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Hormone panel results

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Monika, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Monika

    Monika Guest

    Ok, I had the consult with the pharmacist on my saliva test results. It makes sense...kinda! LOL I'm off the birth control pill after 10+ years of being off and on them. I was on Loestrin, Ortho-tricyclen and Yasmin. He was very glad that I'm off the pill, as my estrogen/progesterone levels were ridiculously low! (you remember, Zannie, you thought it was a typo!) He is going to be working with my primary care doctor and he has prescribed natural HRT. I'm going to be using progesterone cream. He also had alot of suggestions about my diet and I seem to be on the right track for vitamins. He suggested I also add vitamin E and vitamin B-5 and B-6.

    From what I'm understanding, the bcp is what was making my estrogen/progesterone levels very low.
  2. Zannie

    Zannie Guest

    When do you go back to see how the transdermal progesterone is doing??? :)
  3. Monika

    Monika Guest

    I have my appt. with my primary care dr. tomorrow. After I start the cream, hopefully by the first of the week, he wants a recheck in about 3 months. I'm also probably going to do another saliva test in about 6 months. With all this information on hormonal balance, it has made me focus LESS on my hair, which is a blessing. I'm hoping this might be the cause... :?
  4. melphone

    melphone Guest

    Hi Monika,
    I know we spoke briefly before but I just wanted to ask you (again):
    So you were taking bcp and your hormones all came back very low? What about your testorone? And so your doctor recommended you get off ALL bcp's?? Why did he suggest that? What is 'HRT'? Do you have to use progestrone cream or does he think your hormones levels were stabilize after being off the bcp? Did he talk to you about having a 'normal' shed from getting off bcp?

    I have been working as my own internist which I know is bad since I definitely didn't go to med school, but since I see all these different derms, gyn.s, endos, I'm the one who is the center of this nightmare.
  5. melphone

    melphone Guest

    oh by the way, what's Lexapro?
    And how often do you use the 2% rogaine? Why did you decide that one instead of 5%?
    Also, Monika, do you have Androgenetic Alopecia?
  6. Monika

    Monika Guest

    Lexapro is an anti-depressant. I went to my gyno a few years back and presented her with symptoms of PMS. She decided I was depressed and prescriped an anti-depressant. My new doctor is working with me on weaning me off slowly!

    As for Rogaine, I've been using the 2% twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed time. It's been a little over a month now. And everything seems ok. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the 5% because I wonder why they don't make it for women as they do for men. Are you using Rogaine?

    Just got a letter faxed this morning from my derm. He believes I have TE. He also believes that the bcp is the culprit and having the salivia test done and getting the results of that just recently, I know that my hormones are way out of whack! I've been doing alot of reading and bcp's in some people can cause depression, PMS, hair loss etc. My derm seems to think once I take away the "stressor" in my life (which we think is the hormonal imbalance) that my hair will come back. Hmmm :? I'm trying to be hopeful. What I'm doing right now is taking alot of vitamins and am in the process of getting help to "correct" the imbalance. This is giving me something else to focus on besides my hair. I hope, although I know it will take time, that once I correct the imbalance everything will fall into place. Time will tell! :)
  7. melphone

    melphone Guest

    How did you get your saliva tests done? Do you have to go to your primary care physician or do you do it yourself? This week I am on my sugar pills of the Ortho Tri-Cyclin Lo, so I'm trying to figure out if I should just not get back on them on Sunday. I am FREAKING out. Tomorrow I go in to get my stitches out from my scalp biopsy -- should I ask my derm about the saliva tests or will he just laugh me out of the office? I'm desperate for answers. Monika, did you just stop bcp one day or did they ween you off (if that's possible)? How long are you supposed to use the 2% Rogaine? For life? Have you had a shed from discontinuing bcp (yet)? How long do you use the progestrone cream? is that to help you balance out after you quit the bcp?

    All of my hormones tested very low (through blood tests), including male and female hormones. But my endo (who was very throrough) said that it's technically impossible to get a clear, accurate view of my hormones since I take bcp which affect the results. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo confused. And sometimes I don't think its my hormones at all that are causing the loss...sometimes I think it's seb derm, other times I think its low iron...and the list goes on and on. Monika, please reply!!
  8. Monika

    Monika Guest

    My aunt's sister-in-law works for a pharmacist in Arizona. He specializes in women's health and hormones. He suggested I do a saliva test. (your results are only good as the person intepreting them) I did have blood work done about a month ago and everything came back normal as they have for years! I was told the saliva test is more accurate then a blood test because progesterone is basically made up of fat/lipid molecules and when they take your blood, all those fat/lipid molecules go to the bottom and they test the "serum" on the top thus not testing the progesterone. I may have that wrong, but that is my understanding of it. I had questioned that, because the blood test came back normal and my saliva tests came back very low! Low in progesterone/estrogen. My testerone was 30, which was in range. The pharmacist is recommending that I use progesterone cream, BUT my primary care doctor is telling me no! :roll: I had presented her the results of my saliva test and she was very surprised about how low I was and told me I should not be that low while being on the bcp. I stopped Yasmin cold turkey on March 7th. I had been on that a little over a year and before that it was Ortho-tricyclen and before that, another bcp. She wants me to give my system 6 mos. to get the bcp out. Ahhh, so frustrating! I'm making an appointment with my gyno next to present her the results of the saliva tests and see what she says. I have not started the progesterone cream. I've been doing tons of reading and might just go to the health food store and do OTC cream.

    My primary care doctor was umm not very understanding of the saliva test. She told me she'd be hearing about them alot lately and they do that sort of stuff in Arizona and New Mexico. Kinda made it sound like new age, hocus-pocus kinda stuff! But I'm going to keep moving on until I find a doctor that will hear me!

    As for shedding, unfortanately, I'm shedding something fierce. Ahhh! I'm not sure if it's the Rogaine, stopping the bcp or seasonal. I'm sure it's a combo of everything. I try not the think about it, but it's hard when I'm in the shower! I just faithfully put on my couvre every morning and no one seems to notice.

    I'm thinking since you already tested low in hormones with blood work you don't need a saliva test. The only way to test them accurately would be to get off the bcp for a bit and then test again. I'm going to be testing again in another 6 months and see where I'm at.

    I don't know if I'm holding on to false hope, but with me, I really think it's those damn bcp's. Everything I'm reading and when I started losing hair in my early 20's coincides with me starting and stopping the bcp. It's just not natural to have in your body, but that's just my opinion. My mom was in bcp back in the 60's and she never had any side effects.

    Girl, stay positive and hopeful and work with your doctor. It's nice that you have a doctor that understands!
  9. melphone

    melphone Guest

    could you tell me the name of your pharm in AZ. I'm from Phoenix (now in New Orleans), but go home a lot --- my endo who is nice is in Phoenix, I just fly home. Maybe I can try and find out. I kinda agree that I don't think a saliva test would magically give me some hidden result, but I'm might just be desperate enough to try.
    Why is your primary against the progestrone? What types of over-the-counter methods have you found? Would that be to raise your female hormone levels? Have they told you about any risks from getting off bcp (OTHER than hair loss :lol: )?

    I think the only treatment any doctor has told me (this includes 2 endos, 4 derms, 1 gyn., 1 primary) is Rogaine, although most have told me different ways (5% 2x a day weening on and off for 6 months, 2% 1x a day at night indefinitely, etc.). I want to throw up from all the stress, sadness, and confusion this is causing me. I am a very Type A personality, and this lack of control is killing me.
  10. Monika

    Monika Guest

    Hey Girl- The name of the pharmacy is called RX Formulations in Mesa, AZ. I really liked the pharmacist. Very nice with alot of good information!

    Well, being in California, I'm thinking my doctor is not into natural methods of dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Would you believe that even though I presented her with the hormone results from the saliva test, she was still trying to tell me my blood work came back normal?!? :roll:

    I maybe wrong as I'm still trying to research this, but I do know they sell OTC progesterone cream. I know this is not some miracle cure, but the pharmacist in Arizona says this will help me with balancing the hormones. He was trying to work with my primary doctor and had faxed me a letter for her and a prescription. He wants me to get the cream at a compounding pharmacy and I need a dr's prescription for that. I also read a book by Dr. John Lee about premenopause. I was kinda freaked out by that, b/c I'm only 32 and I want to have kids, so I looked up premenopause and it means women of childbearing age that have regular periods. That's me. Anyway, very good read. Talks about symptoms of hormonal imbalance and though the chapter is short, hair loss COULD BE one of the effects of hormonal imbalance. He also suggests saliva test to check. I figure I have nothing to lose (but hair!) :shock:

    My derm told me that by getting off the bcp, that I could have another shed, which I might be going through now. I just don't know if it's the Rogaine or seasonal. There was another link about it might be seasonal. My derm suggested Rogaine (at least keep what I have), Nizoral and Nioxin shampoo. I'm just doing Rogaine at the moment. I had told you he had diagnosed me with TE. BUT I'm curious, do I need a scalp biopsy to diagnose that or can he diagnose that by just pulling some hair and analyzing it? What do you have? What do you think?

    Girl, I feel you! Hang in there!
  11. Monika

    Monika Guest

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