hair looks now, but I feel self conscious since it is so dramatically different than my natural hair's texture.

    I'd like to sell it and can send picture to anyone that is interested in more info.
  2. JerseyMommy

    JerseyMommy Guest

    I'd be interested in some pics and the price
  3. bb138

    bb138 Guest

    Here are some pics. I sent you a PM.

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  4. worriedmommy

    worriedmommy Guest

    Very pretty...I think flora has some beautiful pieces. I am planning to see her soon. Did you get a new one to replace the one your selling? I am sure someone will reach out to you regarding buying your wig...it's a beauty :)
  5. bb138

    bb138 Guest

    Good luck finding something; Flora is so nice and easy to talk to. I haven't gotten a new one yet but I've started looking. When I do get a wig, I'll definitely go in person this time. Last time I did it through email and I'd feel much more comfortable trying it on at a store before ordering so I can see all the options before deciding.

    Before I got the wig I used to use toppik hair powder and clip in extensions. I stopped because my hair had gotten so thin that I wasn't sure if I could keep the clip from showing through some parts of my hair. I've been oiling my hair a lot the last few months and feel like it's a little stronger, so this weekend I tried the clips ins/toppik again. To my surprise, I don't think the clips showed through so that's my new back up option between wigs.

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