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Hair transplant

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants for Women' started by moviegirl, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. moviegirl

    moviegirl Guest

    Hi everyone. After 6 yrs. of looking at thinning hair and tired of trying to conceal it, I decided a hair transplant was the way to go. I flew to NYC and a doctor with a great reputation was recommended. It took about 5 or so hours for this transplant to be done. If anyone has questions about this, I'd be happy to answer your questions. It was done Aug. 2004 and takes 9 months to see the results.
  2. Spudsy35

    Spudsy35 Guest

    A few questions:-

    Was it sore?
    How much did it cost?
    Were u put to sleep?
    How much hair did u have initially prior to transplant?

    Thanks. :D
  3. Zannie

    Zannie Guest


    Any pics!!! I would LOVE to see the results!!! :D
  4. Miss My Hair

    Miss My Hair Guest

    Just wondering if you are "seeing" results by now.... or still waiting? And what kind of results are you having? Also, was it worth it? Would you recommend this procedure to others?
    "Thank You" for any and all help...
    Miss My Hair
  5. tashabean

    tashabean Guest

    is it true that you lose hair before you grow more?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've just had my hairline "modified" via hair transplant.

    The procedure took 6 hours, you're wide awake during the procedure, but thorougly numbed.

    There is very little pain at all, just minor discomfort. Most of the newly tranplanted hair will fall out after the procedure then grow again during the next 3 to 12 months.

  7. treleno

    treleno Guest

    Hi Moviegirl,
    NOw that you're several months past your transplant, can you tell us about any progress you see? I had one several years ago and didn't have enough grafts done, so I got no results. But I just went for a consult for another one with a respected and referred NY doctor who said I am a good candidate. I'm just not sure I'm ready to take the plunge again. Please let us know if you got satisfactory results.
  8. mscalloway

    mscalloway Guest


    I'm considering a hair transplant and was wondering how many grafts you had done, since you said it was not enough?

    Also, was it painful after the anesthesia wears off? Was it hard to wash your hair afterwards. Finally did people notice that you had an operation right after and did you suffer from shock loss?
  9. ava

    ava Guest

    transplant update

    Hi, just thought I'd post an update for those curious about transplants. I had mine on July 19. The hair on top around the transplant area got more brittle afterwords, I guess from shock, and I did lose some. It has been two months, and I see no regrowth yet. I'm wearing a hairpiece in the meantime to cover, no tape or glue or front clips. The back where they took the donor hair is still quite sore. If anyone else has transplant updates, I'd appreciate hearing. I wish I had some regrowth to report, but nothing that I can see so far.
  10. ava

    ava Guest

    Excuse me???? Rat, did you say your name was?

    Excuse me, dear Rat, but I posted in the spirit of sharing my experience with a transplant and looking to compare notes with others who have gone this route. This IS the "surgical alternatives" section, is it not? Was there some point to your oblique reply and frown? I needed your two cents worth of nothing like a hole in the head; I thought this was supposed to be a support group.
  11. treleno

    treleno Guest

    Reply to mscalloway

    Tp mscalloway: Sorry I didn't see your questions earlier. I only had 400 grafts which the new surgeon I just went to for a consult said was probably a waste of time, which is was. He recommended 1500 based on my needs.
    Regarding the past surgery, I don't remember ever really being in pain. The incision was alittle sore to sleep on that 1st night, but that's about it. There was quite a bit of forehead swelling the first night and into the 2nd day but they warn you of that. I looked like herman munster but it went down after icing. I went to work 6 days later and had enough hair to cover it, with toppik, so it wasn't noticeable to anyone. I'm really considering having it done again by this other doctor who is much more renowned in transplants than the 1st con artist I went to.
  12. gigi

    gigi Guest


    Please don't pay that rat jerk any mind. I do believe he is spamming this site. He had to type something so we would look at his post. If you notice at the bottom of his post there are a couple of links that maybe possibly
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