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Help please!!!

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by KerrieI, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. KerrieI

    KerrieI Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Hoping someone can help me,on the 9th dec i noticed a small bald patch to the left of my centre parting. A few days later i noticed a similar patch just above my fringe right in the centre. I went to doctor who basically said theres nothing i can do!!!!both spots have doubled in size and i am now terrified that is going to get more and more prominant!!!i am new to this so am very upset :(
  2. RatsNest

    RatsNest Guest

    Hello KerrieI

    Sound like you need a different doctor! Some people do get shot in their scalp which can help with regrowth for Alopecia Areata. Maybe you can find a dermatologist in your area who can help you with this option.
  3. Lost

    Lost Guest

    :agree: I would see another derm,like ratsnest said there are things you can try for Alopecia Areata the shots,topicals,and even shampoos that are Rx. too calm the inflammation down and premote regrowth. Maybe the Dr. meant there is no cure?
  4. neencali

    neencali Guest

    First off I am very sorry you are going through this. It sounds like alopecia areata. I have it too. It sucks. My advice is try to stay stress free. You can get injections to speed regrowth but maybe yourdr wants to see how it does on its own. I have recently starteddabbingmy spots with clear liquid iodine. It stops the it hint and has been said to help with regrowth.
    There are a lot wonderful helpful women here so I hope you will feel supported here.
    And I agree with getting a differs.t doctor if hewont treat you.
  5. KerrieI

    KerrieI Guest

    Thanks everyone for prompt reply!there is no inflammation, redness or itching. It is just bald with little odd hairs in the patches!!what is strange is my brother is currently having the same issue with same symptoms. Considering hair extensions to cover patches. Would they work?very stressed just now im not vain but was so proud of my hair and feel it all slipping away :( noone else seems to understand they just say "dont worry" which i think is impossible!!!:(
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Don't worry = impossible when you are experiencing hair loss in patches, :agree: I think that trying not to panic is a better solution... of course you are going to be worried and anxious, but panicking and stressing out won't change the situation and will make you feel even worse. I agree with the other ladies who said to consult with another doctor. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist.

    Extensions - it really depends on the prognosis for your hair loss and where your hair loss patches are located. I have a friend who had one patch and was given a steroid cream to rub onto it. She did so and the patch regrew with hair and she has not had any hair loss since. There are many other people for whom the hair loss progresses. Everyone is different, so it can be hard to advise someone what to cosmetically do in this situation. As you said that your hair loss is on the top, it is unlikely that extensions would work very well, as you need to hide the connections where they are attached to your hair. A small hair piece might work (one that covers your parting and incoporates hair into your fringe).
  7. Louise

    Louise Guest

    Hi KerrieI,

    First of all welcome. Sorry your having such a hard time. Do you and your brother live in the same household - enviromental factors? Have you both had some family stress or related stress related to you both within the last 3 months? which could be causing you hairloss?

    I agree with Vial as not to panick as stressing just adds to your situation easier said than done as all we ladies have experienced. But remember you will get there.

    Louise :)
  8. KerrieI

    KerrieI Guest

    Cant believe how helpful everyone is here!i find this quite humilating to talk about and cant quite believe "its happened to me" nice to speak with people who know how distressing it is :(

    No we dont live near each other and there hasnt been any family stresses think its a coincidence!??i was given steroid cream but doctor said not to use it when second patch appeared as it ruled out any infection!i did ask about another referal to derma but was told i wasnt a priority and that they wouldn treat as it wasnt severe enough!!feel like im trapped between rock and hard place at the moment!bloody Nhs lol :)
  9. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Welcome Kerriel I'm sorry to hear about your hairloss. :grouphug:

    I'm pretty sure you're dealing with a bout of Alopecia Areata as neencali has already said. Bald patches are a classic symptom in this type of hairloss.

    It's very stressful to see the areas expanding in size. There are derms who don't treat Alopecia Areata mainly because there is no "sure" cure. There are treatments that work quite well in jumpstarting regrowth in the balding areas but none of the treatments offered for Alopecia Areata at this time put a halt to the immune system's attack on your hair follicles.This often happens totally on it's own & that's why some derms take a wait and see approach.

    Unfortunately this crazy condition follows nor rhyme or reason. No two people will be the same when dealing with Alopecia Areata. Still there is lots of room for hope because most people don't have the severe forms of Alopecia Areata & most will eventually see regrowth and spontaneous remission. There's no predicting when. Info I have states within a year but it can't be written in stone because it can vary from person to person.

    As Vlal has already said extensions may help depending on where your patches are and if the progression remains stable. There are concealing products that may work for awhile too. It's seems to be a matter of personal preference about which to use. Here are some links to these products for you:





    Hairpieces or toppers can be used to disguise the loss too. Vlal, myself and the other girls are more than glad to help with your questions on those.

    I have known sisters who both had Alopecia Areata. I'm not sure how often that happens in families just that it can.

    Please do keep in touch and feel free to share or ask any questions or concerns you may have.

  10. neencali

    neencali Guest

    I forgot to.mention that my brother has had this too. His is only in his beard. Happens about once per year and he gets one round of injections and it grows back. I have doing the injections every 5 weeks for 7 mos. Both original spots are filled in fully. Two biggest spots I got in fall are filling in finally and if the rest of the.littler spots.on my front sides will fill in I will be all better. Shed has slowed so iam really hoping I am at the end of it. I recently realized that ive been making this worse by being so upset for 10 mos. I have been missing my life. I started on anti dressants three weeks ago and wish I had done it sooner because ive been a wreck since this stared. I tell you this because this can be all consuming and I hope for you that you will not let it. We r here for you. GOD BLESS YOU.
  11. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    The NHS is very challenging - I have to admit I have given up trying to get help under it. :thumbsdown: It is frustrating because at at time when you are feeling vulnerable, the safety net does not seem to always "catch" you in the way that we are led to believe it will.

    I would definitely try and see another GP in your practice. Even if what the original doctor said is actually true - about the not being a priority etc., it still doesn't mean they can't put forward a referral for you to be seen by a dermatologist. I am not sure if the NHS is the same in Scotland, but in England there was a policy in place that you had to have your initial appointment with a consultant within 18 weeks - after that they can take as long as they like to follow up. So even if you are not a priority, you would still get seen.

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