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How did you know?

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by janee807, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Well, I actually changed my mind. I cancelled the Collette and ordered two Rene of Paris instead. LOL!

    When they come in I'll snap a few photos and post them here temporarily for you all to give me your opinion.

    I still love the Henry Margu wigs. The hair is so soft. Oh, wait a minute I just remembered. I also have a Henry Margu on its way. I ordered the wrong color and sent it back for an exchange. Can't wait for that one to get here too. I'll take a pic of the inside for you folks.


  2. OK, Janee. I'll let you know when I get my order. I just checked the invoice that they emailed to me and it looks like it's being delivered via US Mail. I'm really excited about it.

    I have another Henry Margu long hair (my weekend/evening wig) that was way too poofy when I got it. I thinned it myself with some special shears that you use for thinning hair and wigs. They look kind of like pruning shears. I bought them at Sally Beauty Supply, and they cost something like $26.00.

    But they worked so well. I also cut bangs into that wig (with regular scissors) and it turned out really nice.

    So you might think about the thinning shears. I know that everywhere that I read about wigs, they say to take them to a stylist to have them trimmed and thinned. But I'm just a DIY type of person, and I have a hard time stopping myself from taking matters into my own hands. Usually works out for me. (But not always).

    Here's the video that I watched before I did mine:


  3. Lauttie

    Lauttie Guest


    Have you thought of going to your local cancer center and trading the wigs you don't want for the wigs that they have? I know they provide wigs for women that can't afford them and my hair dresser told me that you can go there and try on the wigs they have to decide what you like. It's worth a phone call in any case...
  4. janee807

    janee807 Guest

    Thanks Lauttie, I was headed there soon anyway as I wanted to give them the Paula Young wigs I bought that haven't worked at all.

    I messing with adhesive tape today and finding I don't have a clue! I thought it would be double sided or maybe I have the wrong stuff. Hmmmmm.
  5. MovingOn

    MovingOn Guest

    Just want to say that you ladies are AMAZING! There is so much positivity and love on display in this thread.

    Keep up the great attitudes and great work! :bravo:
  6. janee807

    janee807 Guest

    Phoenix, just got a chance to watch the video on thinning. I hadn't a clue! It was so different than what I expected. Wow! Thanks for that information.

    MovingOn, what a kind, lovely comment.
  7. It's really easy to do. And rather than cutting and then combing, I cut and then pull with the scissors closed. I once saw a stylist do it that way. The hair comes right out when you pull with the closed scissors. Just make sure you only thin the lower layers. And when you're cutting always make sure you haven't grabbed some side or upper hairs by mistake.

    I had two Rene of Paris wigs delivered on Saturday. I thinned one yesterday and one today. It makes an amazing difference. They look so natural without all the extra hair.

    You really have to be careful, though. I clipped off some top hairs by mistake on one side, and as a result some tiny hairs were sticking up. Not really noticeable, but it bugged me so I changed the part to cover my mistake.

    Both of my wigs really look wonderful, though. If you're scared to do yours on your own, you could have a stylist do it for you. As a matter of fact, if you've been unhappy with the poof of your wigs, that would be a good way to go. Having you wigs thinned will really make them so much better if you don't like all that hair. Sylists use the same expensive scissors to thin wigs.


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