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hair loss pic

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by forks, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Hey gang here is the photo I PM'd Hairenvy. This is my
    mom around 1991, she passed in 1994. Long and short of
    it she had fine hair. Pretty much most of her life but in the 80's
    she I believe created the first topper LOL. a home
    made hair piece from a full wig. She wore it on and off for a few years then got a perm. This is her hair permed.
    To me this does not look like Androgenetic Alopecia but maybe I am wrong?

    She is the brunette

    I'll take this down at some point but I thought I'd post it since I thought hair envy had similiar texture

  2. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Androgenetic Alopecia can make hair fine though, right? I think there are like 10 different types of Androgenetic Alopecia..hard to tell by this pic..
    Your mother was very attractive :)
  3. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    With Androgenetic Alopecia I always thought ultimatly the crown would become barren, regardless of the presentation of Androgenetic Alopecia? I guess I have seen woman with horrible diffuse loss but not often. For the most part it's nice coverage with behind the bang thinning or serious crown thinning with decent coverage elsewhere. I don't often see many other presentations unless many are wearing wigs. Some of the women with extreme loss I saw were older ladies maybe 70's. I guess like men women can thin differently. Some guys begin at the back crown, some in the temples. I have seen some men lose the hairline 4 inches back while the rest of the top was fine. Ultimatly these guys all get the same pattern. I recall one guy who was a guest on Seinfeld a few shows, not George but someone else. Most interesting balding pattern.

    Stupid hair loss.... very confusing :shakehead:
  4. forks

    forks Guest

    Your mom was beautiful! I bet my hair would look a lot like that if I chopped it above my shoulders.
  5. brokendreams

    brokendreams Guest

    Mythreeboys How pretty and sweet your mom looks.
  6. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Hair envy

    I think cutting it a tad shorter would absolutely help! Your hair color is gorgeous and it would double the volume. Since you've been able to view the photo i'll remove it now.

    Hang in there!!

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