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Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday.

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by VANESA, May 13, 2008.


    VANESA Guest

    I had my follow Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday.
    Its the one where I've been on Metformin for about 8 months, so it should be better the last one where I was not on metformin and not yet officially diagnosed.

    Because of the fasting and metformin does make your digestive tract a little more sensitive, I vomited after the first test - a bit embarassing but it was only water as that was the only thing i had had since 9pm the night before!!
    Nurse said the next time I should miss my metformin from the night before haha.

    So 2 boring hours in the waiting room. I will know my results next Thursday when I go to the endo. She also has my latest Thyroid, hormone and the GTT test results.
    I am down from 79 to 69kgs so things should be looking good but my hair is still steadily falling .. unfortunately what can you do .. I know its Androgenetic Alopecia but was hoping if free testosterone was down and SHGB up... it may slow down.... and I may keep what I've got much longer...

    Being lighter and losing the weight has definately slowed the hairloss so i reccommend any girl who think she may have PCOS insulin Resistance get diagnosed as it really gives you a kick in the bum to go on metformin and lose the weight.
  2. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Are you solely on metformin or also on something else???
    I was wondering if the met alone was enough to maintain you androgen to normal levels? and how long did it take for your hormones to get in range thank to the met ( especially the androgen cause they are the culprit for hair loss..)

    I would really like to see the effect on metformin for me..but my docs keep telling me not right now, and that it would not make a difference because my PCOS is "mild" to them..well we know that PCOS is unpredictable...so a mild form can get worse at some point..at least i know how to recognize my symptoms it's the only thing..

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