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Hair length & vitamins

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by tbacchi, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    Is it just me???? When I first started taking massive doses of vitamins in July, I noticed that my hair was growing super fast. Now, 9 months later, I can't tell if it's growing as fast as it was before. Maybe it's just me??? Any thoughts?
  2. Cry-nena

    Cry-nena Guest

    how long is your hair tbacchi?
  3. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    A little past my shoulders. It's longer in the back. The sides are slightly angled.
  4. Monika

    Monika Guest

    I had cut my hair very short and wore it flipped up in December/2004. I just started with all kinds of vitamins a little over a month ago including the GNC one for the hair. I just saw one of my friends who I haven't seen in awhile and she said my hair looks longer! :)
  5. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Don't forget your hair always grows quicker in the Summer months. This is because the warmth increases blood flow which concentrates nutrients in that area. It is the same for nails. Our hair and nails often have a spurt in the warmer months then slow down over cooler months. It is also the same for the side we sleep on - that side often grows thicker!

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