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How long does it REALLY take to recover from a TE?

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by HopefulMama, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. HopefulMama

    HopefulMama Member

    Jan 5, 2011
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    #1 HopefulMama, Nov 21, 2011
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  2. sadness

    sadness Guest

    I do not know the answer to your question as I am still in the throws of undiagnosed hairloss but I would like to congratulate you on your success and send a little envy your way. Im sorry its not filling in the way you would like it to yet but it looks like you're on the right road and Im sure your recovery will be complete soon.

    Take care.
  3. Chickadee

    Chickadee Guest

    If it was a severe TE, it will likely take a lot longer than 10 months to completely fill in. (I know: there's much info on the web that says a TE should resolve in 6 months. IMO, this would be the case only with a mild TE.)

    I had a very severe TE and then, I believe, stretches of CTE: it's been 3 1/2 years and I've ALMOST recovered. It may take a couple of years before your hair cycles get back to normal (i.e., your hair may go through a series of truncated cycles). I use to get depressed every time I reached a "landmark" period: e.g., 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. I kept saying to myself: it's stopped improving. This is as good as it will get! But actually, it kept improving -- just really, really slowly. (And it was weird, too, because even my hair dresser said that I had a lot of regrowth. I don't know why it's taken this long to fill in.)

    I don't know if you consider this good news or bad news, but if your hair is filling in at all, I think it's a great sign!
  4. Figarosmom

    Figarosmom Guest

    Great post! I went through a TE shed in august, even though it is suspected I have Androgenetic Alopecia, I am seeing regrowth already from the TE. I know that it could take a long time for that TE to recover. It's good to hear from those who have gone through it and just how long they have been "recovering."
  5. stxrx

    stxrx Guest

    I've had TE 11 months ago. I dont think I had regrowth for the first 6 months though there are a bit of regrowths here and there now, but nothing significant to cover up either!!!
    Is it supposed to be like this!??!?!

    My hair volume is probably half of what I had a year back!! I think my part is getting more and more obvious now too. But isn't TE supposed to end by now?!
    I shed about 20-50 hairs a day now I guess?

    I've also been shedding quite a bit of vellus hairs (1-3 inches) along with LONG regular tapered hairs (?!?!? I had my hair cut shoulder length back in march). Hopefully it's because of the truncated hair cycles.
    Hopefully all of my hair would start regrowing again soon!! If it's gonna take 2-3 years, it's going to be robbing me of my youth!! :'(
  6. Figarosmom

    Figarosmom Guest

    well i am keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us or all of us on this site. getting anything back is a wonderful thing!!! i was taling to my therapist and he likened the TE shed to having the shock for some people that leads to Post traumatic stress. Things like not wanting to take showers and having panic attacks at the mere thought of it or symptoms of PTSD. i know exactly how you feel about the good and the bad days...that shed was just... horrible.
  7. lauren82

    lauren82 Guest

    I am so glad I found this post!

    I have been having awful TE since late september, coming off a stress filled summer and crash diet. I have "Background" Androgenetic Alopecia also and have been losing hope.

    I guess there's hope some hair will regrow? How much did you all get back?
  8. Chickadee

    Chickadee Guest

    Hi again, Hopefulmama
    Yes, some parts of my scalp have filled in faster than others. At one time, I thought the back of my crown looked the worst, but it seems to have filled in faster than the sides and front. The spots that are lagging are along the left hand side of my hairline, esp. in front of my ear and above my left temple/in the bang area. But I do have a lot of new little shorties in these areas: they just need more time to lengthen. Regrowth has come in waves for me. Every 3-4 months or so, I get a new "crop."

    Stxrx, I don't think I saw ANY regrowth until about 9 months after the worst of my TE (although my hair dresser could see it a lot earlier). And my hair actually looked worse a year after my TE than it did during it. Even though I was shedding a lot less hair, my regrowth just couldn't keep up (esp. with those darn truncated cycles). I think if you're shedding only 20-50 hairs per day, then your TE has ended.
  9. JeHope

    JeHope Established Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    I have had TE for the past 5 months. About 3 weeks ago, my hair loss STOPPED. For almost 2 weeks staight, I only lost around 20-30 a day! But last weekend, it came back. I am now losing 100 a day. I am so mad because I felt the biggest sense of relief when it stopped, and now that it's back again makes me feel like I did something wrong. What does this mean? When your TE stopped did you go through periods of little hair loss before it completely stopped?
  10. Kobbe

    Kobbe Guest

    JeHope, I think you're on the road to recovery :)

    That's exactly how my TE ended... before it stopped completely, I have had some days of non shedding at all followed by days where I would still shed hundreds of hair.
    It drove me mad because one day I thought I was "cured" and the following day the nightmare would start again.
    But I do think these are the signs your TE will soon be over.

    I have had a crazy shedding for 3 months (when I say "crazy" I mean I was losing 700 hair a day!! ) then for 1 month, I have had what you are experiencing (good days and bad days) and then the TE stopped.
    (but I have also started a heavy treatment to fight my hair loss: hormonal + rogaine so it must have helped).

    When my TE stopped, I was able to see the difference after only one month: no balding areas anymore especially on the vertex + crown (where it was literally balding)..
    It's been almost two months since my TE stopped and I have the hair I had before it started (so maybe I'm lucky it all grew back so fast).
    Unfortunately I also have Androgenetic Alopecia... So I am doomed to have thinning hair on the long term anyway... and to continue this treatment...

    and I am now freaking out about my hairline (now obsessed about the fact it might be thinning but I don't know if I am just hallucinating... when you have a TE it drives you so mad that after this experience you see "hair issues" differently and you become paranoid) but that's another story.
  11. hey,
    please tell me how you came to your diagnosis about TE.does stress and crash dieting precitipate TE?and after u go through all the hair loss do u have hope that u'll gain back all ur hair eventually?i would very much like to know if TE gets resolved completely..because i still have undiagnosed hair loss..brought on my stress and not eating healthy..the birth control pills i took for 2 months this year made it alot alot worse..i started shedding like crazy and now i have to wear concealers like toppik..im 22..please tell me if theres any hope for me :(
  12. lauren82

    lauren82 Guest


    were you using anything for the TE? 5%?
  13. sadness

    sadness Guest

    Hello beyond depressed, I saw your post earlier but didnt have time to respond. I am still new to this hair loss dilema so you may take what I say w a grain of salt if you like.

    I believe stress and crash dieting can absolutely precipitate TE. I think mine is mostly very poor diet but the stress didnt help. I also am undiagnosed and learned the most useful information from this site. The ladies here could all have a degree in hair loss. Their advice may certainly be better than mine and probably more accurate.

    I dont have any experience w loss from bc pills. It may take the body longer to regulate itself, than if it is a deficiency issue. I really hope that TE is reversible. Im seeing new growth now. Not alot compared to my loss but its a start. Make sure to take good care of yourself. Im focusing on lots of protein because that is what I think I was missing. Not to mention hair is made up of alot of proteins. Dont lose hope.

    Things will be ok one way or another. Im sure one of the other girls that have more experience will respond to your post soon and will have better information. You didnt mention if you have experienced anything like this before or how long its been going on? How much have you been losing? Do you plan to see a dr or take any supplements? Information like this will help the other girls help you. I am keeping faith that my hair will come back. It may take awhile, but Im hoping for the best.

    Good Luck, Melissa
  14. sadness

    sadness Guest

    chicbun posted at the same time that I did. She always has good advice!
  15. emrob0

    emrob0 Guest

    Ladies, can I ask a few questions?
    With your TE's/CTE did you experience scalp discomfort e.g. burning/itching or similar?
    Also, did you have hair texture changes?
    And was regrowth identical to shed hair or did it take on a different texture?
    Many thanks
  16. sadness

    sadness Guest

    I luckily have not so far but Ive seen alot of the ladies discuss it.

    My hair dried up like straw and the turned a kind of rust color.

    My regrowth is too short to really tell yet. I do have longer ones (3") but those really arent new. They look the same as my ususal hair. However one of my close friends is just finishing a TE and she has very kinky/curly hair and hers are coming out straight.
  17. redchild

    redchild Guest

    The Derm doctor I went to said it could take a year to recover from TE
  18. JeHope

    JeHope Established Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Thanks for your response Kobbe. I showered this morning and only lost about 15 hairs in the shower! It's strange that when you're going through recovery that there is fluctuations like that.

    I just wanted to let everyone know what I have been doing for my TE. I have been struggling with TE for 5 months. I tried rogaine 5% for a month and really didn't like it because of the increase in shedding.

    About a month and a half ago, a dermatologist prescribed me Kenalog spray. It's a topical cortisone that I spray on my scalp 2X a day. After 2 weeks of using the spray, I noticed a huge decrease in hair loss. I am still fluctuating between periods of lots of hair loss and little hair loss but I am very hopeful that the kenalog spray is working. I would definitely recommend trying this. I haven't seen any regrowth yet though, but hopefully I will see some when the TE completely stops.

    *update- the TE is not ending. I have been back to shedding 150 hairs a day for the past month. I don't think the kenalog is helping
  19. littlefox

    littlefox Guest

    With my latest bout of TE (I'm a hair loss veteran, unfortunately) that lasted six months, it took nine months to get back to approx. pre-TE condition, but I noticed an obvious improvement within one to two months.
  20. stxrx

    stxrx Guest

    I think my recovery is HORRIBLY slow. It's been 14 (not 9 like I've said previously, I went to recount!) months I think?

    I've been shedding A LOT of baby hair/long tapered hair the past few months compared to thicker hair at the start. Mehhh truncated hair growth :(

    Grow back faster and healthier my dear hair!!!

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