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How long does it take to raise Ferritin level?

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by maryheather, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. maryheather

    maryheather Guest

    My Ferritin level is 14 and I've started taking 60 mg of iron three times a day+ what's in my multi vitamin. How long should it take to raise that number and see a decline in my hair-loss ( at least I hope anyway) ? My derm doesn't want to re check the level for 4 months and that seems like a long time to me.

    Thanks! :)
  2. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    Whoa, 60mg 3x a day is quite a bit. I would not take that much for an extended period of time.

    My ferritin level was under 13 in July 2006, and I started taking 65mg once a day. By Sept. it was nearly 30, and by Feb 2007 it was 80.

    My shedding stopped in September (once my ferritin got to around 30-40) and my hair regrew very quickly from Sept onwards. I did NOT need a ferritin level of 70 to have regrowth, once my ferritin hit 30-40 I was good, but everyone is different.

    Some women here seem to have trouble absorbing iron, so that might be something to consider. Even after taking ferritin their levels are still low, or if their ferritin levels are normal, their other iron #s (iron, iron saturation, iron binding capacity) are low. I don't think it's common, but it's just something to keep in mind.
  4. maryheather

    maryheather Guest

    You are both right....I gave you the wrong numbers.....I'm taking 26mg 3 times a day. What I'm taking is made my Mega Food so it's completely whole food which supposedly doesn't harm your liver!?!?

    Cwoc- It's good to hear your success story. Did the iron solve your hair loss permanently?

    wishitwouldstop- What are you trying now? Is there some reason you can't absorb iron? I have no idea if this will work for me either but it seems to be my best lead at the moment.
  5. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    Well, in June 2006 I noticed I was shedding a TON of hair. In the hundreds, each day. I had noticed feeling tired + having blueish, brittle nails for around a year before, but I had never sought attention for it (never connected it with anemia). So fast forward to June 2006 and I went to the Dr. complaining of hair loss and they did a ferritin test which revealed my ferritin to be below 13! I started supplements right away (they recommended TWO 65mg a day, I only took one and continue to take one) which took about a month to take effect.

    My hair was GORGEOUS after that. I would say all my hair had grown back less than a year later. It was thick and healthy. I would lose probably less than 10 hairs a day. I rarely found hairs in the shower, or on my clothes. The only time (minimal amounts of) hair would come out would be while straightening or brushing.

    So I believe that YES iron can work incredibly as long as it's a major factor in your hair loss. If it's not causing your hair loss then I don't know how much benefit it will bring, even if your ferritin is on the lower side.

    However my hair is falling out again and I have no idea why. Ferritin and iron are all fine. Hormones are a bit high but hair is not falling out in any hormonal way (female pattern or male pattern). There is regrowth and it looks normal (not miniaturized) but it's not enough to make up for the amount of hair being lost. Thyroid, zinc, lupus, everything's been tested. It might be B12/B Vitamins (some of the symptoms fit me exactly, but then again everything sounds like everything) so I've started on that. I dunno if anything's happening though.

    My nails are very strong but they started to develop vertical (from cuticle to tip) ridging and they look dry, which is why I'm hoping it's a vitamin issue.
  6. maryheather

    maryheather Guest

    Have you been tested for B-12? If so, what test? I have wondered about my B 12 too. I also have ridges on my nails that I noticed around the same time I noticed my hair falling out. The weird thing for me is that I'm not anemic. My hemoglobin is great (14.7) and I don't feel tired all the time which is why it took me so long to convince my doctor to run a Ferritin test. I have very heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycles so it makes sense but it still took me forever to get a my doctor to agree.
  7. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    No I haven't. :( I am taking a B-Complex with 100mcg of B12 which I think is doing NOTHING. After reading stuff online it seems that very little B12 gets absorbed from supplements (I'm reading like 1% of 500mcg... so I must be getting like .20%?!), so the best route to take is sublinguals or injections. I am looking into getting sublinguals.

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