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Hair Replacement Systems

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by lone star, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. lone star

    lone star Guest

    I am really interested in hearing from other women who have had (or are considering) hair replacement systems. I have plenty of information to share if someone is thinking about going this route.....and I would be happy to hear of others experiences as well.
  2. I had a hair integration system for about 3 months. Basically, I had a topper sewn into a braid of my own hair with more of my own hair pulled through the webbing. I don't recommend going this route. It was hard to wash my own hair under the webbing, and my hair was damaged as a result. The itchiness of my scalp increased alot. When I went in for a maintenance appointment (they take it off and wash your hair and put it back on), my scalp burned when they ran regular water over it. And that was after only about 5 weeks of wearing the piece. My own hair also become somewhat matted under the webbing.

    I would recommend a regular topper that you take off at night and to wash your hair. I had two of those, and they worked well until my really sensitive scalp become too sore for the clips.

  3. lone star

    lone star Guest

    Do you mind my asking what you're doing with you hair since the integration systems?
  4. After I had the integration system taken off, I had clips put on it and wore it as a topper for a while. Then I got another topper. But the clips on the toppers made scalp sore, because I have a very sensitive scalp from my Androgenetic Alopecia. So now I just go natural and do the comb-over thing. Most days the only really bad part of my hairdo is at the part line and on the very top of my head. And of course I comb over a huge amount of hair. I worry about people noticing how thin it is, but its so much more comfortable just going natural.

  5. lone star

    lone star Guest

    hi Kelly, I know what you mean. For comfort, nothing beats going natural. I have Androgenetic Alopecia as well. I went the wig route, and then the hair systems route (full cap)-----everything is uncomfortable.

    If you're interested you can read about my experience with the hair replacement people on haircountry.com (see: texas) I have also found a number of other women who experienced similar ordeals. Lately, all posts regarding negative experiences with this supplier have disappeared from hairsite.com (they are a major advertiser on hairsite-----who knows, maybe they own it by now).

    I went back to a wig for the most part. But I'm getting up the nerve to go natural (shaved head). I had to shave for the full cap system, but you know, it was almost a relief since my hair was beyond thin on top and temples, and shaving it felt like a sort of freedom. So I have continued to shave it and I don't have to worry about hair getting loose from under my wig. Now I go Alopecia Universalis naturale (just my head) around the house all the time and really feel free and am thinking: what do I care what people think? I think that may be true freedom.
  6. teester

    teester Guest

    Can I ask do you live alone or do have a family? My family have told me they would have a hard time dealing with my bald noggin.
  7. lone star

    lone star Guest

    Hi Tina----yes I do live alone. I can understand how difficult it would be without the support of your family. I am just soooo tired of "faking it". For me the wigs and systems are extremely uncomfortable. The wig is so much easier than dealing with taping the system on and then having to remove it, cleaning the tape off my head and the system----babying the damn thing. I really am not happy with the results either. I just don't think either looks that natural, despite the thousands of $$$$ I spent.

    I am ready to go public with my pate and not spend energy on the worrying---about my hair, about what others think----I am really ready for that.

    May I ask you if you are currently wearing a system? and, if so, what kind?
  8. teester

    teester Guest

    No I am not currently wearing a system. I have discussed with my family about when I do that I may not have any hair underneath and asked would they be comfortable with my bald head around the house. They suggested a scarf. Needless to say we don't have these kinds of conversations anymore. The time will come and we will all just deal. I do want to shave all my hair off. I do want it to become trendy and normal for woman to have that option, just like the man :) .
  9. Pumpkin Pie

    Pumpkin Pie Guest

    Hi , I am too trying to decide what way to go at the monemt I am Alopecia Universalis naturel and trying to cover my cown by the flick over! you can see though my hair to my scalp regardless.

    I am not getting much luck, cant decide what is best topper, wig or bonding system. The topper I cant manage to attach and make it look natural the wig dosent feel natural around my ears and my back hair keeps falling out. So all that is left is the bonding system but that scares the heck out of me.

    I want to do something, as my head makes me hide away and not go outside in case of wind rain etc..
    I do work but stay in the building through my lunch , always! :oops: :!:
    It would be nice to abe to get out but I cant.

  10. lone star

    lone star Guest

    hi Tina----I agree wholeheartedly and I believe there will come a day when it is just as accepted for women to shave their heads as it is for men---but pretty far in the future.

    It's sad that so much cultural emphasis is placed on hair---especially women's hair. When I had great hair, I didn't think about it at all. When I started to lose it, it became an obsession.

    hi Sarahx---
    I don't know if "bonding system" is identical to "hair replacement system"-----probably is----with my hair replacement system* I "bonded" it to my head via the tape method rather than the glue method. Glue was too messy, created too many problems. After a couple of months, I finally got it down to an "almost" science for ease and speed. However I was still unhappy with the quality of the hair and the discomfort and the fact that I would still feel self-conscious (as I do with the wig---and will probably feel self-conscious, at least initially, as a shaved-head woman out in the world)

    You bring up another really important point that I had completely forgotten to mention. The Wind. The evil wind! I thought once I got a hair replacement system that I would be free of this particular worry, but no, not at all. Not if I wanted to avoid using lots of products and spray on it. I was never someone who was comfortable with gels, mousses, sprays, etc.----though I did try them and it just made styling my system more difficult the following day. So I frequently stayed inside. I just couldn't deal with that any longer.

    *for more info on my experiences with hair replacement systems and the supplier who is touted as the "best" see my posts at haircountry.com

    search: texas
    also search: new york--woman
    also search: farrell

    The way I feel about any product/service:

    I really want to pay attention to the complaints. Most people who don't like some product/service they've received don't take the time or make the effort to complain. That is why the companies providing poor quality services/goods stay in business and often thrive. That's why they can even offer money back guarantees and still thrive. Most people don't bother asking for a refund or other restitution.

    While some positive posts may be genuine---how do I know? Suppliers monitor them and pepper the posts with their own comments that appear to be from consumers.

    What I do know is that a negative comment is going to make me think really hard about the matter because it has a basis not founded in greed.

    Just thinking out loud,
    Lone Star
  11. If the hair loss on top of my head gets alot worse, I will probably go back to my topper. I did spend alot of money on both hair pieces, so I would try to use those first. My big tip for anyone shopping for hair pieces is to not take any attitude from the salespeople/stylists, and to insist on seeing the finished piece before paying for it. Although most places make you pay half before they will even place the order.
  12. lone star

    lone star Guest

    Hi Kelly---good tips! I would add to ask them about their customer satisfaction policy. Is it in writing?

    When I went to Farrell's I didn't do this and found out only after I had placed the order and was making a 50% deposit that their policy was quite limited.
  13. There's usually some kind of policy in writing.
  14. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Lone Star I read your comments re Farrell they sound terrible and what rip offs they are ... I went to see a farrell consultant in London (UK) and he was practiacally forcing me to cough up £2000 up front without seeing anything he even went on about my hair loss and what was happen I said to hin I was entirely aware of what my situation was !!! Terrible experience and Iwould never set foot in a Farrell salon again ...

    Can I ask if your peice covered your hairline ?? that is my problem ... I am looking into this option but I am seeing a local lady here rather than a big company whom I have full faith in. I just cannot see how a hairline can be replicated to look realistic mine would need to cover the temples !
  15. lone star

    lone star Guest

    hi Sally---

    yes, the sales pitch at Farrells is very heavy-handed. When I was there for my initial consultation they really convinced me that they were compassionate, trustworthy, and expert.

    Boy, did I get it wrong. I really kicked myself over that for some time. But, you know----I am probably not alone in knowing that as deperate as I was feeling, as much as I needed someone to say "we understand, we'll take care of you, you won't be sorry, you'll love the systems, you'll love how you look in it"-----it was so easy for me to be convinced because I wanted it so badly.

    To answer your question about the system hairline----it is a fine mesh (they call it "lace") that is supposed to match your skin tone. Obviously there are many many more skin tone possibilites than there are lace options, so they pick one that is close. (Keep in mind that our skin tone can change slightly throughout the day---so that can be a problem----because the farther it gets away from the same color of the lace, the more obvious it becomes)----

    The hair is tied to the lace in a rather realistic growing pattern around the hairlline----that is not the problem; the problem, as I see it, is that the lace itself is visible to the naked eye in bright lighting. I found myself trying to always position myself with the light to my back so that if I was facing someone, my hairline would be in shadow, and therefore, hopefully not visible. Maybe it is just me, but I don't think that was a pleasant way to live.

    Additionally, the tape can shine through the lace----oh, and who has a shiny adhesive look around their hairline? This is natural?

    I truly believe, comfort, cost, hair quality,* and maintenance aside, that only if someone has a long hair style with full bangs, so that no hairline is visible, will they feel confident in one of these systems. If Farrell is supposed to be the "best" I would hate to see who came in second place.

    *Since you read my posts on haircountry.com, you know that I was very dissatisfied with the hair quality and why.

    I am wishing you well.
  16. OMG

    OMG Guest

    Hmmm, seems I have to go this route. Are there any more tips or any other oddities we should know about? On a windy day, I hope the system doesn't fly off. :shock:
  17. My topper never came off in the wind. It did look really fake wet though, so I had to be very careful when it was raining. Just be wary of anyone claiming to have the "perfect" solution. There isn't one.

  18. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Sally, this is an old post, but I am really interested in hearing your experience of Farrell in the Uk if it possible to e mail me. I may not respond immedeatly as I'm in the States for a break with my family.

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