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  1. I was at the beauty store last night and saw a shelf of toppik and the like. There was a whole area of Hair Cubed sprays with a sealer. It's $80 a bottle! But I tried one shade on my finger, and sprayed the concealer, and it seemed to stay put. My problem is being a single girl and dating....they like to touch your damn head :) So i'm trying to find something that doesn't come off your head when you touch it. I use Toppik mostly, and as you all know, it gets under fingernails and if it rains, well....
    Anyway, just wondering if you know anything about it. I googled hair cubed and there was a full website.
  2. Sunshynedaze

    Sunshynedaze Guest

    I started with Toppik and moved to eyeshadow. Cheaper better. Easier to apply. My hairdresser recommended it.
  3. What about keeping it put? I would love to know if anyone has found something that doesn't come off on your hands when you touch it. Or someone else touches it.
  4. lisalisa

    lisalisa Guest

    Most concealers come off on your hands..I tried Joan Rivers hair powder...and Shabo...Shabo does rub off on your hands like fullmore. Haircubed made my hair so hard to comb and brittle. Like Fullmore better.
  5. Domi587

    Domi587 Guest

    Try Dermmatch? It's entirely waterproof, unlike Haircubed which claims to be, and I guess is, but if you put it anywhere near water it suddenly looks like you went through a re-spray garage at the wrong moment, you hair really does look like someone sprayed paint on it? It's wierd.

    Anyway, plenty of guys reccomend Dermmatch, although I haven't tried it personally.
    I use Nanogen, it's like Toppik, and yeah it does come out a bit when people touch it, but doesn't come off in the rain? My solution to the coming out when touched was simple though, I have a hair style, my boyfriend doesn't touch it unless he wants to sleep outside with the cat. Put your foot down ;)
  6. Tori

    Tori Experienced Member

    Dec 13, 2007
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    I second dermmatch and I've been using it for over a year when needed. I use it dry though, the way they suggest is just so messy and paint like. I've inspected it under every light source and even I have a hard time telling I'm wearing it when done correctly.
  7. Domi587

    Domi587 Guest

    Hi janinreinhardth,

    Well I'm glad it worked for you, I wasn't that impressed, but maybe something to do with my hair type? You're actually the first person I've found who really likes it, I'm interested, do you use very little?

    I also have never had staining issues with Dermmatch or Nanogen but have heard a couple of stories about Toppik running slightly.

  8. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    dont waste your money, you can get the same stuff called fullmore for 20 bucks a can at spencer forrest online they also sell toppik, unfortunately its all the same kind of comes off on your fingers if you scratch it or it rains, if you just need a little bit of concealer use eye shadow that worked for years for me.......
  9. lettyjg

    lettyjg Guest

    I just bought Hair Cubed, I went to the distributors hair salon and they applied it on my hair before I bought it, I wanted to be sure because it's kind of expensive, but I really liked it, my hair looked great and it even felt fuller to the touch. I haven't tried getting my hair wet yet so I don't know how it'll look, I am planning on going into the pool (at home) and see how the product behaves... I'll let you know
  10. JulieK

    JulieK Guest

    I've also had success with Nanogen, although yes you do get it under your fingernails if you scratch your head! Have had no problem with rain etc. it doesn't run although it does come off on the pillow when you sleep, particularly if you get hot. Doesn't stain though. Jx
  11. Deirdre

    Deirdre Senior Member

    Sep 17, 2006
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    I have NEVER liked anyone to touch my hair or face, so just tell them you have a thing about not being touched there. Even when I was in my early twenties and hair loss was never on my agenda, I hated anyone touching my hair. You can be the same way.
  12. sundi117

    sundi117 Guest

    I tried hair cubed and thought it to be a way to expensive. It was the same type of "paint" as Top Coverage which is only $16 on folica.

    No where near worth $80 although it might be if it was actually what they promised. Sprayed fibers. The best I have found is a fibers product that is sprayed thru an special applicator. Works much better then sprinkling it on and looks much much more natural as well.
  13. AngelaSmith

    AngelaSmith Guest

    When I first used haircubd, i thought it also made my hair hard to brush and kind of brittle. however i figured out the proper way to use it and i love it now. there's a specific method to it and once u get it u definitely see the difference. it looks natural, and it really stays on (thank goodness, cuz i sweat!). :punk:
  14. AngelaSmith

    AngelaSmith Guest

    haircubed lasts a long time, at least a few months... so $20 bucks a month, totally worth it! again u gotta learn proper way to use it :)

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