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Got my lace wig in (pics)

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by Katydid, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Sarita

    Sarita Guest

    Looks so natural! You look fantastic.
  2. vaso

    vaso Established Member

    Sep 4, 2008
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    You look fabulous you must be thrilled. I cannot believe it is a wig, you go girl!!!! :jump:
  3. Texas

    Texas Guest

    I am glad that you found something that works for you.
    I would never even think it was a wig. It looks natural.... and you look fabulous!
  4. justme

    justme Experienced Member

    Mar 30, 2008
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    Beautiful , what else can I say :)

  5. missmyhair

    missmyhair Guest

    Hey Katy, question for you....what did you do w/ your bio hair underneath???

    And I just looked at the pics again...really awesome!!
  6. lmq78

    lmq78 Guest

    It looks very natural and beautiful on you! I am so happy for you!!!
  7. Katydid

    Katydid Guest


    Sorry girls for not posting answers sooner :) I put up those pics like 2 min before I walked out the door for work. I was in a serious hurry and asked brother to snap a couple of shots. So I just stuck them in and loaded the only three where my eyes were actually open. LOL

    Anyway, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I appreciate all the positive feedback. Ya'll are right, this wig is very much 'me' if that makes sense. I don't feel as though it is foriegn or strange.

    Okay, trying to remember what to answer:

    Yes, it is VERY much like my bio hair. When I get home, I will post some pics to show the similarities. But the length and such is like dead on. Honestly, I think that is why it feels so natural now. I never mentally accepted having shorter/thinner hair.

    Secondly, the price on these from a Chinese vendor is going to run you about $300 and about $500 from an American vendor. Darn good price actually for the product, in my opinion.

    Yes, I did jump in with both feet on the lace wig thing, but you know, to me I would rather invest a few hours a week in having nice hair, than worrying about my bio hair 24/7. I am an all or nothing personality anyway.

    I love the security of the lace wig! Because it is litteraly glued to my head, it doesn't shift or move around. That helps me so much. In fact I did have a server tell me yesterday, "you know, one thing I will miss is how you would adjust your wig while you were talking, that was SO cute!" :shock: What can I say? I have never been overly self- concious lol

    Nellas, I appreciate the sentiment, but what if you sold your sister-in-law to somebody mean? I couldn't live with the guilt. Of course, I would have a husband then, and I have been single for a long time. . . . on second thought, it might be worth looking into. I mean, I can live with a little guilt if everything else in life is awesome, right? ;)
  8. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    I just put it in tiny braids against my head. I didn't wear a wig cap, though most women do. Mostly because I didn't want it under there for a week or so at the time. I just sort of smushed the hair flat under the lace, and made sure not to use anything like bobbi pins, just a couple of teeny rubber bands.

    I will mention that I did chose to shave some little tidbits like those on the sides and the very back of my neck (where the hair goes down the nape). I did it just because it was more convienent to me, and it helped my hairline look more natural, because I didn't have to put the hair past my natural hairline in those spots.

    Honestly, I probably will reach a point where it will be easier to just shave my head, but I am reluctant to do that until I am married or in a serious relationship. Just seems like one of those things that it would be nice to get your partner's input on.

    Or at least for me it is :)
  9. Sooounfair

    Sooounfair Guest

    Okay, as usual I'm a little behind here with my comments. Your piece looks SUPER! So natural. Yay!!!!! :bravo:
  10. meowchica

    meowchica Guest

    It's Lovely!
  11. katkat

    katkat Guest


    Great job, so so natural. What vendor did you use if you don't mind me asking. And how long did you wait from the time you ordered?
  12. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    I ordered this one from http://www.chinalacewig.com and though I do like the wig, I would not recommend them without reservation however. This wig cap is 'custom' and they made the cap a bit short in the nape area. It is not horrible, and since I always wear it down it would never be an issue, but that is something to consider.

    They did get the wig here in good time, and so long as you are able to communicate in poorly translated english then you are good to go!

    *** One thing I want to stress is that IF you decide to try to go through a Chinese vendor then DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you contact them! You have to know about the cap types, density needs, hair specifics that sort of thing. They will more than happily do what you want, but you sort of have to know to ask. If you don't specify they will just give you want they are most used to doing.

    The picture is of my bio-hair and it is sort of the look I was going for. As I aged, it became darker, so it's not as light as this picture, but it does show the texture and density.

    The texture is amazingly similar, though my original bio-hair was a heavier density than this wig is. If I decide to go even closer next time, I will up the density to 110%, though when you switch manufacturers their 'density' is different anyway

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  13. ecocat.94

    ecocat.94 Guest

    I'm getting in on this a bit late, but like the others have said. It looks very natural. And now that I have seen your bio hair, the similarity is unmistakable. I'm so glad you found something to work for you and I really appreciate all the comments and help you have given to the ladies on this site. :gay2:
  14. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Was it at all hard to apply? I LOVE it and it suits you so well!! :)
  15. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    It wasn't a gimme. It took about 2 hours the first time, and they say once you are 'good' it takes about an hour.

    Thank you eco! I appreciate that
  16. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    wow! Thats a long time. But I love how you can wear it off your face like that and it looks so natural! And such a good price! I want to get one of these, I think I will very soon! :)
  17. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    Well, I guess I just want to emphasize that these types of hair systems take a certain level of commitment. I don't want to put a couple of pics up and go on and on about how much I love it (which I do :) ) and not present a realistic picture of what exactly it entails.

    Like I said, for mine, I shaved part of my scalp (though you wouldn't have to) researched for months, and still I am going to dedicate several hours a week to the care and maintenance of it.

    In this crazy thing, we are all going to find what is right for each one of us. That is what all this is about
  18. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Yes so true! We really dont know untill we try different options!
  19. Lilac

    Lilac Guest

    Katydid- OMG, :jump: it looks as though you grew back your own hair- I LOVE IT!

    You did well, :bravo: i'm so happy for you!

    As another member said, you are just so kind and supportive of others on here, i'm so glad you found a solution that works for you, wear it well and enjoy and thank you so much for sharing so much information with all of us!

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