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How did it Begin?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Universalis & Totalis' started by hearls1235, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. hearls1235

    hearls1235 Guest

    I have been noticing a lot of thinning in my hair for the last 8 months or so. I had nice hair down the middle of my back which I had to cut to chin length and do a "comb over" to now over my scalp up. I've been using Rogaine now for about 2 months. It seems that I haven't shaved my legs very much and I'm wondering now is this Alopecia Universalis. I just wondered if you could share how this first began for you. Did you lose all of your hair quickly or did it take a little time? It seems to be that my hair isn't growing anymore. I don't seem to be losing a lot but it just doesn't seem to be growing. Any help would be great! Thank you!
  2. Mariaaa

    Mariaaa Guest

    I lost my hair pretty quickly - from the time I first noticed shedding to almost complete hair loss took about 4 or 5 months. I have the same thing with the legs though! I've been diagnosed with AT but I experienced hair loss all over my body, with less regrowth than on my head. I can't say I miss the leg hair though, not having to shave is fully welcome by me ;) It's normal for it not to be growing back right now, it's like having your hair in a "shut off" mode. That doesn't mean you won't get it back!
  3. Angel92

    Angel92 Guest

    When I first found out I had a patch it didn't take long for it to become huge its was falling out thick an fast, iv always had really thick hair an long, but it was snaping an its was so thin, I founf two more patches after the frist one maybe a few weeks apart, I have the same thing with my legs the hairs grow so slow, an I have little patches of bladness on them to, I think my eyelashes are falling out an I have a tiny patch in my eyebrow I got told I had aloprcia in jan this year so I think it had happened fast, I'm hoping all our hair will grow back one day :)
  4. I started to lose my hair in April and now have very litte hair left. My hair loss was very rapid and came out in chunks and I was shedding everywhere. Evently I shaved the rest of my hair because I didnt want to see the hair falling out. I know everyone is different though. I have learned and am still getting used to, that this is me now.
  5. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Firstly its nice to see someone posting in this forum!

    I too lost my very thick hair in 4 months when I was 12. My body hair followed very quickly so I have never shaved my legs!! My eyebrows and lashes took the longest to go. Up to age 21 I had two good regrowths, but it never stayed, I did not use any meds. Up to age 30 I did have small areas of regrowth of both body and scalp hair, but the last 16 years it has all been dormant until last week I noticed eyelashes on one eye and tiny tiny white hairs on my scalp. This is very unusual in my regrowths as I ususlly get body hair back first. um wierd! :dunno:

    This for me will proberly go nowhere I have heriditory Alopecia Universalis, however its good to know the follicles are still living! :woot:

    I :agree: with positive missy
  6. Butterfly*

    Butterfly* Member

    Nov 22, 2011
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    It all started when i was 5 (now I'm 32) and at first nobody thought that i have alopecia. Maybe because my hair fell off starting the second day after one night when i got very scarred (some dogs scarred me in the dark). Just the next morning my mother saw that my hair started to fall and within weeks i was completely bald. After severan rudimentary treatments my hair grew back. Sometimes for years.... then, with every strong emotion i would lose my hair again (bald spots). When i was 18 i started loosing my eyebrows and eyelashes.... since then i'm completely bald and i have very thin eyelashes and eyebrows. All those years doctors we saying that i lost my hair for neurogical reasons as the hair fell off after the at incident and then with every strong emotion. Now I'm pretty sure that i have Alopecia Universalis, as i lost my hair last time 12 years ago and there is no change every since....
  7. Sunflower25

    Sunflower25 Guest

    Mine started in Jan of 2009. Over 6 months I lost 90% of the hair on my head and body. At the first site of re-growth in June I shaved my head (what little remained) and I've had no issues ever since. Every bit of it came back.

    That is, until I found a spot on Thanksgiving of this year. I'm devastated, to say the least.
  8. Lost

    Lost Guest

    OH I'm sorry about your new spot I hope it fills right back in for you :heart: D.
  9. Tulip

    Tulip New Member

    Oct 9, 2017
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    I lost all my hair within two weeks when I was 60. In my early fifties I'd lost a patch but with steroid injections it grew back quickly. This time the injections had no effect. I cut away the few strands that remained and was shiny-bald, then my eyebrows and lashes fell out. That was two years ago. Since then I've had my brows tattooed (it was exhausting painting them on every day and sometimes my aim was off) and I wear soft eye pencils surrounding my eyes with a nice thick line so you really don't miss the eyelashes. I fiddled around with fake ones but that was a fiasco. Now I wear wigs most of time when I'm out and about, and wraps or nothing at home. My hair has grown back somewhat but unevenly so my boyfriend gives me buzz cuts so I don't look like TinTin (the new hair is snow white). Being in my sixties is liberating, wig-wise. I was conservative at first but now I've got quite a collection and I mix it up. I get compliments all the time as I go from China Doll to long and wavy to shoulder length. I like to wear colorful headbands too so I don't fidget with the wigs so much. I have a few expensive ones and many cheap ones and tend to favor the synthetic ones,they just feel better on my head. I am not shy about my alopecia. I tell everyone and everyone has stories. Even my primary care doctor uses Rogaine. My friends are very interested in my wigs and a few have bought one for dress-up. My African American friends wear wigs and extensions all the time, and we compare notes. The worst part of this has been how hot my head can feel, and traveling, also when I wear wraps people assume I'm in treatment. I find it helps to wear a wrap and then tie a scarf over it for some volume, and wear big funky earrings. what amazes me is how big a deal hair is. I get comments all day long, and people are fascinated when I tell them I'm bald. I often change into wraps on long plane rides,and I sometimes sleep in soft caps though my boyfriend is fine with my baldness. I'd love to hear stories about dressy wraps, or ways to look all put together without wearing a wig.

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