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Hormonal Questions- insomnia vs hair

Discussion in 'Girl Talk!' started by HopefulMama, Sep 19, 2011.

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  2. Chickadee

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    I presently take Yasmin with bioidentical progesterone cream, Hopeful Mama (and have been doing so over 3 years).

    It is working well for me, and it DEFINITELY helps me sleep better. My endocrinologist says that bio prog cream would likely not work as well with an oral contraceptive that has a stronger progestin. (Yasmin's progestin is somewhat weaker than Loestrin, say.) However, every woman's body is different, so there's no guarantee that you'll react to the cream-BCP combo the same way that I have.

    I previously tried taking Yasmin near-continuously (with a break every 3 or 4 months). Doing say gave me rather severe breakthrough bleeding (not just spotting), so I stopped. I now take Estrogel during the week of my period (but I'm perimenopausal): if you're not, you likely won't need that. I take the bio prog cream days 14-27 of my cycle. (It helps oppose Yasmin's estrogen, which is more "bioavailable" than some of the other brands of BCPs.) The cream is a 3% mix pharmaceutical grade, which means it's by prescription. Many over-the-counter creams are too weak to help much, and I'm a firm believer in getting a doctor (ideally an endocrinologist) to recommend and monoitor hormonal treatment.

    Have you had a doctor run lab tests on you AND assess your symptomology?

    BTW, either a deficiency of estrogen OR a deficiency of progesterone can cause insomnia. Insomnia can also be caused by high cortisol (from which I suffered when my hair loss started), high blood sugar (which often correspond with high cortisol), and thyroid disorders.

    Hope this helps! :)
  3. Chickadee

    Chickadee Guest

    Hi again, HM
    Here are the answers to your questions:

    When you stopped taking the BCP continuously and went to having a monthly period again, did you notice any changes, (body, mind or hair)?
    From what I could tell, going off the continuous-pill did not negatively affect my hair. (I, too, was very worried about this possibility.) However, I only started getting REALLY good regrowth after I started taking Estrogel during 4-5 days of the week that I was pill-free. Moreover, I became drained of energy and my insomnia became worse over the course of this week UNTIL I got onto the Estrogel. When I told my endo that the Estrogel weirdly not only helped with my energy but helped me sleep, he said that I wasn't imagining things. The paradox of estrogen, according to him, is that does BOTH for women. (And of course bio progest is known to have sedative properties.)

    How did you decide on the 26 day cycle (as opposed to 28)?
    I'm actually on a 28 day cycle -- it's just that I take the bio prog. from day 14 to day 27 (inclusive). I don't take it on day 28; if I do, my period won't start until day 3 instead of day 1 or 2. (It's the dropping progesterone that prompts your period in the first place.) I hope this makes sense.

    Do you find that where you are in your cycle affects your hair? This is probably what I fear that most- that starting to have a period every month again will cause me to have sheds that correspond with where I am in my cycle.
    Surprisingly, I never noticed a correlation between my periods and my hair loss. (And I've never been one to get oily skin or anything during my period -- not even in adolescence or peri.) But as I said above, I did notice a marked improvement when I started supplementing with Estrogel during my period. My body, mood, and hair don't like extreme fluctuations in hormones -- of that I'm certain!

    How do you feel the progesterone plays into this? I feel the progesterone helped a great deal with my insomnia, which definitely helped my adrenal and thyroid glands to normalize, and which then indirectly helped my hair. It also helped with my anxiety and depression. (I told my endo that -- although I've never been on anti-depressants -- that I thought the bio progest. was "nature's" anti-depressant. He agreed. I think it's a very important part of the puzzle (for hair and overall health), but in the big scheme of things, I would attribute more of my hair-progress to estrogen.

    My endo has confirmed that progesterone is -- in its own right -- good for the hair of almost all women. According to him, it is also a natural DHT blocker. (Only very rarely, he said, will a woman convert prog. to testosterone.)

    But again, thank you- for your answers, and also for your inspiration- I love that you are still active here even though you've had success in your regimen.
    You're most welcome! I always vowed that if my hair grew back, I would try to give some hope to the ladies on this forum (esp. the ones, like me, who are in peri and don't know what the hell has happened to their bodies!). I felt so desperate and vulnerable when I lost my hair (and angry at social stigma around hair loss for women. Aaargh!)

    On Monday, please let us know what your endo says during the course of your appointment, would you? :)

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