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Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Mae, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Mae

    Mae Guest

    This is my first baby and I have been praying that me and my partner have a baby. I thought I would never have kids because I have been diagnosed with PCOS and after 2 years of trying I found out I was pregnant around 3 weeks ago. I am 8 weeks into my pregnancy and I was just wondering how I can improve my lifestyle and improve my insulin resistance. Ways I have been thinking of working around this problem is by:

    A) Walking my dog more often.
    B) Not eating after 6pm but the thing is I wake up late. If I eat breakfast and go back to sleep will this store the fat in my body? I eat cereal in the morning and I am trying to eat veges in the morning and buying weightwatchers food to help me with my diet.
    C) I am going to try and eat oatmeals and more fruit, drink more water to help me.
    D) I tend to snack a lot so I am thinking of eating carrots and the white part of the egg if I get hungry. Any ideas of what other snacks I could eat.
    E) Less sweets.
    F) Having less caffeine.
    G) Do I need to sleep earlier because I am a student and sometimes I can't get to sleep till 2-3am.
    H) Is it ok to drink fruit juice? I bought a just juice which said it had 50 percent less sugar but I checked the back and it said it had 10mL of sugar. Is that ok to to have or should I avoid having this at all?
    I) Last but not least it said to not drink cold drinks and have hot drinks because it breaks down food faster. But sometimes I end up having cold drinks instead of milo with sugar and isn’t that just as bad anyway?
    Am I doing the right thing? For people who have knowledge in this area could you please help me and let me know if I am on the right track. :nope: I am a mother to be who is worried sick about her pregnancy.

    P.s. This year I have been getting my period regularly though and my PCOS isn’t as bad as other peoples because I would get it between 2-3 months and I haven’t been using any medication such as Metformin to conceive.

    Please advice me on this.
  2. JerseyMommy

    JerseyMommy Guest

    Why are you dieting while pregnant? You need to calm down. Stressing is not good for the baby. Make sure you doctor takes your blood soon to check your hormone levels that's very important because unfortunately we tend to misscarry more often and I really wish someone told me that two years ago! Eat balanced small meals every 3 to 4 hours to keep your blood sugar in check and just stay away from sweets because we tend to get GD more too. But you need to focus on taking care of your baby. Take a walk everyday and relax. Try pregnancy yoga to unwind too. It will help with delivery as well. Good luck and congrats!!!
  3. nola

    nola Guest

    Mae - Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

    Some suggestions - can you get an appointment with your doctor and try to get a referral to an endocrinologist and/or nutritionist? I feel they would be most qualified to help you figure out how many calories you need and what foods will be best. I do agree with HereToday that you should stay away from processed foods as much as possible and try to get whole grain, high fiber carbohydrates along with healthy fats (olive oil, vegetable oils) and healthy lean proteins.

    I would also suggest really limiting caffeine and getting a good night's sleep. Studies do show that caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage somewhat, although most doctors will tell you that a cup of coffee a day or a caffeinated soda is just fine. I have read that inadequate sleep can contribute to insulin resistance.

    A final suggestion - there is a good discussion board for women with PCOS - it is called soulcysters. You might have more luck finding specific info regarding PCOS there.

    Best wishes to you and baby!

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