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Has anyone heard of Viviscal?

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Lina, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Lina

    Lina Guest

    Hi there people..
    I was wondering if anyone of you has heard or even tried Viviscal? I've found so many testimonials online on how this treatment actually grows hair. I'm not sure whether I should believe them or not. I've also seen this treatment's adds in several well known magazines. To tell you the truth I've lost hope in any treatment out there. I realized that its all just commercial..we live in such a materialistic world nowadays. All they care about is selling those products for the sake of money even if it could cause harm to people. Take a look at the site you guys..http://www.viviscal.com/studies.htm Let me know what you think please. I could talk for days about all the treatments that ive tried..with no satisfying results obviously. I'm currently wearing extensions although I've sheded so muchhhhhhh because of them. I cried like hell the other day I was so shocked after I had to remove the old ones to add the new ones. My hair looked even worse than ever. I'm so worried that I might lose all my hair because of those extensions but at the same time I can not be with out them. I look horrible. Aghhh....the agony that I've been going through. I bet you all have the same feeling.
    I'll be waiting for your kind interaction.
    Take care you guys...
  2. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    I have been taking Viviscal since September. My shedding really tapered off some time in October. I don't know if my TE stopped because it was time, or because of the Viviscal. In any case, I am still taking it.

    I also have extensions. My stylists cuts each extension in half. So far, I have had them done over twice and I don't see any damage. How many extensions do you have?
  3. Lina

    Lina Guest

    Hi there tbacchi
    Thanks alot for your reply. Please keep me posted with the viviscal results because I'm thinking of taking the treatment. Are you taking the oral treatment or just the external treatment?
    I have around 150 extensions, my stylist also cuts each extension into half. Since I was so depressed after removing my old extensions this time and seeing how much I've lost hair, my stylist did a great job this time. My hair looks fuller but I'm still worried about my hair. I'm worried that I might lose more hair when I have them done them over. How many extensions do you have?

    Anyways take care now.
  4. teester

    teester Guest

    We had a few theads before we got hacked. Aussiegirl comes to mind. She liked it. About 3-4 months ago Dateline did a deal on hairloss and tx. They had I think 5 or 6 guys all doing different tx. One doing Rogain, one propecia another Viviscal... anyway they said they would do a follow up in about 6 months. I have also heard if you have allergies to shell fish you may want to stay away from it as it contains some marine life or shellfish.

    Good luck.
  5. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    Hi Lina,
    I only have 25 extensions in my hair. I wanted to keep them at a minimum. The top of my head looks so flat. I wish I could get some volume up there.

    I only take the Vivscal tablets. I have never tried the other products.

    Where do you live? Where do you have your extensions done?
  6. Tinka

    Tinka Guest

    Viviscal may be helping me. I say this because I quit taking it for about five days out of sheer laziness and my shed went WAY up. I definitely noticed shedding about 40-50 a day instead of the 10-20 I was seeing. So today I gobbled down about 3 tablets.
  7. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    My count went down to the same as yours. Most days I loose between 10-20 hairs. Although, last night I had some sangria, and my count went a little over 20. Eeeeek. I know I should be grateful, because I remember those days of 200+ hairs coming out in my comb.
  8. Lina

    Lina Guest

    I live in The United Arab Emirates- Dubai. I'm not sure if you've heard of it. I know how you feel, the top of my head is also flat and I hate it. I also have oily hair which makes matters worse. Its impossible to add extensions to the top of your head, they'll show big time. :(

    Teester & Tinka, I was wondering if you've noticed any new growth to your hair other than the decrease in shedding? Does your hair feel healthier? Could you please enlighten me with all the pros and cons that you've faced using these tablets?
  9. Tinka

    Tinka Guest

    No regrowth as of yet, at least nothing that I can attribute solely to the Viviscal as I am using a plethora of stuff.

    I do know it makes my skin SO MUCH better as during my 5 day vacation my face erupted like Mt. Saint Helens and since using Viviscal I had been spot-free.

    Cons: Too bloody expensive.

    Pros: Better skin, less shed, possible regrowth?

    Worth a try.
  10. moviegirl

    moviegirl Guest



    I had a hair transplant in Aug. ' 04 and plan on having #2 done later this year. When I saw my doctor--www.walterunger.com--he recommended his patients to stop taking Vitamin E before the surgery(can cause more bleeding). I am 41 yrs. old and had never been a vitamin person. Before the surgery when combing my hair, several strands would come out.
    When I returned home after the surgery I decided to be pro-active
    and read articles/books that could help in the process. I have been taking several vitamins like Biotin, B6,B12,Flax Seed Oil and the like. Viviscal has been reported to show increased hair growth. Bottom line for me is I don't like waiting around and I take 2 Viviscal tablets a day. I have noticed less hair shedding when combing my wet hair. :) With Viviscal and the other vitamins I notice my nails seem stronger and I believe my hair looks healthier. I think you need to take 2 Viviscal tablets a day for 6 to months and then just take one a day after that. Hope this helps!
  11. gumdrops

    gumdrops Guest

    Hi Lina, I used to be an active poster on this board before it was hacked. My shed started in Mid April of 04 and I panicked like most of the ladies who experienced massive shedding. Anyway I've tried so many things like laser treatment, vitamins & etc. To me, I think Viviscal helped my shedding stopped. I started taking Viviscal in Mid July last year and by the end of August I noticed that my shedding decreases dramatically. It improved my hair's texture and my nails are stronger. I'm still taking them 2pills/day. I have not seen regrowth as of yet but my hair feels fuller though and it just feels good not to see my hair all over the house,

    Oh, I just remember, it's the one year anniversary of my shed. :roll: :roll:

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