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Help me think of style ideas?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by Krisann79, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Krisann79

    Krisann79 Guest

    I have TE and have long straight dark brown hair with a blaring white scalp! Eeeeek! Lol! I use Toppik and JR Great Hair Day (Sally's version). My hair loss is diffuse but because I've lost so much hair my part has widened and the forehead area has receded a little. Not that obvious....but it's enough where it can be seen. So far my temples fell out and have grown back. I can't wear a standard ponytail because the sides still look funny w new hairs + the front hairline is thin. So I've been wearing my hair with a part down, parted down w a headwrap, and hair parted with a low ponytail. All of these take the concealers.

    Any other ideas on how I can wear my hair? The temples, front hairline & widening part (that I can hide w concealer) make it really hard for me to think of how to style my hair.
  2. sadness

    sadness Guest

    Krisann,, I had very long poker straight hair when my Te started as well. When it started to show my widening part I bunched my hair in the front(I guess what would be bangs except it was the same lenght as the rest of my hair) and criss crossed bobby pins to make a little "poof" there so that I did not have a part. I didnt really care for the style as my 14 yr old daughter wore her hair that way but it did work. Plus the hair that was pulled up in the pin kind of covered the top of my head(like a mini topper) it looked best when I did that then put it in a ponytail. After I tired of that style i finally cut it off and that made all of the difference. Tons more body as it wasnt as heavy. I cut 11 inches off about a year ago(I had started recovering but was still losing hair)and about 6 inches have grown back. I do miss my long hair but it looked terrible after a bad TE got ahold of it.

    Anywho, that little "poof" got me by for awhile. It was kind of like Kardashian hair w lots less hair of course, but all those girls pin their hair up in the front to make it look like they have more of it. Good luck, Melissa

    By the way, my front hairline got hit hard as well but it was harder to tell when I broke up my hairline by pulling a part of it up with the bobby pins. It made it look thicker and my jagged front hairline looked sort of intentional. At least thats what I told myself!


    Just noticed that post was from 2011. i bet Krisann has beautiful hair by now! Happy for her!
  3. CKingAnswers

    CKingAnswers Established Member

    Aug 24, 2012
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    Here's a pic of how I often style my hair:

    I part it to one side and take my bangs and pin them down against my temples or kind of pull them up and back to the side (as seen in the last pic in the link above). Or I part down the middle and pin the bangs straight back. Have you ever watched the show Community? The way Annie wears her hair, it's kind of like that:


  4. tcat

    tcat Guest

    The mini-poof is holding me over right now. Does not look great, but covers what I need covered. Thank god for bobby pins. I also wear mine with a small front part; the rest pulled into a low pony. These two work the best. Cutting my hair and using thickening spray really made it look thick. One of my girlfriends said, "Your hair looks so thick I can't believe it's thinning." But I have a long face and just hated the way it looked, every day. With really short hair, I could get by with a thin head band, lots of thickening product and a hair dryer. It looked kind of funky and worked for jeans and dressing down, but trying to dress that up was a nightmare. I'm getting a topper soon and letting the short hair style grow out, but I let that be my excuse for why my hair has bizzillion bobby pins in it. Best of luck, girls!!
  5. Tovah

    Tovah New Member

    Apr 30, 2013
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    Your scalp looks exactly like mine

    If I I didn't know any better, I would swear that your scalp was mine. I have the exact same kind of hair diffusion (right word?) I almost always wear my hair up. I wish so much I could just wear it down one day. Toppik looks dirty on my hair and Joan Rivers GHD doesn't work that well. Still looking for my miracle product. ;)
  6. Alisten

    Alisten New Member

    Feb 26, 2020
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    you must try your favourite celebrity hair style, .

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