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Hey There!

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by StressedTresses, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hey Peeps! :)

    I am new here, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful that there is a site like this I can turn to. I am 32 years old and have been battling hair loss since the age of 26, (well that was when I started noticing it but it probably happened earlier).. As soon as I discovered it I rushed to Ashley & Martin, and it did work, but i experienced major shedding in the first 2 months (which they claim is normal)..but mine was to a point where I had to get a plumber to clean out my shower drain because it was blocked with hair, he even said to me that he is suprised at how much there was and he was suprised there was still hair left on my head!! Back then I didnt have to conceal my hair with toppik or anything... i didnt know about toppik then. Anyway keeping up with A&M was just too expensive so at the end of the course I didnt continue with the maintenance charge that you have to pay (works out to be around $200 a month) for the rest of your life!. so I gave it up, and then ofcourse my hair starting thinning again. My hair wasnt that bad, you could tell it was getting thin esp around the crown, but nothing that a side part wouldnt fix. I started wearing toppik about 2 years ago, and that saved the day, my hair was fuller and it was jsut a little bit over a small part of the crown, front of the hair was great, I regained my confidence and toppik became part of my daily regime, and when I ran out I didnt stress too much because my hair was still at the point where it was socially acceptable. I would be quick to order more though each time. In the last 3 months I have noticed a massive amount of hair thinning (mind you i dont see or notice it fall out?).. my hair has gotten to a point where i cannot leave the house without toppik, i sprinkle the top of my head, the front is becoming thin too and even when i do the side part you can see through to the scalp in the light. I am depressed all the time, I know its vain but it is something I am constantly thinking about, I shouldnt have to worry about the hair on my head, there are worse problems out there, so I hate that this is happening! as I am sure all of you are too.

    I decided I was going to do something about it, but didnt want to go back to science and chemicals, so I turned to chinese medicine therapy, the doctor said she could fix my hairloss by fixing my blood circulation, liver and kidney. I have given up alcohol during the process as well as anything that uses the liver to work overtime. I have been to two sessions so far and she has treated me with mild accupuncture, some herbs which i have to take with hot water every morning and night, some ginseng for my immunity and to help with head flow, and told me to try not to stress too much! i will keep you posted on my journey and will uploada pic of my condition now so hopefully i can compare it to a nicer pic in a few months, also I am taking biotin every night before bed to help repair the hair i have.

  2. Sassy

    Sassy Established Member

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Hey there stressedtressed,-Thanks for sharing your story. I'll be looking for your updates as you move alolng through your zen process. Keep up the good vibes regadless of outcome.
  3. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Hi and welcome, :)
  4. Thank you ladies :)

    Here is my current pic, I cannot believe I have lost so much uptop :thumbsdown:

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  5. m83

    m83 Established Member

    Nov 23, 2011
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    hi, and welcome to the forum. Have you had your hormones checked up? If you're not averse to it, then anti-androgens like Spironolactone and a birth control pill like yasmin or diane might be a good treatment option for you. Have you seen a good endocrinologist who specializes in women's hormonal disorders? It might be a good idea. Another option is Rogaine. It may be worth looking into treatment options - you could just search this forum or a forum like hairlosstalk.com for stuff that works for people.

    good luck!
  6. Thank you M83 I have constant mood swings, and suffer social anxiety so it might be hormonal, I've got a referral to see a dermatologist as the Chinese medicine doctor said my scalp is too dry and hot so going to confirm it with western medication. I'll see an endo soon, it all just gets so pricey trying to get something back that should be natural! It's not fair lol -
  7. hey peeps! :punk:

    just an update on my progess... i am still seeing my chinese doctor once a week, getting accupuncture, and on herbs, she is trying to strengthen my body and immunity (liver, kidney).... to prepare for the Fo Ti tonic (he shou wu)... as here are the possible side effects I may encounter:

    Side Effects of Fo-Ti

    Most side effects are mild and a simple adjustment of the dose will be enough to eliminate occasional diarrhea or stomach upset. There have been reports of severe liver problems in rare instances for sensitive individuals. In the instance of jaundice or yellowing of the skin or pain in the upper right abdomen over the liver, stop consuming the herb and seek medical attention. Some estrogenic effects have been noted and an increase in estrogen dominance has been noted in susceptible individuals.

    For those looking for an effective product for hair restoration or to bring natural color back to graying hair, Fo-Ti may be the answer.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030837_Fo-Ti ... z1rgR5cVGy

    but the possible benefits make it well worth it:

    •Restore hair color
    •Enhance immune system
    •Treat hair loss
    •Treat nerve damage
    •Increase longevity
    •For anti-aging
    •Nourish blood
    •Strengthen bones, muscles and tendons
    •Strengthen knees and lower back
    •Treat eczema
    •Treat goiter
    •Treat sores
    •Treat hardening of the arteries
    •Lower blood pressure
    •Lower cholesterol
    •Increase kidney and liver function
    •Relieve muscle aches
    •Reduce excessive bleeding
    •As an Astringent
    •Improve adrenal Function
    •Treat cancer
    •For it’s anti-microbial properties
    •Treat tumors
    •As a sexual enhancer
    •Prevent heart disease
    •Decrease formation of plaque in the blood vessels
    •Treat insomnia
    •Reduce fat deposits in the liver
    •Protect against toxins
    •Treat atherosclerosis
    •Enhance fertility
    •Boost energy
    •For heart and circulatory system health
    •Aid digestion
    •As a mild laxative
    •Sooth gastrointestinal tract
    •Treat constipation
    •Treat knee and joint pain
    •Treat impotence and erectile dysfunction
  8. LadyGodiva

    LadyGodiva Guest

    Hi StressedTresses!

    Welcome. :)

    I'm very interested in your updates on the acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as I'm now considering going the same route. I haven't had much luck with Western medicine (in fact, it's what started my hair loss!), so I was thinking of trying something like you're doing.

    This supplement from a very popular herbal store near me is the other name for Fo Ti. I have been eye-balling it for about 6 months, but wanted to see if my body would right itself without anything (it's not). Anyway, not sure where you live, but it's something to consider. I hear this store's herbs are high quality, but can't vouch for it personally.

    Please keep us posted on your progress!
  9. Just thought I'd update my progress, I've been seeing the Chinese doctor for about two and a half months now and I'm not sure if it's just my hair progressing but it's actually gotten a little bit worse, hair is growing faster (that also could be from my swisse hair Skin nails supplement). The hair I do have is def starting to look healthier :) probably from my liver cleansing, she doesn't put me on foti a lot for some reason? She changes the herbs ever week!  Now doesn't foti have to be taking consistently to work? Anyway I decided to see a derm who diagnosed me Androgenetic Alopecia, My mum and two sisters have it & blood test confirmed nothing else apart from low iron but still on the safe iron range. She put me on Spironolactone and iron tablets. I am still going to continue with my Chinese doctor but I cannot afford to risk losing anymore hair :( so need to take something to at least stop the progress of the Androgenetic Alopecia. I'm a bit worried bout mixing Chinese herbs with Spironolactone but will definitely speak to her about it and at least continue with the acupuncture for more blood flow to the head. I hate having this. It's slowly taking over my life and my thoughts. I'm scared of a break down if the Spironolactone doesn't work, I'm starting to avoid socialising (especially daytime functions in the sun where toppik is noticeable), meeting new people and the dating scene already. I'd hate to think what will come of me if I cannot treat this and it gets worse. The whole thing is so scary :(  but I keep hoping and praying that I'll be strong enough no matter what. 
  10. Adi

    Adi Member

    Mar 31, 2012
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    hi there, I just wanted to say hi and welcome. Your hair loss looks like mine, and I also keep trying to find ways to be strong about it. Keep posting about your progress. Good luck!
  11. hairshmair

    hairshmair Guest

    we are hair loss twins!!!! which is funny because I never see anyone with hair loss like mine...I might have a little less on my right side but our parts our similar. I used rogaine (2%) for 6 months and when I didn't notice any difference I quit. 4 months later I jumped back on the rogaine train and used it for 7 months. I HATE the itchy scalp, the fact that I am using chemicals, that I have to use it for life, did I mention the itchy scalp? and of course the fact that my hair looked like hell all of the time bc of the morning application.

    so I found a hair restoration...across the street from my neighborhood..hahaha it only took 4 years for me to notice this little old building. I have been using dht sensor by transitions hair group, shampoo, conditioner, and vitamins as well as the hair max laser. I stopped taking minoxidil 2 months ago and started this new regiment immediately. i am still loosing a lot of hair (well to me a lot bc it had slowed down so much on minoxidil...like 50 hairs when I shower and the mysterious number that a little elf steals in my sleep) but I just noticed tonight all of these fine little hairs all over my scalp!!! WHAT!!!!

    I have been struggling with hair loss since I was about 20..I guess. I know it's been thin for most of my adult life. I know that when I stopped binge drinking and eating more healthily (thanks college) that it got a lot better. After I had my 2 year old...holy hair disaster.

    I have days where I feel so anxious. I have days that I truly don't care. I have cut myself off from examining myself too closely in the mirror. I am also just starting the process to getting a topper.

    My hair loss is pretty noticeable but in a ponytail you really can't tell. so I figure having a topper for work and social functions will alleviate my sadness and anxiety..and turn my lack luster hair into luxurious hair..which is all I want anyways...and since I can still rock a pretty healthy pony..I won't feel the need to wear it all of the time.

    Have you tried Joan Rivers hair powder to fill in your part? You can seriously make your part look skinny again!!! I don't know what I would do without that stuff :)
  12. Adi

    Adi Member

    Mar 31, 2012
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    I am new here and just found out the different kinds of miraculous concealers that exist. I have ordered some Caboki and am waiting for that. I think I will try DermMatch or JR next.

    I mostly have had an "I dont care" attitude to my hair loss, and tried to keep going with a brave smile. But over the last 1 year the part and the front has gotten much worse. This wasnt as visible to me until I went to a skiing trip, saw the pictures afterwards and realized how bad it was looking in the bright sun.

    Hoping all of these changes will make some difference, especially in the front of the hairline.

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