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Hair loss pattern

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by kaylee, May 15, 2008.

  1. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Im just curious to see if others girls with PCOS have the same pattern of hair loss as me. Mines totally in the male pattern (I think PCOS has something to do with it). :thumbsdown: I have thinning at the temples mostly and also the sides and hair line. I have no widened part. Anyone else with PCOS or high T have this? :dunno:
  2. Rainbird984

    Rainbird984 Guest

    Mine is all see-through at the crown and thin at the temples. My part is widened but mostly at the front, the back is ok still. It's like the thickness is "receding" like a man but the hairline isn't going with it.

    The ponytail is still going strong though, I was joking with my friend last night that soon I'll look like one of those older hippie guys who is bald in the front but still has a thick ponytail!
  3. ttc

    ttc Guest

    I miss hippies :) !! There aren't that many in Florida. Did you ever go to the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta?? Talk about hippiefest! It's awesome.
  4. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest



    I think the same, I will have a long ponytail but balding on top! Id rather just have individual strands thin all over with no scalp see thru....
  5. angel706

    angel706 Guest

    I almost completely lost my temple hair when I was about 17-18, and it never really recovered. Over time it got gradually worse, until I definitely had a male-pattern receded hairline. Because it didn't really seem to thin anywhere else, I got a hair transplant into the temple area. It has made a difference...has kept me out from under a wig at this point.

    I don't know if I've had PCOS all these years or not. I don't really fit the "classic" profile. I'm a healthy weight (5'7", 135 lbs.) no major excess facial or body hair (I've always had a bit of a 'stache I've had to pluck or wax, though) and have had pretty regular periods and NO TROUBLES conceiving (3 boys under age 8 ;) ). Last summer I tried to get my OB to run some tests to rule out ovarian probs because I was having a lot of pain during ovulation and for several days after. We did an ovarian ultrasound at day 6 of a cycle...there were several follicles on each side (like 3 or 4, if i recall right), but I guess not enough to fit the classic "string of pearls" pattern. I've had my FSH tested, but never my FSH and LH done at the same time. Maybe I should... I've also never been tested for IR.

    BUT...I think I may have been having some PCOS tendencies. No way to know for sure. Still, I most definitely had that pattern of loss.

    What's your sugar consumption like? I would strongly recommend cutting waaaaaayyy back on sugar.
  6. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Oh lovely, maybe I'll just get hair transplant if it doesnt grow back. The back and top area is still pretty thick. My right side and temple is real thin but not see through yet. I think these areas are hard to treat!
  7. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Yeah I eat a lot of sugar/carbs. But I'm not anywhere near being overweight (5'7", 110lbs.). I actually NEED to eat carbs to keep weight on! I have no IR either. Its just that high T thats causing all my problems!
  8. angel706

    angel706 Guest

    The reason I asked about sugar (and other high glycemic index foods, incidentally) is because of something I saw on Oprah when she had her OB, Dr. Christiane Northrup (sp?) on as a guest to answer women's health questions. A woman had asked about hair thinning, and Dr. Northrup's response was that a diet high in sugars and other high-glycemic index foods can cause the excess testosterone. I think I still have that episode on DVR...I should listen to it again and write it down for you, word for word.

    I believe there could be something to this. Our bodies were never meant to eat all the processed, high-sugar crap that so many of us eat.

    Anyhoo, it might be worth doing some research.
  9. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    WOW thats intersting! I was wondering why my testosterone was so high, maybe thats why?? I do eat a lot of carbs and always have. Although my sugars levels are very normal.
  10. mjh

    mjh Guest

    That IS interesting! I love chocolate and can't live without it or my mochas. I used to eat a lot of cookies and junk and never gain any weight because I would hardly eat real food. But now I'm not skinny anymore!

    I do have typical female pattern loss although my T was high. Wide part and all. But you know what....my dad lost his hair in the female pattern. His hair line never receded....it just got thinner and thinner until it mostly disappeared. I pray to God that won't happen to me! His sisters' hair thinned when they reached their 50's but they still have enough to cover their scalp.
  11. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that excess sugar can cause insulin resistance (or excessive amounts of insulin to make up for the excess sugar) and that screws up your hormones. I'm agreeing with you, I'm just pointing out the connection is less direct :)
  12. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Yes your right! Im just trying to firgure out whats screwed up my hormones and caused my testosterone to go sky high. I have no IR or weight issues or anything!
  13. angel706

    angel706 Guest

    Yes, catfancy, we are on the same page there. It's not a direct link, as in too much sugar = hair loss. I don't even think Dr. Northrup went into much detailed explanation on that Oprah show...but that was the first time I'd heard sugar linked to the possibility of hair loss at all, and once I did a little looking on my own, I found that excess sugar & high glycemic foods can lead to IR can lead to PCOS...or something along that line. Honestly, since I've never gotten a diagnosis of PCOS (or aggressively pursued one) I didn't look into it as deeply as I could have.
  14. VANESA

    VANESA Guest

    Most PCOS hairloss is similar to a man but a womens is almost always more diffuse.. ie more around ears and nape where as men tend to keep the bottom half of head hair quite thick

    So women who lose their hair firstly have to have the hair loss gene firstly - its not just pcoS.. The higher free testosterones triggers what is in their genes or our genes already....

    I have PCOS and the hairloss gene so at age about 29 My hair started to fall out in the first TE which then triggered Androgenetic Alopecia. .I have got receding bit... so my once oval feminine hairline is now more square and receding like a mans... mostly thin over top area.. behind bangs and vertex but like a lot of women i have diffuse thining at ears and nape too....

    not nice.
  15. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    my derm told me that high sugar/carb consumption can contribute to hair loss, it does raise certain levels and just isnt nourishing for hair growth, its all i consume but the past year much more with some stress ive had over here so that could be a good possibility why ive had a much worse hair loss and not much growth along with my genetic makeup.......

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