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Hello! and help with differnent types of yaffa hair

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by mkp, May 9, 2011.

  1. mkp

    mkp New Member

    May 9, 2011
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    Hello everyone! Newbie here---
    I have fine but beautifully colored and shiny hair that has slowly thinned over the years; worsened by lower and side alopecia from extension nightmares, and now in my early 40's probably accelerated due to age and hypothyroidism. I am a medical provider and read most "legitimate and statistically sound" research available, unfortunately there just isn't a cure for my issue out there. My mom is mega thin and perhaps, this is my destiny.

    I stumbled on to this site because I am struggling with wig issues now. Nightmare on the first two I bought and out thousands of dollars now even after going to someone who was supposed to be an expert at hair replacement. And what makes it worse, is I am single and dating!!!! Embarrassing.
    Regarding wigs...wow,what a tornado of information out there. Kudos to all of you wonderful people on here for helping each other with honest information.
    I was wondering, does anyone know specifically about the different types of hair yaffa wigs has? They have virgin european hair (I know what that is) but they also have something called eurohair and euroflash?
    I would appreciate any input
    Thank you!
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Generally if hair is not listed as virgin remy/cuticle hair (and even then, we are taking a vendor's word that it is truly virgin and cuticle aligned), then I assume it is processed in some way. The degree of processing varies and I can usually gauge it by the price of the item. Mild processing such as someone dyeing their hair at a salon or at home, would be okay by me, but heavy processing to strip the cuticle/make the strands of hair appear European-like etc., I would not be willing to pay much for because I know it is less likely to behave well and will not last a long time.

    Eurohair is a type of processed hair... however, I have never heard of Euroflash! It's confusing when a company uses a "made-up" term and doesn't actually explain what it means. I think your best bet would be to email or call Yaffa and directly ask them about that one.
  3. askalice

    askalice Established Member

    Mar 3, 2009
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    Hi there-welcome to the wig world. I think euroflash is just the name of one of their styles in Eurohair-but how confusing.

    But the previous poster was right that going by price is a good idea.

    There are also some long good explanations of what kind of things are done to hair to get it ready for wigs-but I can't remember the link right now.

    If you get an expensive eurohair wig, (some other companies have names like Eurotexture) then it is probably hair where each shaft has been made thinner, but then the cuticle will be gone -so it is non Remy. Or where the wig is fairly expensive,it may be European hair mixed with this eurohair to try to add some softness and flow and movement-Asian hair that has been stripped of its cuticle is not very soft to the touch etc etc.

    -but a high price will also indicate that probably the top is not only a multi directional mono but that it has been made with a realistic part line-with the appearance of a scalp-but check on this for sure, if it is important to you.

    so there is the cap/part issue and the quality of hair issue.

    I don't think of Yaffas as wigs for someone whose bio hair was fine-so wondering why you are going in this direction. I think Yaffas have lots of hair-or density.If you buy a Eurohair Yaffa you should definitely try it on at home, and see if the feel and flow is okay.

    some people who have straight bio hair prefer a wig made from non European hair but with the cuticle still intact-I wonder if any of Yaffas wigs fall into that category.

    You don't mention the other companies that you have ordered mistakes from-but I wonder if they were European hair but too dense and thick-or maybe not true European hair.

    If you don't wear dark dark brown or black, then you need a wig that has been colored - I think I would trust a company like Yaffa to color a wig more than some-so if you look at the specs for some of the wigs under the listing of virgin European, you will notice that they also say that the light colors have been colored-I think that would be fine, and at least they are being specific and honest, even though that hair is not still "virgin".

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