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Google scholars

Discussion in 'New Research, Studies, and Discoveries' started by dying curls, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Do you guys use google scholars when looking for info about potential treatments ?
  2. lemongrass

    lemongrass Guest

    There is so much BS on the internet about hair loss (much more than about any other topic I'm aware of) that I consider it necessary to read journal articles and textbooks designed for students and practitioners.

    I don't necessarily search for treatments. I search for everything, including causes (since I'm not willing to assume Androgenetic Alopecia atm).

    Google scholar is a little disappointing to me because lots of the articles aren't available in full text and some don't even have abstracts.
  3. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    I am aware that there is a lot of abs aof the internet

    However I just posted this to talk. The Internet if you know how to filter the information can still be use as a source of information.

    I understand you dont take Androgenetic Alopecia for granted.This was not a post about Androgenetic Alopecia. Androgenetic Alopecia is a reality though for many of us. I know for sure it's the cause of my hair loss unfortunately since i respond to antiandrogens pretty well.
  4. lemongrass

    lemongrass Guest

    Well that was a strange response. You seem defensive and aggressive, and I don't know why.

    I'll leave you to it then.
  5. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    (Well...I ve been sending you PMs, maybe you should read them...)

    I am very interested in finding what's ahead of us in the field of treatment because so far it's my only hope ...
  6. Kamille

    Kamille Member

    Oct 16, 2010
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    Hello Dying Curls,
    it seems there are many potential future treatments. Astressin is the latest I've heard of.
    I've discovered the existence of many laboratories working on possible treatments for hair loss and it seems there are a lot of them: Histogen, Aderans, Follica, Replicel, Allergan (Latisse)
    Plus all the laboratories we haven't heard of but that are researching in this field too. For instance, in Singapore, some researchers seem to be injecting a solution made of embryonic stem cells to stimulate hair growth
    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/ ... 69/1/.html
    I really hope a more efficient treatment will be available in a few years, maybe sooner that what we think.

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