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Hair growth, no aspartame or sucralose!

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Positive Outlook' started by Sharon81, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Sharon81

    Sharon81 Guest

    Hello all, it's been a long time since I posted due to bad health, depression and the death of my dear brother, last september.

    I want everyone who has hair loss to seriously consider cutting out, completely, aspartame and sucralose from their diets, and here's why:

    In 2008 it became clear my hair was thinning. Around 2009 I was suffering from senitivity to sunlight. My eyes couldn't handle sun. After a bit of research I cut Aspartame out of my diet (I drank a lot of diet drinks containing this substance which is a chemical sweetener). I found a diet drink that had sucralose instead and happily guzzled about 4-5 2 litre bottles of the stuff per week.

    I began to have a lot of pain walking, which was unusual as I've always prided myself on the distances I could walk! The pain didn't come on suddenly, all at once, no, it was an insidious slow process, but by Dec 2010 I quit my job because walking there was too difficult, and I was also incredibly depressed about that and my ever worsening hair loss.

    I've posted on here from a while back, and the first photo I've attached here is a pic of my hair in Feb 2011. By about july 2011 It had worsened, my hair line receded more. At around the same time I decided to try the Atkins diet, and sucralose is recommended for that, so I bought powdered sucralose and used it instead of sugar on food. I was also consuming lozenges which contained it, to try and distract me from smoking. What a mess I was!!

    In Nov 2010 I bought my Jessica Simpson topper. Before that I relied on Dermatch for about 9 months, until my hair loss was too extreme for dermatch to cover, hence the purchase of the J Simp topper, which did a lot to make me feel better about myself.

    The week my brother died, in a terrible accident, I lost a ton of hair.

    By Oct 2011 my leg/hip pain was was extreme, and I had an xray, which only showed mild deterioration of the hips. That mildness didn't reflect the agony I was in. I felt like I was 90 years old and I've just turned 50. I thought I'd be in a wheelchair before long. I was in a terrible state, and my hair loss had progressed to worse than the firts pic posted below (taken Feb 2011). It was almost at the point I had nothing of a hairline to clip my topper to, and I began to wonder what my next step would be.

    Because of the pain in my legs I once again began to read up on sucralose, and there are many cases of severe leg pains reported by people who used it. Also, people have reported hair loss.

    On March 22 2012 I poured all my diet drinks (containing sucralose)down the sink. I threw all my lozenges in the bin and I have religiously read every label to make sure no aspartame or sucralose passed my lips. Beware anything that's described as "Sugar free" as it most likely contains one or the other of these sweeteners.

    Well, within 3 days of stopping the stuff, my legs felt a lot better, I couldn't believe the difference. It's now been 3 months since I stopped using the stuff and I can walk quite long distances, with only mild hip pain. Before that, my legs felt lie ton weights, every step was an effort.

    Since I got my Jess simp fringe I've got in the habit of brushing my hair and putting it on before I would look in the mirror, but 4 days ago I took a look at my hair, and to my great surprise the once thin, feeble and weak hairs seem to be growing back as stron normal hairs!!

    Over the last 4 days since I realised this, I reckon I've checked them in the mirror a 100 times, such is my excitement!!

    I reckon the second set of pics below, where you can see strong hairs growing at the hairline, show what is approx 3 months growth, coinciding with completely removing sucralose from my diet.

    I know my legs have improved vastly since I quit this stuff (I seriously consider it to be poison). The photos show how much my hair has improved and I have no doubt my hair is growing back.

    So I wanted to show this to everyone and advise that if you consume a lot of diet/sugar free goods (food oand/or drinks) which contain either of the sweeteners mentioned, that you remove them completely, and go back to sugar, or maybe stevia. Seriously give it a few months and see if it makes a difference.

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  2. yvette

    yvette Guest

    wow -- I am so sorry for your losses! this topic is of great interest to me. I am trying to give a serious shot at stopping this and "most" chemical additives. My daughter has eczema and lupus and I have Alopecia Areata and Hashimotos -- I believe that our diet and environment have a lot to do with the growth of autoimmune diseases. Thanks for sharing your story and posting the pics!
  3. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    Thanks for coming back giving us this info. I wish you the best.
  4. neenicali

    neenicali Guest

    I happen to completely agree with you. That stuff is poison and it make hair fall out and worsens autoimmune problems. I gave it up in December and my hair is very much improving. I also gave up gluten and most all sugars. Congrats on ur regrowth and legs improving.
  5. Sunflower25

    Sunflower25 Guest

    I'm glad there's someone else here thinking the same thing. :)
    After 6 months of hair loss and pain I cut the stuff out of my diet. I was told that I had diffuse Alopecia Areata - which spread to my body. Within 2 days of stopping my hair started growing again.

    I didn't touch it for 3 years and I had no issues.

    I accidentally drank something in November with it and I've been dealing with Alopecia Areata ever since. One spot on my head, 2 on my nape, and a strange one that runs along the side of my right ear. I also have about 5 on my forearms.

    Never stop reading labels!
  6. Sharon81

    Sharon81 Guest

    Thanks for your replies, it's good to have a few people on this board who have similar experiences with these chemicals.

    I've recently started to include pumpkin seeds, peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds and avocados in my diet to gain from the essential minerals and vitamins they contain.

    Trying to find nice flavour drinks that don't contain aspartame and sucralose, well, the choices are much more limited than if one opts for the sugar free squashes which do contain these chemicals. There are what are probably delicious squashes that do contain aspartame and sucralose, but not the sugar equivalent. I wonder if we are all being deliberately poisoned by being given a wide range of drinks which contain poison, and a far more limited range of drinks containing sugar?!

    I do like ribena and sainsbury's high juice summer fruits squash. Also, medicines contain these awful chemicals, as do sweets, cakes and gum.

    I can't just keep to boring old water, i like a bit of flavour if poss, but do drink more plain water than i used to.

    I think my legs have improved as much as they are going to, and I can walk about half a mile fairly easily now, when in Oct last year 100 meters was beyond me. The pains in my legs and hips back then made sleep difficult as i couldn't put any pressure on m hips and if i laid on my back i snore!, now on the whole i get a good nights sleep.

    I'm begining to get back my little curls along my hair line, where a few months ago the hair was tiny and weak, i think they were miniaturised hairs, really pathetic. I think it will take a year or more to see how far the improvement will progress.

    Anyway, for those who consume a lot of this stuff, really cut it out completely, give it a go, it might surprise you and lead to hair regrowth
  7. Lhulberg

    Lhulberg New Member

    May 11, 2016
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  8. Lhulberg

    Lhulberg New Member

    May 11, 2016
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    Hi Sharon 81:

    I wonder how your hair is now? Do you grow back all the hair you lost after you stopped the sucralose?

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