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How often do you shampoo & rogaine question

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by I_Hope, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. I_Hope

    I_Hope Guest

    Hi everyone, This forum has been a great help for me, thank you all!
    2 questions - how often do you shampoo? I am down to once a week (kinda gross I know but my hair doesnt get greasy) as it is so trumatic and thats when I see the most hair loss! I DREAD washing my hair. But I recently read an article that said that was bad to not wash often.

    Next question - I started Rogaine ( well the walmart equivalent) and I have med length (really thinning and getting shorter everyday) hair so I am going through about a bottle a week to try and get my whole head covered. I seem to be losing everywhere on my head. Anyone else using that much?
    All thoughts and comments greatly appreciated.
  2. ninanajna

    ninanajna Guest

    You use it way too much if you go through it in a week!
    You don't have to cover all scalp. It really doesn't matter where you put it because it systematic, scalp will apsorb it everywhere. Don't worry.
    And that amount you put cannot be absorbet, so you're just wasting it.
    Many girls just put it along few parts in their hair and rub it. That's it.
    Less mess also.

    I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I use dry shampoo so i get a day extra
  3. I_Hope

    I_Hope Guest

    Oh wow! I didnt realize that it worked that way. Thanks! That will save me money :) I thought I had to put it all over to get coverage!

    Also, do you think it is "bad" to only was your hair once a week. It is SOOO stressful for me to wash it more! But, I dont want to do damage to my scalp...
  4. ninanajna

    ninanajna Guest

    Glad i could help :)

    I don't think it's bad. It's your choice really. I don't think it will make a difference. It's expected you'll just lose more hair in that one shower, because shedded hairs from every day will accumulate by then.
  5. mrm

    mrm Guest

    I hope,

    i can't say for sure but i have read that while its traumatic for hair loss peeps to wash our hair its important to wash it. the follicles etc can back up further with dirt and get clogged. dr. redmond in his book says that women w/hair loss don't want to wash their hair b/c of the trauma but its important to keep your hair clean. he said daily or every other day washing is fine. again, not sure any of this is true but just wanted to share.

  6. mshistory

    mshistory Guest

    I use the Rogaine foam and wash my hair daily. In order for Rogaine to regrow hair, it really needs to be applied directly to the hair loss area. I go through one can of foam in much less than a month (maybe 2 weeks?) because my hair loss is all over the top and back of my head so I apply it everywhere I'm hoping this stuff will finally grow some thicker and healthier hairs!
  7. I_Hope

    I_Hope Guest

    Yea, thats what confused me - directions said "apply to area of hair loss" or something like that and since mine was all over, I've been trying to get coverage all over. So Im using a lot and maybe wasting it? Does the foam work different then the liquid with the eye dropper? How long does it say the foam is suppose to last you. The liquid says a month I think. It lasts me a week...
  8. lemongrass

    lemongrass Guest

    Wowza. Doesn't the bottle say to use 1mL per application? Isn't there a dropper with 1mL marked?

    Only a tiny amount of minoxidil is systemically absorbed, but you don't need to apply it everywhere. If you got a bottle of 5%, then it probably won't tell women how to apply it and the directions will be intended for men. So that's why it says "apply to area of hair loss", since a guy will usually have a bald spot to apply it on. You basically just put some along the centre part, then some along a left part and some along a right part, each time rubbing it in gently.

    Your entire scalp does not have to be saturated in order for it to work. I do find that applying 1ml leaves the roots of my hair a bit funny after a few days without washing because it's impossible to only get it on the scalp and not the hair, but even then I could go a week without washing if necessary and my hair wouldn't look too bad when up. However, there'll be an accumulation of oil and DHT on your scalp (even if it doesn't feel greasy) and since it's the DHT that is attacking your follicles (if you've got Androgenetic Alopecia), there's something to be said for washing every couple of days.
  9. Marsen

    Marsen Guest

    I wash every other day. I use 1 ml of Rogaine at night.

    I can tell you one thing, it does work on areas where you don´t apply it. I just inspected my scalp and I have clumps of hairs regrowing in areas where I don´t use it. So I think it does work, at least a little bit, on the rest of the head. Though definitely apply it on the worst areas first.

    I too think it´s important to wash hair every other day at least. I found that washing less regularly leads to worst hair loss in the long run.
  10. Pixie79

    Pixie79 Guest

    Heh I can vouch for the hair growing in places where you don't apply it....I get peach fuzz (light colorless hairs) in the sideburns, jaw areas and see a few colorless hairs at the corners of my mouth....mmmm sexy
  11. louismartin640

    louismartin640 New Member

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  12. stream26

    stream26 New Member

    Oct 27, 2016
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    Daily. Medicated shampoo like Nizoral 1-2 times a week and normal shampoo the rest. Shampooing has no effect on make pattern baldness. It’s important to keep your scalp healthy if you have issues such as dermatitis or dandruff or if you use topicals like minoxidil
  13. thinhair1

    thinhair1 Member

    May 24, 2017
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    Please use Nizoral shampoo 2%. Or 1% if you're in the USA and want to buy it over the counter.
    It is important for keeping a particular dandruff fungus at bay and making your hair follicles inhospitable to DHT.

    Also I am starting to believe that daily scalp massage may allow more oxygen to the follicles and help keep hair or regrow hair.

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