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Hair up...or hair down?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by kitkatkitkat3, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Hi girls...

    How do you wear your hair - up, or down?

    From what I've read here, it seems lots of you would choose to wear it up - but I have a problem with mine!

    I feel like I have two major problem areas with my hair. The first is right at the front, where my part is wider than normal, so when I tie it back in a pony tail, you can see straight through the front of my thin hair to my scalp. I hate it - especially under bright lights.
    But the other problem area is right at the top of my head, at the back of my part - where again, it's wider and you can see scalp. So having my hair up covers this problem - but having it down makes the front look better!
    Arghh...it's the ultimate dilemma!

    At the moment I wear it down most of the time and up for the gym - unfortunately the changing rooms at the gym have the brightest lights possible so I normally do it as quickly as I can in front of the mirror and then go - not fun!!

    Does anyone else have any style dilemmas like this?
    Or any tips for good styles for hiding thin hair? I'm most self conscious about my part.

    The best thing I know to do at the moment, is to make sure my part is perfectly straight, and then I clip my hair back on one side, so that if it's windy, the part stays where it is and the hair doesn't blow all over the place and end up all wonky - if my part is wonky I find it looks wider! How paranoid?!

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi, welcome to the boards!

    i wear short bob cut wigs, headscarves, or my bald look.
  3. ttc

    ttc Guest

    Have yout tried using Toppik or other scalp concealers? I don't use it all the time but some days I'm really self conscious that my part looks abnormally wide. My thinning is in the front part of my head so I think when I pull it back it looks bad. I usually use one of those little claw type clips if I pull some of it back and kind of pouf it up. I wear it up sometimes but the nape area is thin too and pieces fall down and look messy. I try not to wear styles that pull on my scalp.
  4. No I've never used toppik...is it actually any good? I'm not even sure how it works...
    Also, do they do one for blondes?

    I feel self conscious about my part but my boyfriend and friends say they can't tell any difference - I don't know if they're being polite though, that's the difficult thing with this...I know it's wider though!
  5. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    You can try wearing a low ponytail with your hair parted the way you would usually part it. I have short hair, so I can't put any ponytail at all. Haha.
  6. Mirkin

    Mirkin Guest

    I wear my hair pulled away from face with a scarf or I wear it up. I shed so I wear it up a lot. I also wear wigs a lot now. I love them. My hair never looked as good as my wig. If it continues to fall I will cut it or go for the bald look. :punk:
  7. moco

    moco Guest

    It sounds like your hair loss is in the same places as mine. I wear my hair down but split at the side so my thinning is covered at the top. I find it works quite well.
  8. I wear my part at the side sometimes too - but generally I think the centre part looks better on me...I'm not sure why, the side part almost looks even wider!!

    The other thing I do to make my hair fuller when it's down is to work a bit of magic with my straighteners! I use them to add waves into my hair - I'm a bit of a pro at it now! My hair is naturally wavy anyway - but quite messy waves! These ones are neater!

    I also recently discovered Bed Head Tigi Shampoo and Conditioner for thick massive hair - it is really good!! I recommend it to all of you - pricier than normal brands, but worth it for me. It smells lovely, and it makes my hair look thicker. My boyfriend saw me after washing it the other day - he didn't know I'd used a new shampoo/conditioner and actually commented that my hair was looking thicker.

  9. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    When I wear my hair up, the hairline looks crappy and jagged, with hairs sticking up. If I wear it down, you can see my wide part and its flat.
  10. ttc

    ttc Guest

    BH...you and me both!!
  11. :( Sorry...that must be really annoying - I guess I'm lucky I can do something with it, though it does take time and work...

    Bunnyheather..how wide is your part? If you don't mind me asking..
  12. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I have to wear mine down. If I tie it back, it makes my side balding more obvious. Wearing it down allows for more coverage of my sides.

    When I get a gorgeous wig I won't have to worry about how my hair moves. Woo hoo! :)
  13. alicat

    alicat Guest


    I don't even wanna think about how wide my part is...
  14. Aww alicat..I bet your part isn't as wide as you think - or at least, I bet other people don't notice it as much as you do..I know that's the case with me.
    Are you thinking about getting a wig then? Before I saw this site the thought of it absolutely terrified me, but now that I've seen how amazing some of these women look with toppers or wigs on, I realise that if my hair did get bad enough to need one, it wouldn't be the end of the world...
  15. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Yep I'm totally getting a wig in the near future. I have to do my research first, though.
    I was terrified of a wig before this site too. I thought that if I never grew my OWN hair that it was the end of the world. Now, I'm excited of the thought of a wig. I want to look NORMAL when I go out. Heck, what is normal anyway?? I just want HAIR!
  16. Do you know what's causing your hairloss Alicat? Or are you stuck for answers?
    What I hate about mine is that they said - yes, your ferritin is low, take supplements and that should help - but I keep thinking - well what if it isn't that?! What if I spend a year taking iron supplements and then nothing improves and I've lost year I could have spent working out what the problem really was!
    I've also developed an awful habit of looking at the top of my head by standing with my back to a mirror and using another mirror to see the top - argh it looks awful, I can see so much scalp. The thing is - I never did this before I started noticing hair, so I wonder if it was like that all along?!
    Who knows!
  17. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Oh boy. It could be a so many different things, really. I have (had) low ferritin, PCOS, hypothyroidism (auto-immune)....I barely ate protein for the past 10 years, poor diet etc.

    I am stumped. I haven't seen a girl my age (28) with hair loss this bad. I am being truthful...it's bad. :(

    I wonder if my hair loss was this bad for a long time too. Oh no!!! In September I got out the mirrors and checked my scalp all the time. I can't do this anymore, though. I stopped looking at my scalp because it only upsets me and makes me cry.

    I totally know what you mean about losing a whole year by focusing on one thing. They are currently focusing on my thyroid, but what if it's something else???

    I have decided I'm getting a wig so I won't worry or care so much if my hair comes back.
  18. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    kit kat

    well, when the light hits the sides of my head the part is about 2 inches wide and that is when I want to cry. In regular light its about 1 inch wide. but I am also thinning along the sides of the part so when light hits it, it looks a lot worse and kinda bald along the line.
    I am still waiting for the freaking meds to start working!!

    I am so sorry you are going through this. Mine could be as bad as yours within any amount of time, ya know? We just dont know how fast it will go or to what extent it will go to. I wish the best for you and I am glad you have a hubbie that loves you no matter what!!
    I wish one of you lived close cuz I would go wig shopping with you...
  19. Alicat - sounds like it's really hard to work out what's causing yours and that must be so frustrating - but it seems like you're coming around to the idea of a wig - and that must be a better place to be.

    Bunnyheather - could you get a topper or something to cover your part? Do you think it will get better? I do wish I had someone closeby, like a friend who knew what it feels like to have this happen to you. Where do you live anyway? I very much doubt London is anywhere near you!

  20. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    kit kat

    I thought about a topper but I dont want anything bonded to my head.
    Also, my hair isnt bad enough YET to HAVE to cover up. I mean, to me its bad but I think if I were to get a wig or topper right now my friends would think I was weird. But maybe not? Maybe they see how bad it is like I do.......

    I dont think Id ever have anything bonded to my head. Id go for a wig first. I shower every day and that would be hard on a bonded peice.

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