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How dark is black vs dark brown shades of concealer??

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by totheend, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. totheend

    totheend Guest

    I don't dye my hair, but it is naturally a very dark brown. People mistake it for black all of the time, but it's not (I'm of European descent, and my hair is just very dark.)

    Online I've been seeing a lot of people say that they have dark brown hair and that the Dark Brown toppik shade is way too dark. My hair must simply be darker than theirs because the Dark Brown toppik looks fine, but lighter than my own hair, honestly. I agree, it makes my hair look lighter and much less shiny where I use it, but only if you inspect closely.

    I have heard that the black shade is indeed a true black. However I have not tried it, although it seems that you and I may have the same hair color.

    Sorry I could not help much.
  2. I use the black, my hair is blackish, it is more a dark, dark brown but I've dyed it blue black, so the black is black as black can get, I don't know it if I use too much of it but sometimes when my scalp gets itchy it gets all over my hands....I wonder why that is? Does the fibre hold spray make a difference?

    I am just sick of spending all this money on hair, from supplements to foods I would have never in a million years eaten, shampooos and conditioners, doctors appointments and concealers....le sigh.

    So yes, the black is very black, but I have a question, how do you make sure it stays on your head and not on your hands?

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