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HELP! - Can i do anything else to get my hair back? (or stop worsening at least)

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by MsMetamorphose, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I'm a 31 yr old female and ive been losing a lot of hair for a few years, but as i had a lot of it ('HAD' being the word!) it wasn't cosmetically noticeable until about a year ago. Since then it has rapidly become more and more noticeable and is now almost impossible to hide.
    I have diffuse thinning (all over the head), but have also been cursed with a receding hairline & temples (like MPB?! - and i already had a high & wide forehead to start with!). Plus the whole top front half of the hair i have left is so thin and straggly.
    I realise now how the hair that frames the face is the MOST important hair on your head - without it i feel plain ugly, especially as a woman. [​IMG]

    Anyhoo, i've been google-researching like crazy ever since i realised that the excessive hairloss i was experiencing was NOT being replaced with new hairs, like id previously presumed..
    These are the products/ingredients/supplements that i've built into my 'Battle Against Hair Loss' regime so far! (please note: I have been gradually adding on to my regimen as i learnt more, item by item, and hence i have only been taking some of these products for a month or two, whilst the rest were started up to 6 months ago.
    I have started to see lots of short, baby-fine regrowth beginning to sparsely fill in my receded temples somewhat, and a few regular-thickness, short hairs popping out slightly below my receded hairline, above centre forehead, below and beside my widows peak (these are very sparse and look somewhat like Homer Simpson's head, but im hoping more will continue to follow).:-

    * NIOXIN SHAMPOO - 1-2x a week {I now use system 4 for noticeably thinning chemically treated hair. I used to use System 2 for noticeably thinning natural/virgin hair. I like both, but prefer System 4 as i find it slightly less drying for some reason}. ... Alternated with .....

    * NIZORAL 2% SHAMPOO - 1-2x a week {I aim to wash my hair every other day, to remove more DHT than my previous 1-2x per week washes. However, as my hair is fine and dry i do sometimes leave 2 days between washes for fear of overdrying the lengths. I'm thinking i should try washing every day, especially as my receded hairline seems to mimic MPB, which i guess means DHT would be the main cause?}.

    * NIOXIN SCALP CONDITIONER - 3-4x a week, applied to scalp-only, every wash.

    * JOICO K-PAK RECONSTRUCTOR - protein treatment 1x per month, to protect and repair remaining hair/lengths.

    * BIOLAGE CONDITIONING BALM / BIOLAGE ULTRA-HYDRATING BALM - 3-4x a week, every wash {Both used interchangeably dependant on how dry my lengths feel. However, i always use the richer Ultra-Hydrating Balm after a protein treatment}.

    * 'CARRIER' OILS: EMU OIL, EVOO, GRAPESEED OIL, 'JAMAICAN BLACK' CASTOR OIL - 4-6x a week {I mix these into the topical treatments below and/or use independantly for regular scalp and length oilings}.

    * AYURVEDIC OILS (with Indian Herbs): MAHABHRINGARAJ (Pune brand), KESAVARDHINI (Concentrate), VATIKA ENRICHED COCONUT (Dabur brand) - 4-6x a week {Vatika for lengths and Mahabhringaraj/Kesavardhini on scalp}.

    * ESSENTIAL OILS: ROSEMARY, CEDARWOOD, LAVENDER, WHITE THYME, TEA TREE - 4-6x a week {Mixed into above oils}.

    * MICONAZOLE 2% CREAM - every other day {Mixed with following oils: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Essential Oils above. My mix is approx 50% Miconazole Nitrate 2% Cream, 20% Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 30% Emu Oil,, then i add a few drops of each essential oil. I'm in the UK so i use Daktarin Activ as my Miconazole cream, but i think in the US the brand-name Miconazole cream is called Monistat 7}.

    * HAIR SIGNALS CREAM / HAIR SIGNALS SOLUTION - every other day, alternated with the Miconazole-oil mix above {Hair Signals Cream applied all around hairline & thinnest areas at top-front of head (bangs/fringe area); Hair Signals Solution applied throughout the rest of scalp, concentrated on crown and sides where it seems to have thinned more than middle back}.

    * KETOCONAZOLE 2% CREAM - 1-3x a week {Mixed exactly like my Miconazole mixture above, using Keto 2% Cream in place of Mico 2% Cream. This is the most recent addition to my regime and over the past month i would say ive only used it approx 7 times. My intention is/was to use it every-other-day on the days i dont wash my hair, to keep a more continuous check on my scalp DHT, but i mixed it up as a reseperate treatment and there's only so many lotions and potions i can apply before i hit critical mass! So.. I intend to add the Keto cream to the Miconazole-Oil mixture above.

    * SUBLIMED SULFUR (aka FLOWERS OF SULPHUR) - I have not used this yet, as i only received it in the mail today. I'm not sure whether to add it to my Miconazole/Ketoconazole/Oil mixture as some people do, or to make a separate mix. Anyway, as i havent used the Sulfur yet obviously i cant attribute any of my regrowth to this... but hoping it is a positive addition to my hair loss/regrowth regime, none-the-less!

    I will follow with a separate post for the oral supplements i take.. (another long list![​IMG].

    Maria x

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just wanted to clarify that whilst i am experiencing new regrowth with my current regime im also still experiencing massive sheds.

    It seems my regime so far is successful at encouraging growth much more than reducing the shedding which caused the need for regrowth in the 1st place (did that make any sense?!).

    I feel like i still need to block more DHT on the scalp but i dont know how?

    If anyone could offer any advice id be trully grateful, and hopefully something ive written may help someone else (i have typers cramp! lol). xxx

    - - - Updated - - -


    I have no idea what name to give to the hair loss condition i have. I *think* it may be Androgenic Alopecia, but im not sure?.

    I visited my GP who ordered a Full Blood Count, Ferritin Levels and Thyroid Function blood tests, all of which came back 'normal'.

    I just dont know where to go from here. My confidence is dropping lower with every hair that falls. I feel ugly, unfeminine and like a freak. I cant bare to sit back and just watch myself go bald... i HAVE to take action.

    Please help. Is there anything more i can do? Is anything im using doing more harm than good?

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    After a phenominal shed last night in the shower and waking up this morning with noticeably thinner hair yet again, i am feeling nervous and a little hopeless. Could this possibly be a positive sign, signifying my treatment regime is working, or is it as negative as it feels right now to lose yet MORE hair? I'm terrified to be honest, and feel so damned ugly right now.

    I desperately want to add more DHT Inhibitors / Androgen Blockers to my regime ASAP. I have a gut feeling excessive DHT could be my main problem.

    My GP wont prescribe me any oral meds at the moment, so my google-research has brought up the following possible DHT Blockers for treatment of hairloss:

    * REVIVOGEN / CRINAGEN (topical)
    * PROCERIN (oral)
    * PROVILLUS (oral)
    * SAW PALMETTO (oral or topical)
    * NETTLE ROOT EXTRACT (oral or topical)
    * BETA-SITOSTEROL (oral or topical)
    * PYGEUM (oral or topical)
    * CETIRIZINE (topical) <- does this block DHT?

    (I already use NIZORAL 2%, KETOCONAZOLE 2% CREAM, MICONAZOLE 2% CREAM, EMU OIL, EVOO & ESSENTIAL OILS, in an effort to reduce scalp DHT, as listed in my regime at the top of the page).

    Which of the above products would you suggest i add in to my regime to further block scalp DHT?

    Or should i just risk it and try one of the following pills from an online chemist? Would they be the most likely to stop me losing my hair? Are they safe for women?:-

    * FINASTERIDE (Propecia/Proscar)
    * DUTASTERIDE (Avodart)
    * SPIRONOLACTONE (Aldactone)

    I feel desperate & confused about what options are available to me.
    I already had low confidence before i started losing my hair and receding like a man - As a woman this is devastating! (please dont think im saying it isnt devastating for a guy, but at least it's accepted as the 'norm' for men to bald/recede, whilst a female is branded a freak, ugly, a tranny/lesbian, weirdo, ugly..

    I cant take this anymore..

    PLEASE help... ANY comments are so much appreciated. xxxx

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, so i've been doing more Google-research whilst waiting for any replies here, and i've decided against the idea of oral Finasteride or Dutasteride via an online chemist, due to the probability of weight gain due to its estrogenic activity. I can't handle getting fatter aswell as losing my hair! [​IMG]

    So that leaves oral Spironolactone and/or oral Procerin/Provillus, oral Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Beta-Sitosterol, Pygeum, and/or topical Revivogen/Crinagen, Nettle Root/Saw Palmetto/Pygeum extracts, S5 Spironolactone Cream.

    What should i add to my regimen to inhibit DHT more effectively?
  2. Gypsy99

    Gypsy99 Guest

    Rogaine maybe your next step at least to stop worsening tbh.

    For your DHT ,you can try androcur but weight gain is the side effect, another member here had success with androcur and rogaine but she gained weight of course. Spironolactone is ok but there are side effects if you want a child avoid Spironolactone for the moment. but do beware sometimes it messes around with your estrogen i read but we are all diff.

    i do not know if nioxin has any scientific evidence to back to balding but you can try. it however contains sls which makesmy hair worst.

    those essential oils and carrier oil blends do not work at all

    All those herbs may not work or may make things worst. you have to research more. saw palmetto and nettle seems to make my hair even thinner. i read in a book sp, nettle and pygeum is for men and not really suitable for women.

    It is not just hair on my head, its my life

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