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hair pulling

Discussion in 'Trichotillomania Community' started by moco, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. moco

    moco Guest

    This might seem like a strange question but…

    If someone pulled your hair really really hard could it cause semi permanent of permanent hair loss in that area? As in not just the hairs coming out at the time it's pulled? :crazy:
  2. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Probably not. It would have to be done a few times in the same area to have permanent hair loss. Such as tricollomania or traction hair loss.
  3. only if the hair was completely pulled out including the root, which probably wouldn't happen every time the hair was pulled.

    it is possible though by tweezing to eventually and permanently remove hair. if a lady does it enough to her hair.

    in ancient egypt, smooth bald heads were considered the ideal feminine beauty on a beautiful lady, and women used to tweeze each other's head hair until the women were completely and permanently bald, and then they would wear wigs in public, and go bald at home with their husbands.
    the most famous queen in ancient egypt, nefertiti, was completely bald.
    cleopatra was most likely bald also.
    those ladies often wore eleborate wigs or headdresses over their smooth bald heads.

    in some african countries, even these days, some women either shave or tweeze their heads bald.
    there have been a number of cultures in europe, asia, or africa over the centuries where women wore the bald look, including at times in ancient greece, in certain christian sects in east europe, in some parts of buddhist countries in east asia, in some hindu areas of india, as well as in africa.
    the women were bald either for sensual or spiritual reasons.

    the bald look on women was not invented by women fashion models in the modern era, it has been around for many centuries.
  4. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I wonder why they would tweeze when they could cut it short and then wax it. It would probably hurt, less hahaha.

    My mom has been waxing her upper lip and eyebrows since she was in her 20s and they don't grow back anymore. Just barely.
  5. alicat

    alicat Guest

    i would really hope not! i know continuous pulling does cause probs, though.
  6. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    It would take a really long time to cause permanent damage. Years.
  7. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I hope so, I wore mini pigtails yesterday.
  8. angie,
    i am not sure if they waxed hair back then in ancient egypt .

    i know that continual waxing over an extended period of time can reduce hair thickness and eventually remove the hair so it doesn't grow back.

    my ex-husband, the one i mentioned to you who transitioned from male to female, has waxed her eyebrows for years, even when she was a he, before he transitioned to being a female.
    ............. when i was married to her, when she was still a man, we would go together to the same beauty salon, and she would get her long blonde hair trimmed, deep conditioned, or colored, and get her nails and eyebrows done, and i would get a facial for my head and face, and get my nails done, and sometimes my makeup professionally applied.
    my ex-husband's eyebrows are permanently slender and elegent as a result of years of waxing them. she barely has to wax them these days, only once in awhile.

    because of the estrogen she is taking, her facial feminization surgery, and other feminization surgeries, she is very feminine, and has been made into a beautiful lady, and her eyebrows also look beautiful on her.
    she looks so feminine and ladylike, you would never guess she was once a man. no one knows unless she tells them she was once a man, which she usually doesn't do.
    she has become quite a beautiful lady, and she is happy with her handsome man, living as a lady, so good for her.
    we are these days best girlfriends.
    i accept her for who she is, and she accepts me.
    and i found a new handsome husband who is wonderful with my children, and we got married and he adopted my kids.
    so it worked out fine for both my ex-husband and myself.

    a good lady friend of mine named monique has also waxed her eyebrows for years, with the same results as my ex-husband.
    her eyebrows are slender and elegent.
    she is a very beautiful feminine lady with beautiful eyebrows.
    monique is the friend of mine who even though she has a full head of hair, sometimes shaves her head and wears the bald look.
    these days she is wearing her hair in a cute short style, but she told me she might shave her head smooth and bald again soon.
    her man likes her with a shaved smooth head. and she looks good in the bald look; she is petite, she is pretty, and she has the feminine features for it.
  9. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    My eyebrows are still growing thick and I've been waxing them since I was 8. Probaby from PCOS. Same thing with my upper lip.

    I got my makeup professionaly done twice last week. This lady does it for free for me because she likes me. :)
  10. for free? what fun!
  11. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Lol, I lost track of time the second time when I was getting it done during my break and I accidentally took an extra half hour.
  12. BahrainF16

    BahrainF16 Guest

    Hi ,, my name is Nora. its my first time to post here ,, i've been suffering from trichotillomania for more than 15years,,, i am 28years old ,, i live in the middle east and i tried every way to stop but i still cant,, last year i visited lucinda ellery salon , i wasnt sure if its gonna help or not but i wanted to try those system they use to cover the scalp ,, and the begining it helped but after 6weeks it was open and i had to go back to london,, but i live in the middle east and its not easy to just go to london every now and then ,, i was adjusting my interlace system in my country but they were using those clips than harmed my hair and i lost lots of more hair i went back to london to put the interlace ssytem and hope i can try to find someone who can fix it everynow and then somewehre closer than london ,, i feel sorry for myself i tried so many ways and still i cant stop,, i know its wrong and its disgusting but its not in my hands !!! now i am in switzerland with my family and the interlace ssytem started to open and i cant go back to london ,, its very difficult ,, can anyone help me here to tighten the interlace system !?! is there any other person who share the same problem ? any advice?
  13. aries

    aries Guest

    Do you pull at night? You could try wearing gloves to bed. Also, maybe grow your finger nails long. What about play-doh or silly putty to keep your hands busy when you are watching t.v. or having quite time.
  14. julielou

    julielou Guest

    Hello Nora, I was reading your post and something came to mind, I don't know if you've heard of kinesiology - very simply it's a system in which specific muscles of the body are tested in order to provide information about physical and emotional states and this then enables imbalances to be corrected. I know one practioner in the UK who has had alot of success treating phobias, fears and behavioural issues with kinesiology. It can also be used for allergy testing.

    I've had it myself .... all your muscles are balanced by the practitioner and then they get you to think about the situation, feeling or behaviour that is the problem, they retest a muscle to identify the energy location and then correct it using pressure points on the body. Sounds weird, I know, but one minute I had this absolute terror about a situation and the next minute GONE and it's never come back in over 15 years.

    Not sure whether it's something available in the Middle East but I'd have thought you should be able to find someone in Switzerland. I can't remember the name of the chap I saw in the UK .... it may come to me if you're interested.
  15. BahrainF16

    BahrainF16 Guest

    hi there thanks all for your reply,, its so nice of you ,, but i am not sure if you had trichotillomania and kinesiology helped you ? what i really need now is to find someone who has lucinda ellery experience and can fix my interlace system here in bahrain? i cant go to london and no one here know to fix it ... its a mess ! and its not easy to find someone to help me in my situation ,, any help ? thank You

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