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Glumetza vs. Metformin ER? Is hair loss any better on Glumetza?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by EsmeMarie, May 5, 2015.

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    Aug 30, 2014
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    Hi All,

    My endo put me on Metformin ER b/c my latest labs came back with full-blown IR. My A1C thankfully is ok, so I don't have T2 diabetes.

    She put me on Metformin ER. Took that for approx. 2 weeks, but had terrible nausea, diarrhea, and I noticed my already-not-good-shedding was getting worse.

    So she just switched me to Glumetza. I'm supposed to be on 1000mg, but I'm starting at 500mg b/c I want to be as safe as possible. Has anyone had hair loss/shedding with Glumetza? Or has their hair shedding gotten better on Glumetza? And how long do you give it until you say ok time to quit this med?

    I have tried everything to no avail. Dr. Redmond put me on 200mg of Spironolactone, and it turned out that I was one of the ppl who it caused hair loss/shedding in. I skyped Dr. Donovan and he agreed that it was absolutely possible. So I've been off Spironolactone now for 2 mos., and my hair shedding still is bad, but not nearly as bad as it was when I was on the Spironolactone.

    I have lost so much hair from trying various meds, which I think were all wrong amongst various diagnoses, but now I'm wondering even though I'm PCOS with IR, if Glumetza will help me or if it will finish off hair what little hair I have left.

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