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Hair loss question

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by supmomsteph, May 2, 2011.

  1. supmomsteph

    supmomsteph Guest

    I was diagnosed back in december with PCOS because I have facial hair growth along with cysts on my ovaries and the blood work to prove it all.

    Well recently I started loosing my hair- ive lost atleast 40% of my hair. My insurance kicks back in on the 11th of this month and im super confused as to which doctor to go to. Do I go see my primary care, or my gynecologist who diagnosed me?

    Thanks in advice- Im sorry if this is a silly question but Im new to all this, and stressing like mad.
  2. WorriedMom

    WorriedMom Guest


    I am so new to this---well, actually I have had PCOS forever, but I was just recently diagnosed. My GP is the one who is treating me. I am having results. Is my hair normal? No. Is it better? Yes, I think so. (I say this with my fingers crossed.) Can I pass for normal with the right hair products? Yes or at least I think/hope so. I am not so sure about whether or not I should go to an endocrinologist. I am praying over making the right decision in that. I don't know if this was of any help at all, but please know that you aren't alone. :)
  3. WorriedMom

    WorriedMom Guest

    Oh, I just wanted to add one more thing. I think a lot will depend on each individual doctors knowledge and ability to take you seriously. Have you thought of seeing an endocrinologist?
  4. Kristi

    Kristi Guest


    I would want to see a doctor that specializes in PCOS. I see a Reproductive Endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS. So, you may wish to ask your GYN who they would recommend since they diagnosed you. You will probably be referred to an Endocrinologist or an RE. Good luck!!!
  5. Kay777

    Kay777 Guest

    i would like to add that i was unhappy even after seeing a hair loss specialist dermatology, a very competent endocrinologist, another derm, etc. so in the end i decided to see a naturopath who has lots of PCOS experience, and that's where i'm staying.

    best of luck!
  6. supmomsteph

    supmomsteph Guest

    My GP is not big on dealing with much more than the normal stuff. He will speculate what he thinks it is, but then refer me. My GYN seems to be helpful. but Ive only been twice, and I havent had insurance for almost 3 months now (since the big problems started) So I havent been able to address it all.

    But it all is happening very rapidly. This morning I noticed I can see ALOT more scalp then yesterday. and in no specific spot, just all over.

    Long story short, my insurance will be active on the 11th and I guess Ill go to my GYN since she is the one to diagnose me.... and hopefully she can help some.
  7. WorriedMom

    WorriedMom Guest

    Good luck with things. Please keep us posted on here.
  8. supmomsteph

    supmomsteph Guest

    Thank you :)
    I will for sure!

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