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Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by joan, May 27, 2011.

  1. joan

    joan Guest

    for the first time in my life i feel hopeless. I have been to many doctors, all with different opinions. You are have pcos, nothing in wrong, you have cah, you have insulin resistance, you don't have insulin resistance. Take birth control, take steriods, take actos, don't do anything..... How hard can this be to figure out. I am so sad -I have lost all faith in doctors and their 7 minute evalution. I am sick of loosing my hair, having anxiety, depression, and acne. I am sick of taking spironolactone. I want my hair and my life back. I just don't who to believe anymore and don't trust that these doctors know what they are doing or want to figure out what is wrong with my body. I feel like I am in a nightmare and I can't wake up. I feel like the old happy me has died and is replaced by this intolerably sad, anxious person. I hate it!
  2. RatsNest

    RatsNest Guest


    I'm sorry you are having such a frustrating experience with all these doctors. I (and it is just my opinion) honestly think most of them just are not too concerned with hair issues. You think they could get a grip on the insulin resistance and thyroid issues, but I think trying to nail down and balance out hormone issues is really tricky.
    Of course I assume you've done all the blood work and sonograms for your PCOS diagnosis? Have you been taking the Spironolactone for long? Any results with anything?
    I guess you can pick a doctor and stay the course for awhile to see if there is any improvement in your symptoms. Then after you give it long enough, you 'll have to get a different one and try that.
    :crazy: I hope you can find some doctor that inspires confidence. Good luck.
  3. aries

    aries Guest

    Joan - :agree: This is exactly how I feel too. It just seems like some cruel joke. I try to focus on the positive, it's not cancer, etc.. and of course, I would choose hair loss over cancer any day, but it's still hard. I've passed this down to my daughter so I'm in a constant state of guilt.
  4. Ava1970

    Ava1970 Guest

    Hi Joan,

    I could have written the same thing. The emotional toll of this is huge. If I knew how bad my hair was going to look 4 plus years ago when this started I would be in the nut house now. I’ve been to over a dozen doctors some were so horrible to me it has completely ruined my faith in the medical community. I question everything I take for this now I’m wondering if I made a mistake switching to Yasmin back in Oct. oddly enough my shedding slowed until April and I could have sworn it looked a tiny bit better. Then I had minor surgery and suffered a month long shed increase that has wrecked my hair.

    I’m finally at the point of trying Rogaine which I feel if I don’t try it soon it won’t be worth trying. No one can understand how frustrating this is. I feel like I’m trapped in a prison. As hard as it is I’m working on changing my attitude to one of reality. I keep living in denial of this situation and it’s got to stop. The worst is when I think about before this started and all the compliments I would get on my hair. I guess we don’t realize how important something is until it disappears. Never in a million years did I think I would be losing my hair. Never. Such a hard bitter pill to swallow. Like you I can’t understand why this is so hard for doctors to figure out and resolve. It’s maddening and unfair.

    I’m not sure if you’ve been over to heralopecia.com yet but those ladies are rockin the supplemental hair. I find a lot of inspiration and hope from them.
  5. texasgirl10

    texasgirl10 Guest

    Hi Joan, Im so sorry to hear of your troubles I can totally relate because I to felt the exact same way. But I'm happy to say I'm seeing a new doctor, a doctor of osteopathy and he is treating me with vitamins and iodine and my acne is clearing and my hair is regrowing. I posted an entry about all this in general hairloss discussions under Hopeful you should check it out. Maybe it can help point you in the right direction. I do have PCOS by the way and what you are going through sounds exactly like me not to long ago. Just want to help as much as possible because I know what it's like.


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