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How Long Can The Lace Front Wig Be Worn On Your Head?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by recool_hair, Apr 20, 2022.

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    Jan 20, 2022
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    Quite, having pretty long hair is almost every lady's dream, but for many women, it is an impossible dream because of bad hairline, hair loss, alopecia and other hair problems. They asked for pretty human hair wigs to cover up their bad hair condition.

    As one of the representatives of women's human hair wigs, the human hair lace front wigs seem to be helpful to realize women's fancy dreams.


    But, when you enjoy the happiness brought by wigs, you should also pay attention to the health of your natural hair and keep the human hair lace front wig. It is necessary to remove the cheap lace front wig. Then combined with the above theme, do you know how long the lace front wigs should be worn?

    Now, let's first talk about what Remy lace front wigs.

    What is the lace front wig?
    Lace front wig for black women is one of many kinds of human hair wigs. Human hair lace front wigs with baby hair are the latest bestsellers in the present fashion market. Lace front wig is made of 100% human hair bundle with closing. A piece of lace with high quality skin color is tied on the front wig of the wig. The color of lace is close to the skin color of the scalp, which can be mixed with scalp. It seems that hair grows from your head. This brings a vision of human hair, instead of wearing real human wigs for women. The used hair bundles are also high-quality human hair bundles and imported lace. The lace color can be selected according to the scalp color of the wig. Medium brown lace front wigs and transparent lace front wigs are very popular in the market.

    How long can the human hair lace front wig last on your head?
    Wearing human hair wigs requires a ton of professional skills. Compared with full lace wigs, it is much easier to wear the lace front wigs, and the lace front wigs with baby hair are more suitable for wig beginners. Many women don't want to take off the lace front wigs with baby hair after wearing the wigs, but for quite a while, you could keep the lace front wigs on.


    Normally, you should take off your affordable lace front wig after about six weeks. Six weeks is only a reference time. You can wear it for six weeks more or six weeks less, but you can't always wear the same wig. Why?

    Take off cheap lace front wigs, and you can clean and care for your best lace front wigs, which will help to prolong the service life of the wigs.

    The hair and scalp need to breathe.
    Your own hair and scalp will be under great pressure for a long time under the cheap human hair lace front wigs, so taking off your wig before can relax your natural hair and scalp, and you can do some maintenance procedures for your own hair and scalp at the same time.

    The pretty natural effect.
    Moist wave lace front wigs will become less shiny and old after wearing for a long time. So, we recommend that you can buy two different styles of human hair wigs for replacement, so that you can not only wear new wigs, but also wear different styles of lace front wigs.


    Adhesives such as glue.
    No matter what quality glue or adhesive you use to secure the lace front wig, after a long period of time, the adhesive performance will be weaker and weaker. If the adhesive performance becomes poor, the hair of the wig will fall off, which is not conducive to the natural appearance. Then, you must remove the lace front wig for maintenance and reinstallation.

    However, we should pay extra attention to removing natural lace front wigs. The wrong method will damage the human hair wigs and your own hair.

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