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help please!what is wrong with me...

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by GINAA, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. GINAA

    GINAA Guest

    Hi Ladies,
    I'm so stressed out right now.I dont know what to do.its the worse time of year and I can't even see a Dr right now.
    something strange is happening.
    first my hair was shedding like crazy since 7 months ago.I guess it was dues to so many things,3 months of bcp,stress and androgens.
    about 3 weeks ago my hair started to get better.maybe about 20 hair in the shower.
    but at the same time my eyebrows were falling out.however I lose around 10 hair from my right eyebrow.also a month before my lashes were falling out and they got better.
    Now I just noticed the hair on my legs and arms aren't growing back.I mean I shaved about 10 days ago.
    even my under arm is so sparse.this is so strange since I've always had too much hair on my body.
    the thick hairs on my below my belly and some on my chest due to androgens are still there and I dont see any reduction.
    I'm freaking out,it is Alopecia A or U .
    or is it my thyroid orlow estrogen.
    I'm sitting here praying formy eyebrows.I can't deal with this right now.my scalp hair is also getting really thin in texture.
    please any advice would be appreciated.
    I'm losing my mind.
  2. papercut

    papercut Guest

    Is it possible you have PCOS? I'm not sure if its possible to cause other hair to fall out but dome of the body hair you are describing is a symptom of PCOS.

    I'm sorry I don't what else to sugges or to even ask. For me when you said you went from a shed to your body hair just suddenly not growing back it seems like there might something autoimmune going on, I really don't know though so I wouldn't really listen to me :$ Why can't you visit a doctor?

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