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Hair color

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by redclaire, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. snow_white

    snow_white Guest

    Do lighter hair colors better hide the hair thinning? My hair is dyed black right now and i was thinking of dying it a medium brown so i can hide my thinning....
  2. Dorinha

    Dorinha Guest

    Hi Snow White.
    Yes, lighter colours reduce the contrast between your hair and scalp and it diguises the thinning well. I have dark brown hair and I get blond and reddish foil highlights put in. When they are freshly done, they look good and I feel good about my hair, when they grow out, ugh, that's another story!

    Colouring your hair may also add some body, I know it does for me, and that makes it look a little fuller too.

    Good luck.
  3. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Absolutely. It will def help :)
  4. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    I tried lighter color which did lessen the contrast--but it also made my scalp more visible. Can't win!!!!
  5. Prini

    Prini Guest


    For years I was hilighting my hair. Three years ago I started getting grayer and did a single process, and every three months a hilight with red tones over the single process.

    Last month I went in for the single with hilights, but I noticed it came out much lighter, too blonde. I noticed after this latest hilight my hair shed is definitely up. I think she used a different product, or maybe the blonde is harsher, I don't know. She's on maternity leave and won't be back for a few weeks. Part of me, would like to color over it get rid of the higlights with a single process again, but fear it's too much coloring.
    I don't know what the heck she did, but my hair is more like yarn than ever. I was even telling her in the chair before she colored and cut it, my hair was doing a little better.

    I've trusted her for years with my hair, and there was even a period we would just do the temporary haircolor and let it wash out, but I think because of the gray we decided to do the single which I thought was worse on hair because it went to the scalp. Now, I'm thinking the hilights is worse because maybe it strips the real color away.

    Anyone's thoughts on this I would appreciate.

    Thanks everyone.

  6. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I don't know a lot about salon coloring. I know that Sally T. is your best bet on helping you out with that.

    However, as someone who has had every color in the book ( not to mention a nightmarish color stripping process back when I colored my hair black) I can say that my first course of action would be to spend a few weeks babying the heck out of it. Moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioning ( every other day, with regular conditioning between), as little heat styling as possible. If you HAVE to style it, I suggest getting a set of Carusso steam rollers. They cost $$, but are SOOOOO worth it for not drying your hair out (Almost every actress with good hair I know uses them, since they're curling their hair six nights a week). Also, blowdryers are evil! I wash my hair at night and comb leave in conditioner into it. I give it a chance to dry as much as possible and then I braid it. It keeps it from drying out and keeps the conditioner from rubbing off onto my pillow. In the morning I style it as usual ( which, I'll admit is farely easy for me. Headband or clips for my combover, and steam rollers if it feels too flat).
    I'd totally get it back into shape before going back to fix the color.

    It's possible that your shed was up because the processing irritated your scalp, causing activity to push out the already telegen hair.

    I don't like highlights for the stripping nature. A girlfriend of mine ( who has down to her waist, rapunzel curls) highlighted her hair and the highlights looked straw like and dry for a good two weeks after. They look good now, she's been using a deep conditioner.

    Have you considered doing low lights instead? I think they are much prettier, give the allusion of depth and aren't as harsh.

    I just use a one color, out of the box. I don't notice more shed with the color than without.
  7. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Thanks for your suggestions Claire.

    I stopped blow drying my hair five years ago, my hairdresser does it, on very low heat, once in a while.

    It's possible the shed's up because the process irritated the scalp pushing the telegen hair out.
    My hair looks like straw after I wash it, like your girlfriends, and it's four weeks since the hilights, but my hair's been looking like straw for a long time. Buttttt......the hilights definitely is the straw that broke the camels back! Pun Intended.....
    It's worse.

    After reading your note, I would think my hairdresser would suggest low lights since she's sees I'm balding, knows what my texture was like way back when, and what it is now.

    I just washed my hair and I literally cannot get a comb through it, and I use VERY good products, wide tooth combs. I have to wait until it it almost dry to comb it, so I don't rip my hair out of my head, then set what I can. I cannot begin to explain to you my heartache of washing my hair, and dealing with the shed for so long. I just feel like throwing a glass against the wall................I'm very tired of all this.


    PS I was thinking of going back to the salon and getting a deep conditioning or picking up something from the drugstore.
  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    If you want to save some $$ I really really really like Tresume's leave in conditioner, it's called Restore. It's in a pump bottle. I also like their spray in conditioner/detangler ( I use both on some days). I'd get a deep conditioner ( probably a salon product line for that) to use in the shower ( ends of layers and nape of the neck down only) and then do the same with the leave in conditioners. I like them because they don't weigh my hair down at all. I have to say, I have tried Garnier's and I liked it in the beginning.... but not as much as the Tresume' products ( those I liked from first use to end of the bottle). Garnier DOES have a fabulous shine serum though. Just as good as Biosilk and smells a hundred times better ( and I think biosilk smells really really good). Also, a third of the cost. You could use the shine serum just on your highlights. Just dab it on your fingers and drag it along the highlights.
    As far as low lights and the peek-a-boo highlights.... they're farely new. Your hairdresser might just be used to what she does, or thinks that you don't want to even consider something different.
    I know what you mean about being tired of it all. My hair isn't the same as it was before all this crap started. It's bad enough that it's falling out, but then as soon as my TSH rises a bit my hair does the straw thing too! Can't it at least be smooth while it's dropping out of my head.??? Do we really have to have both?
  9. Prini

    Prini Guest

    My TSH is 1.5 right now, it's good. As I've said in the past, my hair was fine before thyroid, it was six months after medication when I started having hair problems. I'll never forget the month, date, year, and where I was, sort of like a when Kennedy was shot time of thing. Sounds crazy, but I remember.

    I'll keep the Carusso Rollers thought in my head, and look it up on line.
    It might be better than using regular rollers, but tonight my hair was so awful I couldn't, and still haven't put a comb in my hair. I washed it at 2:30, and it's no can do. It's like I have a perm.

    I have Biolage Conditoning Balm which is very heavy, but maybe I'll use it again. As you mentioned, I do not want to weigh down my hair. I need a salon type conditioner to put in hair after washing for 30 minutes and then wash out to make my hair feel like silk.

    I'll also look for Tresume. I have a terrific store near me that sells all the great products, plus I have the usual drug stores.

    I blame myself for this even though I shouldn't. I'm not going to hilight my hair anymore, it's not worth it. It's just that I never had this problem, and I really cannot afford this latest *hit* of hair loss.

    Meanwhile I'm looking into a few options of adding fullness to hair and trying to figure out what's best without further damaging hair.

    Tks, and have a good weekend
  10. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Your TSH is in a great place. Color me jealous.

    I really do like the carusso rollers and I think they actually make my hair in better condition than worse. They make it shiny and smooth, where the regular rollers feel like using a curling iron and make it dry.

    Conditioning just the ends may keep your hair from feeling weighed down.

    Don't blame yourself. It's amazing how our hair texture can change overnight.

    Maybe you can put a conditioner in your hair and wrap your head in warm towel for a while. That may help open the hair so it takes in more conditioner. Also, Try a beer rinse.

    Take a warm beer ( I let it sit in a mug of hot tap water for about ten minutes after it's reached room temperature) and rinse your hair with it before you wash. It's amazing how good it makes your hair feel. Used to be it took 2 40's to wet my hair <le sigh>. Either way.... it helps, imo.
  11. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Don't blame yourself. It's amazing how our hair texture can change overnight.

    Claire, it's got to be the hilights, but you are right, I shouldn't blame myself.
    I was reading post's from last year when I was so happy with how she colored it, and how I wasn't dealing with it as bad. I can only hope it slows down again.

    Maybe you can put a conditioner in your hair and wrap your head in warm towel for a while. That may help open the hair so it takes in more conditioner. Also, Try a beer rinse.

    Maybe I should just throw beer all over myself, jump into a pool with champagne and get a massage, maybe I'd feel better.

    Seriously, I am taking everything you said into consideration.

    Now, hmmm where did I put the beer?? :wink:

    Are you still having problems getting your TSH down?
  12. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Actually, as of the end of February it was at 3.2 and we upped my dosage ( I was still having health issues)... I did so very slowly and have been on the upped dosage for 25 days now ( obscessed anyone?).... I have to say... I'm thinking I'm there... I haven't had a nap in weeks and I'm feeling much much better... more "normal".

    Granted the hair is still falling out, but my TSH was at an 8.0 in December... so that sort of gives me a trigger date. If the thyroid fix fixes the hair, I don't expect the shed to stop for another two months at least.

    ( long story, I'm sorry)
  13. Prini

    Prini Guest

    I'm glad you are feeling more normal.

    It's amazing how quickly one's TSH can go up if undertreated.

    and believe me, your long story, could never be as long and unbelievable as mine. Okay night
  14. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I believe it! If it weren't for Mary Shamone, you, and Krapiva... I'd be still trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have had a very short road to well being thanks to so many women ironing it out before me.
    Night, hon. Have a grand weekend!
  15. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a few deep hair conditioners.

    A friend sent me a site with a product called Apivita Propoline Hair Mask for Dry Colored hair. I need something like that, a mask.
    This weekend was a bust for me, I was so out of it because of the hair.
    Tomorrow I'm picking up my boot strapes, getting to the stores, putting the stuff in my hair, and pray for the best.
    Also, I will talk to my hair stylist as soon as she comes back
    from maternity leave. Not in a mean way, just reasonable.

    Claire, I'd be skeptical about the beer rinse. What brand of beer?
    I guess it doesn't matter. You add it to the shampoo or just wash with it?
    My luck all my remaining hair would fall out.

    Or maybe I'd get drunk....................... :roll:
  16. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I used to do the beer rinse every month. I haven't done it in ages... I think my next shopping trip I'll get some beer. I bought whatever was the cheapest. Get enough to soak your hair... warm the beer ( I put the can in hot tap water) and then just poor it over your head, saturating your hair. I never even left it on very long, then I'd wash it with shampoo and condition.
    I've also read that you can wash your hair first and then use the beer in a final rinse ( after rinsing the shampoo out with water and adding the beer to a cup of warm water). I've never tried that because I usually have something to do the following day. BUT, it's supposed to not smell like beer once it's dry.

    I think I'll try using beer the next time I go shopping, if I get to it before you do, I'll let you know. But, up till last year I did it all the time.
  17. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Thanks for your quick reply!
  18. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    LOL! I just got home after a day of four ( not all mine!) squeeling Easter Egg hunters and a house full of chatting... the quiet sound of all of your "voices" is welcoming. ( Not to mention my daughter is pigging out on chocolate and is overjoyed that I haven't noticed, so she thinks).

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