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  1. starryVA

    starryVA Guest

    Whoa, are you kidding me?


    Thanks Admin for hanging in there and holding it down for all of us. And thanks to everyone who's coming back to re-register. I think that means a lot to all of us. Those suckers can just kiss it (the hackers that is)

    Depressed, I was on vacation and been superbusy, I've been meaning to get back to you forever!! I'm writing you tomorrow!

    Vagirl and Miamigirl, thanks for sharing your photos. Honest to God, I feel that your hair suits both of you and look very natural.

    Vagirl, I don't think that the bangs look bad at all, it goes with the rest of the cut, but like other people have suggested, if you don't like curled bangs you could just flatten them and style to the side...might have to get it cut/styled some so that they stay out of your eyes...hmm, kind of like the dark haired girl or the red headed woman on the O.C. But anyways, when comparing to your before and after pictures, the hair is a super great match!

    Miamigirl, I remember that you don't like having bangs so I'm happy you found a way to make that work. The color is absolutely gorgeous, especially the sunlight picture. Which pictures shows the color more exactly? The length and style is very similar to what I'd like for myself. I know what you mean about the part, but even in sunlight someone would probably have to be both very close and focusing attention on it to notice something is up. Easy for me to say, right? I mean, I guess if I felt somebody was looking at my part I'd just casually re-angle my head and bring their attention back to the conversation and they'd probably forget it in an instant and have no idea anyways. I have to tell you though, it's a lot better than having a noticeable rim, bonding may very well be the way to go!! (it lies so flat on your head). Would you be using dermmatch to tighten up your part so less of the mesh shows? I'm not quite sure what you meant by it.

    Piperkitty, Dorothy, Amy, Judy, everyone, etc.:

    Piperkitty, sorry about what happened to your topper, I think I can relate a little bit now....Dorothy, are you still unhappy with yours?

    I got my LF topper the day before my trip. Surprisingly after I washed, dried, and straightened it with a flat iron the hair still managed to curl up, even though it's supposed to be the straightest topper there is. My mom was just supposed to trim the super long pieces on it (a lot of it was longer than its advertised 14 inches) and accidentally cut some pieces that were already the right length. So then she had to cut my hair shorter (which sucked cuz I want my hair longer than 14 inches anyways) and it just turned into a disaster. To make a long story short, I'm just going to give it to my mom b/c she needs a topper also and it matches her hair texture better anyways. I have a somewhat large face so having short thick, wavy hair is unflattering. The color was a tad too light anyways.

    Besides that fiasco, which really sucked by the way because I had a nervous breakdown, I did stick one of the clips in my pants through both Vegas and D.C. security points and it went without a hitch. Plus, my friend's husband ended up coming after all at the last second (stayed in the same room, woohoo! not) so I didn't want to be dealing with a new topper in the same hotel room as a dude. So I guess it worked out? Except I need to come up with money for a new one. Oh well, I will find a way, can't be walking around with my head a big mess.

    I guess I need to be calling Kathy back sooner than I thought, lol.

    So in conclusion, question for you girls...What is the thinnest hair I can purchase (it has to be low-density or able to be wayyyy thinned out) that I can straighten easily, that is black. At first I thought Asian hair was thinner, but now I'm beginning to think EHH is. But how easily can one find black EHH that is not processed? Or is remy wayyy out of my budget. Only got about 300 bucks to spend, if even. Thank goodness my credit card company just increased my limit! I need to save up money to get a custom topper one day.

    Also, I want to know how bad it is to lighten my LF (to match my mom's hair color), will it do too much damage, and will it have to be professionally done?

    And I need a new topper QUICK, but I hate how short my hair is now. But I don't have time to wait for it to grow. Does it look too bad to have a topper that's longer than my own hair? Best case scenario, it won't look bad, and I'll grow my hair out till it's slightly longer than the topper, and repeat the above with a new topper until I have the length I want...

    Whew, did you guys catch all that? Hahaha sorry...and thanks. I will be reposting to heralopecia :wink:
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for being the first to post Starry...

  3. Amy

    Amy Guest


    I am so sorry to hear about your topper fiasco! I would say that Asian hair is the thickest and has a coarse texture. EHH that is unprocessed would probably cost a good amount. I would consider the Juliet and having it thinned. I have heard nothing but great things about it. As far as I know it costs about 350.00 Kathy could probably send you one to check the texture. I would think using a flattening iron and some frizz ease would get it pretty straight. As for it being longer than your own hair, I think you could probably get away with it while your own hair grows out. You could even wear it up in a ponytail or just twisted with a clip to hide the fact that the top is longer. Will you cut in bangs? Keep us posted and good luck!

  4. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    do you not like the LF topper?
    I was thinking of getting a 2nd and consdidering it......
    I don't care it if is stick straight , so would it be a good option as far as it looking natural? and not poufy?
  5. KY girl

    KY girl Guest

    Hi VA- How is the Juliet coming along? I sent in my order this past week. Are you having any problems with it or still relatively happy?

    If you are looking for a CHEAP custom topper, have you looked into Toplace? I placed an order from them for a custom topper and the total was like $255 with 16 inch hair. Best of all, it has a money back guarantee.
  6. starryVA

    starryVA Guest

    Hello everybody

    Sorry it took so long for me to repost. Gotta warn you this post is loooong!!

    Thanks for the suggestions Amy and KY girl. I definitely think Toplace is worth a shot, but maybe as a back up topper because it'll take about two months, right? Is Toplace better than Onrite for custom toppers?

    Amy and VAgirl, I think I will give Juliet a shot next. The pictures of everyone in their Juliet, (especially your new photo VA girl!) are phenomenal, and I will follow your suggestion Amy and wear it a little longer than my own hair.

    But my new concern is I think I might have too little hair in the front to clip. I don't know if I need more clips to distribute and divide the stress to my hair, or if putting two clips near the front instead of one directly in front would help. Plus, I only have two good toupee clips in (front and back) and the sides are the bad kind.

    But now I'm beginning to think I might have to bond in the front. Eek. Not such a big deal if I kept it bonded for a week/two weeks at a time, but I want to take if off everyday so I can still put stuff on my scalp (until the day they can clone hair!! ;) ). I don't know just how comfortable I'd be with a shaved hairline even if it's just around my family. Plus I think I'm still shying from the idea cuz it's hard to swallow that I'm 22 and having to bond and not even just clip on a topper.

    So I guess a good question is, can you bond any topper to your head (particularly the Juliet) or do you have to buy toppers specifically meant to bond onto your head? And VAgirl, how much of the bangs in your picture is yours and how much is it the topper's? I've noticed my temples are receding a little bit so I have a slight 'widow's peak' I never had before, and I can easily count the hairs right at and behind the widow's peak/front hairline

    VAgirl, to answer your question about the LF, I know some people think the LF is a bit coarse (like Amy said since it's Asian hair), but I actually like the quality. I think, however, it matches best if your original hair was a little thicker in texture. Which mine was ten years ago but it's weird now because my hair has been super baby fine and super stick straight the past ten years. So I need something that feels thinner.

    On me the topper looks slightly poufy because I have a really flat head on top (the best would be for sort of round head...another reason why I wish I had a custom topper) but other than that it's not too much hair. I have it parted to the side so the side with more hair is slightly poufy, I was thinking about thinning it a tiny bit, but it could just be in my head since I'm not used to seeing myself with so much hair.

    Some people complain about the rim and monotop. I think the monotop is pretty good, but there is a noticeable contrast between the rim and the monotop part. I bought some fabric that matches the pale flesh tone that my scalp has. I haven't sewn it in, but I think it erases the difference between the rim and the rest of the monotop part. As for the contrast between the rim and your own natural part you'd have to cut in bangs to hide it, or if you have a thick hairline you can actually blend in your own hair without having to cut bangs.

    I've just realized I don't have enough front hair to blend in with the topper to avoid cutting in bangs, and I'm not going to alter my LF topper anymore because I have no use for it anymore (like I mentioned before my mom cut it too short for me). The color is also too light for me. My mom doesn't need it anymore (she got her hair cut super short). So basically my problems with it are color, length, and style. Dying and styling it would be easy but I can't do anything about the length (depending on where you measure it's almost 12 inches to almost 14 inches in length. I need my topper hair to be 14-16 inches in length).

    I know maybe one or two people that might be interested in it, does anybody else know some people that would be interested in it? (it's darkest brown, so too dark for you VAgirl).

    I paid $225 (got it from Kathy at WS) for the LF 4002 topper, it's been cut approximately 2 inches from original 14 inch length (which still makes it about 2 1/2 inches or so longer than the LF 4001), part is in the left (easily changed), washed twice, straight ironed once, and blow dryed once (always using Pantene shampoo/conditioner/conditioning foam and Ion straightening iron protecting hair spray) and of course would offer it at a good discount. I bought a travel steamer so I could change the part for you as well.

    Anyone interested? I think it will go best with someone that either has a good frontal hairline, or doesn't mind cutting in bangs. Keep in mind it is a low density topper, straight, a little thick in texture but you can style it smooth, darkest brown in color, shortest length is 11 6/8 inches starting from bottom edge of monotop in the back. Monotop is approximately 5 inches in diameter. Once again, a little too small for my big ol head. I will replace all 4 clips with the good clips for your or you could do it yourself.

    To make sure my LF topper wasn't a fluke (I thought it was too wavy for a straight topper) I washed it a second time with Pantene Smooth and Sleek, than applied Pantene conditioning foam, then blow-dryed it with a wide toothed comb (last time I had just air dried it). When it was wet it still curled up a bit but after blow drying it became perfectly straight.

    Thanks to all that read this post and thanks to those who'll respond....I really need to kick my butt into gear on this whole topper thing. Enough is enough already!!!

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