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Hair regrowth in crown?

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by cate24, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. cate24

    cate24 Guest

    Hi ladies,

    I've been treating my Androgenetic Alopecia with 5% minoxidil and Spironolactone for about 8 months now and I have been seeing some regrowth around my hair line and top of my head, but I'm not having much luck with the crown area.

    After the minoxidil shed my crown REALLY thinned out to the point where if some of the strands move you can see the zig zag where all my different hair partings meet at the back. I'm now considering a concealer like Nanogen or Toppik for the first time.

    I wanted to see if anyone has experienced their crown area going back to normal, or if anyone has had any regrowth in that area?

    If so, what kind of treatments are you using?

    And if not, does anyone know why this area is so bloody stubborn to minoxidil / regrowth?

    Thank you ladies for reading x
  2. tcat

    tcat Guest

    I wish I knew -- that is where my loss is being stubborn right now too. I have been off of minoxidil for about a year, and went at my hair loss from a deficiency angle; I am one of those for whom minoxidi did not work. I thought it would because I shed so badly when I started it, but that is all that happened. And after about a year I gradually stopped. What I have thought though with the regrowth I have is that maybe we can easily see the regrowth in the temples, hair line, and top with mirrors and lighting, but we can't really know if regrowth is happening on the vertex until a lot of it pushes the part back together. I can see little hairs all the way to the back of my crown, so I'm just trying to be patient. Good luck!!
  3. cate24

    cate24 Guest

    Thanks for your reply. Do you have more regrowth since stopping minoxidil? I'm thinking stopping as well. I just passed the year mark and although I thought it might have been working for a while, I've just started a second minoxidil shed it seems. It's freaking me out and making me want to stop altogether. Am just wondering if most of your regrowth happened while on minoxidil or after you stopped..


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