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Heart broken for my daughter

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by Leigh Ann, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann Guest

    I'm actually on here because I don't know where else to go. My daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was 10 yrs old, and has had on and off again mild episodes since. They have always rectified themselves. She is now 15 and about a week ago started the worst Alopecia "event" she has had thus far. Her hair is coming out by the handfuls, falling down her back just when she walks around. She started the topical treatment right away, but nothing seems to be stopping it. The hairloss is now noticeable, and difficult for her to hide. She has spent the last week crying almost nonstop, she of course fears that she is experiencing the start of Totalis. I feel so completely helpless. She is fearful of her boyfriend breaking up with her, friends rejecting her, etc... As an adult I can rationalize all her fears, but as a 15 year old she is unable to put things in perspective.

    I'm not sure what to do next. Any advice is appreciated.

    1. I've called the doctor about pursuing injections. (Of course he hasn't called back yet.)
    2. We will quickly be in need of some type of wigs, extensions, or something. However, since her hair is actively falling out I am unsure what to look into.
    3. My daughter is most interested in the "bonded" hair, like from Apollo. She is very active, obviously a busy teenager, and competitive cheerleader. Any suggestions as to a good company, or if this is a good option. (We live near Raleigh, NC)

    Thank you so much for your help, I would do anything to ease the emotional trauma she is experiencing right now.
  2. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Welcome Leigh Ann,
    I'm so sorry to hear about the agressive bout of Alopecia Areata you daughter is having at this time. My heart goes out to both of you.:grouphug:

    Injections may promote some regrowth but unfortunately they do not prevent new patches from developing. Very frustrating and disheartening not to have a sure cure. However, the positive news is that Alopecia Areata often goes into spontaneous remission on it's own as your daughter has had happen in the past.

    There are different options available for supplemental hair nowadays. Extensions, toppers or bonded wigs as you mentioned. The choices you make will depend on your daughter's loss.

    I'm going to leave you with some links. One is for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation which is a wonderful resource and support for those of us with Alopecia Areata and our families. They also have a marketplace for products for people with Alopecia Areata.



    The other link I want to share is for the Freedom vacuum wigs site. A wonderful option.


    Big hugs to you and your daughter,
  3. Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann Guest

    Thank you so much for the information. It's very overwhelming and confusing, but we will keep working at it. Tomorrow my daughter goes in for the shots, we are praying for good results, but are realistic. This site has been invaluable to me!
  4. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Really sorry to read of yours daughter Alopecia Areata. My mum was my life saver during my hair loss in my teens and continues to be to this day. We are very open about the emotional stuff from both sides and I know this has affected her as much as me, hard to watch your child going through this but I am sure with your loving support she will come out the other side, it just takes time.

    :love: to both of you I hope the treatment works

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